‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine Gives ‘Femme Fatale’ By Britney Spears 4 Stars


Britney Spears’s new album Femme Fatale is scheduled for release in a little over a week from now but Rolling Stone magazine has already gotten their mitts on the disc and have published their review of the album. Without question, RS is in love with the album, giving it 4 out of 5 stars. Additionally, snippets from the bonus tracks that will be included on the deluxe version of Femme Fatale have made their way to the Internets. Read the full Rolling Stone review and listen to the bonus track snippets below.

Britney Spears is pop music’s stealth avant-gardist. For years, critics have dismissed her as a cipher with a wisp of a voice. But from the minute she burst on the scene — heralded by the keyboard power chords of “. . . Baby One More Time” — her music has steered bubblegum into weirder, woollier territory. “Toxic” was a mélange of Bollywood and spy-movie guitar; “Piece of Me” was an essay on 21st-century tabloid infamy crooned over 22nd-century club rhythms. Then there’s this year’s “Hold It Against Me,” which dissolves into a furious dubstep breakdown — easily the most assaultive beat on the Hot 100 right now. Femme Fatale may be Britney’s best album; certainly it’s her strangest. Conceptually it’s straightforward: a party record packed with sex and sadness. Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the world’s two biggest hitmakers, are responsible for seven of 12 songs: big melodies and bigger Eurodisco thumps. But other producers go nuts, tossing the kitchen sink at Britney. The Bloodshy-helmed “How I Roll” is sputtering, oddly beautiful techno. In “Big Fat Bass,” Will.i.am turns Britney into a cyborg obsessed with low-end. (“The bass is getting bigger!” she exults.) On nearly every track, Britney’s voice is twisted, shredded, processed, roboticized. Maybe this is because she doesn’t have much of a voice; it’s certainly because she, more than almost any other pop diva, is simply game. Femme fatale? Not so much. But say this for Britney: She’s an adventuress.

Love it!! I cannot wait for the world to hear Femme Fatale, it’s gonna be a smash hit record … I just know it :D

In other news, snippets from the 4 bonus tracks included on the deluxe version of Femme Fatale have leaked their way online thanks to the fine folks at BritneyBoards.org (who, I’m sorry to say, felt compelled to annoying tag each of the snippets with a shout out to Britney Boards). Listen to the clips below:

Up N’ Down – co-produced by Max Martin, Savan Kotecha and Oligee:

Selfish — co-produced by Stargate and Sandy Vee:

Don’t Keep Me Waiting — produced by Rodney Darkchild Jerkins:

He About to Lose Me — produced by Rodney Darkchild Jerkins:

I’m not sure how long these snippets will stay online so listen to them while you still can. I am LOVING the very positive review from Rolling Stone and I am also LOVING these bonus track snippets. There is a report going around that there may be another hidden track on the deluxe version of Femme Fatale … and the Japanese version of the disc will feature another track titled Scary. Woot!! So much Britneyness to enjoy right now … life is good!! What are your thoughts on the RS review? Which of these bonus track snippets is your fave?

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  • Joanna

    I agree that the shout out to BritneyBoards.org is annoying as hell. That being said I think my favorite clip of these four is Up N’ Down. I think I’m in love with any Britney song that has Max Martin attached to it. He makes Britney sound amazing and the beats are usually conducive to major club dancing.

  • Please, no more Femme Fatale posts. Have some mercy! LOL

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am not going to listen to them until I can purchase the CD and listen to the whole thing. I can’t wait. She truly is one bad ass and she always brings the heat with her songs. Hopefully, when I go to Chicago today for St. Patty’s day they will be spinning some BS so I can shake my booty!!

  • sparklecow

    Holy wow, its kind of unheard of for RS to give a pop album 4 stars! Go Britney, you are fucking amazing. I remember back in the day it was cool to trash Brit, and rate her albums low, but now she has proven that she is a living legend and a serious artist who is not going away anytime soon. Queen of Pop!

  • DJ

    I have the album already, and no, it is not her best album, as RS says. There are definitely a few clunkers on there.

    However, there are definitely some AWESOME songs on there as well. Being a pop music whore, I friggin love her. Circus and Blackout were easily the best things she’s done, with In The Zone coming in close behind. I put Femme Fatale right there with In The Zone.

    The earlier stuff, other than singles, is basically ok. Stronger still reins up there as an all time Brit fave.

    Though it’s hard to really comment on her as an artist cuz really, what does she do? She shows up at a recording studio and sings songs that other people wrote that are produced by a team of people and then she goes on tour and lip syncs through a show that someone else conceived and put together. Basically, the girl is a mouthpiece/cover girl for the behind the scenes pop music geniuses.

    And yet I love it! I can’t wait for her next record!! :-)

    • jj

      you just dont knw anything about britney!

    • DJ

      Having worked with her, and her sister, and her people… yeah, I pretty much do know about Brit. Doesn’t take away that I’m a fan of the music, though. Just said it’s hard to criticize it as “hers.”

  • Ben

    Major LOVE!!!

    Love her promo schedule too!!!

  • Jenni

    LOVE he about to lose me!!!

  • Mark

    Femme Fatale is AMAZING, can’t wait to purchase the album next week! Britney’s best album to date 100%

  • Chase

    The album is quite amazing. It’s “Oops!…I Did It Again” meets “Blackout” in my opinion. However, this review is nice, but they’re kind of insulting Britney which isn’t so cool. : / Anyways, yeah, this album will be a smash but I want Britney to promote moreeeeee. : /

    • You always voice everything I’m thinking. :D P.S. I just got my issue of V Magazine yesterday with the pink cover!

  • vVv

    for me its a little bit opps + blackout n itz :D
    the holly graal of the albums :D

  • jj

    @dj u worked with britney? really HAHAHA! do u really think i will believe you? you are just a hater!

    • DJ

      Yes, I did work with her. No, I didn’t think you would believe me. How am I a hater when I said I’m a fan?

  • Nicole

    I really wish we’d be able to hear some of the Rusko tracks.

  • cutitout

    It sounds like Britney. She is the queen.

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