James Franco Tweets A Photo Of His . . .


James Franco, who has been having a field day on Twitter lately, posted a personal photo on his official profile that looks … suspicious. Now, it’s very likely that the photo he shared is harmless … but there is always the possibility that it is, well, not harmless. Check out the photo below and see what you think. Can you tell what James is showing off on Twitter?

It seems pretty likely that James is just showing us his finger poking thru the front opening of his jeans. But, considering what wild man Franco can be, I suppose it’s also just as likely that he is show us, er, something else … making it seem like he is only showing his finger. Either way, he can just say it’s his finger and that would be the end of it. What do y’all think? Are we getting a peek at James Franco’s finger … or something else?

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  • Missy

    I’m gonna say finger, just cause a guy did the exact same thing with my camera this weekend.

  • brady

    I say his weiner unless he has freakishly long fingers and im gunna say yum

  • Devastasha

    Brady makes a good point.. If you look at his arm, his wrist would be at the waistband of his pants. He’d need really long fingers in order for that to be a finger….

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I agree, there is no way his hand is that long. It looks like a sack of sorts:)

  • shannon

    The location of his lower half of the arm doesn’t make sense in relation to whatever is stickin’ out of his pants.. but I have a feeling it’s not the peen since the buttons are still done up on his jeans. Perhaps it’s the finger from his other hand. Maybe he just has really small junk that fits between the buttons..

  • Chase

    I really like James Franco, but he shouldn’t have a Twitter account. He says and posts the most stupidest things. It really is a waste of time. He’s a cool cat, no doubt, but he posts stupid stuff.

    • JayeBea

      “I really like James Franco, but he shouldn’t have a Twitter account.”

      Lol! True that!
      I love this boy, but he is a little odd and that’s probably not something that can be totally appreciated over Twitter.

    • james

      isn’t all of Twitter a waste of time? are you expecting post of Maya Angelou proportion?

  • Georgia

    Thats all man right there

  • Nat

    I think it’s his peen and I’m happy he posted it. Hope there will be more!

    • Jenn


  • Kelly K.

    If you look at the size of the buttons on the jeans, it appears to be a closer up picture than you would first think. So I do think his arm/finger could proportionally fit/reach down there. However, it doesn appear to have a pinkish hue to it, unlike the color of his arm. Hmmmm….

  • theskinny

    looks like a flesh colored triangle to me.. and if that is a big penise then I must be better off than I thought!

  • Joon


  • LouLou

    I don’t understand what I’m looking at. How is that an arm, or a penis? What?

  • bri

    it’s a penis

  • bri


  • Are you people daft? It’s part of his leg…clearly, you can see his calf and if you do the math, there’s no way that his willy is close enough to the Jean fly to be exposed. I mean Jesus.

  • James bacon

    It’s the pants turned backwards. The appendage shooting back to the left top is his left leg and calf. Sorry folks. No peen. Just Hot Franco Ass! Which is still a-okay!

  • By the way….those are women’s jeans…and that calf is hairless.

  • JRB

    Yawn! Reblog when the whole peen shows up.

  • RJ

    Seems as though it’s more of just Franco being Franco. In most situations, he shows that he is a man who enjoys acting while simultaneously doing exactly and only what he wants to do in real life.

    Is it his finger? Is it his penis? Is it a trick? The answer: It’s Franco.

  • LOL@U

    Haha. You guys are so dumb. If you looked through his pictures you would realize its a banana(the fruit). He was taking a bunch of weird pictures if banana. And actually, the white part is a wall.. and the green area above the pants is grass. LOL@U

  • LOL@U

    Oh, if you don’t believe it’s a banana look at his photos. http://www.whosay.com/jamesfranco/photos Scroll all the way down to the bottom.

  • krissy

    Implied nudity can be more interesting than the actual thing. I find this whole thing to be really funny, imagining so many people closely inspecting what may or may not be his junk. Brillz!

  • TwinkerBell

    Ah James your the first and hottest celebrity prick tease ever! I was wondering when the masses were finally gonna get it, tho most are still falling for it w-o figuring it out yet. If they don’t get it with this one well, you are the greatest doopster on the planet. Are people really that gullible and stupid? Love the pic, keep ’em cum’in.

  • Finger/Dick…I wanna put it in my mouth.

  • Stace

    That’s a pink shaved sac. Probably one ball held out by his hand.

  • Casey

    butt cheek. pants are on backwards