David Beckham Rocks The Headband On The Soccer Field


David Beckham and the LA Galaxy battled the Seattle Sounders soccer team last night in Seattle and had to resort to wearing a new accessory on the soccer field. As you may be well aware, Becks is growing his hair out … and as a result, he has to keep his longer hair out of his face when he plays soccer … and that’s where the headband comes in.

David Beckham is renowned for changing his hair styles more than his wife but the footballer has decided to go back to an old favourite –his headband look from eight years ago. The LA Galaxy star and his team were playing against the Seattle Sounders in Oregon when he displayed the retro hair accessory. It proved to be his lucky charm though, as Los Angeles Galaxy won 1-0 at the Quest Field Stadium despite heavy rain. David, 35, famously made the headband fashionable as a male hair accessory back in 2003 when he was playing for Manchester United. And even Victoria was promoting his retro look, by writing ‘Do u like the headband???’ on her Twitter page. Posh was watching the match with her sons and tweeted: ‘Watching Galaxy game with my gorgeous boys!! Love being home! X’ Beckham obviously needed something to keep his long blonde locks out of his face and his metrosexual look has always been a hit among his fans. So now he’s revived the elastic band, just after declaring him and wife Victoria, 36, are expecting a baby girl.

Aww … well, to be honest, I don’t mind the headband so much. It’s not the best look but it’s functional and it doesn’t detract from Becks’s good looks so … no harm no foul. Pink reader Nin, who lives in Seattle, was lucky enough to run into David Beckham on the streets of Seattle early in the day yesterday and she managed to snap a pic with the soccer stud:

I just ran into David Beckham in downtown Seattle this morning. The Galaxy are in town to play the season opener for the Sounders tonight. Beck’s was with 2 other players and my co-worker noticed them across the street. I waited for him to get closer before I asked to make sure it was him. It was :) He was very nice and a true gentlemen. I told him I am a season ticket holder for the Sounders, but that due to my work load I had to miss tonights game and wished him luck with the game tonight. I thought you might get a kick out of this pic. He is by far one of the few celeb’s I’ve met who was gracious and sweet. I have been a fan of his for some time, but I’m still a Sounders fan for life! lol.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I am SO incredibly jealous of Nin, no question, but I’m glad she got to snap this amazing photo with Becks. So yeah, I don’t mind the headband but I love Becks’s love and kindness for his fans so … woot!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, thanks Nin]

  • kendra

    Becksie and my future husband Fernando Torres can rock the headband like no other! Yummy!

    • helen

      Torres is pretty hot, but i’d pick xabi alonso instead ;)

  • helen

    OMG I’m so jealous!!!!!!! i would seriously die if i ran into him on the street. like, die… on the spot…

    • Liz

      just make sure to take a photo before you drop. ;)

    • Nin

      I hyperventilated (sp?) after he was out of earshot!

  • Nin

    OMG! Thank you Trent!! My friends from all over we so stoked and I have been a fan of both your blog and Beck’s so it just seems so surreal.

  • ruby m

    i know that chic =) go nin!!