Meet The Judging Panel Of NBC’s ‘The Voice’


At the start of this month we learned that Christina Aguilera joined Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green on the judging panel of the new NBC singing competition show The Voice and today we not only get to see the Voice judges assembled together but we also learn from Xtina herself that judging on The Voice will be much different than it is on other competition shows … primarily because all 3 judges plan to be … nice.

Is the age of the mean judge over? With the new “American Idol” panel going pretty easy on this year’s top 13 so far, it’s starting to sound like there will be more of the same back-patting on the upcoming NBC singing competition “The Voice.” “There is no good and bad,” said Christina Aguilera, one of the show’s mentors, in her first public appearance since her arrest for public intoxication earlier this month. Aguilera sat in one of the oversize swivel chairs alongside fellow judge/coach Adam Levine on Tuesday to talk up the show, which premieres on April 26. “This isn’t about tearing people down. I want to bring these people up,” she added, according to Entertainment Weekly. ” ‘The Voice’ really does stand for what it says. Instinctually, you can judge people based on the way they look. I love the fact we get to sit here with our backs turned away from these people and completely use just one sense to hear these voices. I’m not looking for vocal acrobatics, who has biggest range [of] high and low. I’m looking forward to getting moved.” Unlike other singing competitions, the judging panel on “The Voice” — which also includes Cee Lo Green and country singer Blake Shelton — will listen to the prospective stars with their backs turned, in order to focus on their voices, not their looks. “It’s less about being judgmental and more about helping them out,” said Maroon 5 singer Levine about the show’s conceit, which involves the judges hitting a red button to signal they want to snag the unseen vocalist for their team. After getting advice from the professional singers during battle phases — where they can also call in professional choreographers, stylists and producers to help their charges — the wannabe stars will go on to live performance shows where the TV audience will vote on who advances and wins the $100,000 prize and recording contract. “It’s a new experience for all of us, so we will be learning as well,” said reality TV newbie Levine. “We really don’t know. We are hoping to gain something as human beings, which is definitely different for us. We’ve never been in this position before, which makes it really exciting” … “We’re looking to get more involved with people starting out just like we did,” Aguilera said. “We’re not just making commentary and then going home. We’re getting completely involved. I wish there was a show like this when I was starting. I’m ready to share it all.”

I understand that Xtina will also join Twitter so that she can promote the show on the social network front as well. It sounds like she and her fellow judges are really committed to making The Voice a hit … but it remains to be seen how the show will be received by TV watchers. Is the world big enough for yet another competitive reality TV series looking for the next great singer? I guess we will find out when The Voice debuts on NBC next month.

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  • Chase

    Oh gosh, her joining Twitter is NOT a good idea tbqh… People on the internet are brutal, but who knows if she will tweet herself or not, but I think she would, right? And no offense, but she looks… Bad. : /

  • JZ

    Country singer Blake Shelton is also a judge/coach for the show. There are 4 judges in all. I am really looking forward to see how all 4 of those personalities work together.

  • krissy

    I think the premise of the show sounds really interesting, and I am glad they have actual talent on the judging panel. I haven’t watched AI in many years, but I might tune in for The Voice.

  • nicole

    im kind of interested in this show, seems like they have a good group of judges and it comes off like it could be good.
    now christina just has to fix that hair and all will be good.

  • Brayden

    I feel like this panel of judges lacks the “gravitas” that’s needed when fostering young talent like this. Adam Levine has been famous for like… 6 years? Maybe more? And CeeLo Green is still that guy who sang Crazy and Fuck You to most of America. And Carson Daly makes me want to bang my head against a wall so there goes my vote for The Voice.

  • Dana

    What is she thinking??Could it be about the $$$??The next time she puts out a new Cd her fans will be Grandparents.I give up on her.

    • krissy

      Maybe she is thinking that she will be helping the next generation? It is more of a mentoring show compared with others that are out there. And anymore, this is what the music industry is about. Everyone has 360 deals because they EXPECT you to be in everything: tv, clothing, perfume, etc. Corporations don’t want to invest money in someone who is just going to sing. Sad, but true.

  • Lisa

    I don’t know, I already watch American Idol and I just don’t feel like getting into another singing show. For some reason these judges don’t really thrill me too much. I know they are all famous and experienced to some extent, but…I feel bored already.

  • sparklecow

    Sorry but I was only going to tune in on the chance that Christina was going to be her true bitch self. I’ll pass if everyone is all “nice”. *yawn*

  • cutitout

    One- Glad to see Christina is dropping the extra weight.

    Two- Love the Premise of the show. Seems like it may be a real talent show and not a weekly wait-for-the-trainwreck/public humiliation on disply show.

    Three- Good move for Christina especially, She may be able to gain a new audience and dispell a lot of the rumors.

  • c

    Does that mean she will put alcohol on the supposedly coke bottle on the judging panel?

  • Siebje

    The Voice (originally The Voice of Holland) is an huge tv show here in the Netherlands. The winner of the show is very talented, so were all the other contestants! You’ll get to see REAL talent, instead of fake singers who are trying to be funny on national tv. I think you should take a look at YouTube for some videos, just search for: Ben Saunders voice of holland. He’s really, I mean REALLY good!

  • Siebje

    And by fake singers I mean those people who are auditing and not being serious…

  • debbie.verhagen

    hey trent,

    this is the winner of the Netherlands, the program is in the Netherlands invented and first broadcast this year
    and this is our winner:, Ben Tattoo Saunders, and he is awfully good and a real rising star. we as Dutch can be proud of
    Check him out!
    i’m very curious how it goes in America

  • debbie.verhagen one of the live shows amazing good

  • Lauren

    Why did you cut off Blake Shelton?

  • Bonnie Jacobs

    Why did you cut out Blake Shelton?