Avril Lavigne Gets A New Neck Tattoo


Last Summer we learned that Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend Brody Jenner went and got each other’s names tattooed on their bodies and today we learn that Avril has gotten herself another tattoo. No, this time Avril’s tat isn’t Brody-related … she went and got a safety pin tattooed on her neck, which she shared on her official Twitter profile … cuz, she’s so alternative.

A girl’s night out usually involves some dancing and champagne with your best friends. But if you’re Avril Lavigne it’s a very different story. The punk rocker decided to get a tattoo after her girls’ day out turned into a girls’ night out’, last night. The Canadian singer made the last minute decision to get inked and took to Twitter to tell her fans about it. The 26-year-old settled on a safety pin design on her neck for the latest inking. The painful decision came after she tweeted that she was enjoying her Saturday catching up with friends. ‘Girls day!!!!!! Listening to my new record with my girls and catching up… Love u babeskis,’ she wrote. But merely moments later, she informed her fans that she was thinking about getting some new ink. ‘Uh-oh girls day turning into girls night…. Should I get a tattoo???? Haha’ Once at the tattoo parlour, Avril then gave some crafty hints about her chosen design. ‘Omg..k. Here we go… It’s comes in handy all the time, it can hurt you, but at the same time keep you together, safety first!’ she wrote. Teasing her fans into guessing what the design was, she proceeded to give them updates by posting pictures of tattoo guns and her neck being worked on by her artist. Finally she made the big reveal by posting a photo of the half-finished design. ‘Its a…… Safety pin bitches!!!!!’ she wrote. ‘What a great day with my girlfriends….. Hahah. Just being me… Girl time is always necessary. And I got a tattoo. Holy crap hahah.’

Um … ok. I guess Avril decided to get a safety pin tattooed on her neck because she wants to show the world how “punk” she is? Safety pins are synonymous with punk styling so … yeah … Avril = punk. LOL! She is so silly, I can’t even take the girl seriously, to be honest. Earlier today we got to see Zac Efron’s new tattoo and his ink I totally dig. Avril’s is so … unnecessary. But, tattoos are a personal thing and if she’s happy with it, then that is all that matters. What do y’all think of Avril’s new “punk rock” tattoo? Do you love it?

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  • Elkay


  • Chase

    She is so irrelevant it isn’t even funny. Her new album flopped big time. Flopril Lavigne is more like it tbqh.

  • Ama

    Ugh, she makes me cringe. Doesn’t surprise me that she is still trying so hard to be something she’s not. This is actually bugs me more than it should because I have a lot of close friends that have been in the ‘punk’ scene for 25+ years-and they get a bad image of being obnoxious/rude because of hoosers like this. Bleh.

    • Jessica

      don’t be hating on us canadians by calling us hoosers!

    • Ama

      -laughs- That’s what I wasn’t doing at all :)

      A hooser is basically a whore+loser. I didn’t even think about Canadians when I wrote that.

  • Hmmm…

    I think it’s a cute tattoo :)
    Go Avril!

  • Mariah

    It ALWAYS bug me when people, especially girls, feel the need to make everything so dramatic and state things like, “I’m doing me” or “Just being me”, like Avril did, as if we all think she’s being someone else. Yeah, Avril, we know you’re just being you – an annoying little bratty girl with a bitchface whose 15 minutes was up 9 years ago. Snoooooooooooooozefest.

    • Mariah

      …or maybe I, myself, am just being a bitch today…

  • norcor

    what has always really bothered me about avril is that when she first hit the scene, she really came out swinging. she had some nasty things to say about britney, christina and some of the other reigning pop princesses of the moment and how they relied upon antics and sex appeal to sell albums. Uhh, she does the same thing! Granted her antics are of another (black and pink and significantly more annoying) variety, but she is really no different than the girls she initially criticized. i have always found her to be an irritating hypocrite and i hope she fades into complete obscurity soon.

    • Jessica

      thank you! I’ve been saying this all along! Her newest video is of her in a bra and panties trying to be sexy and yet she’s probably the farthest thing from sexy to me

  • JRad

    Why are safety pins associated with punk?

  • I hope she’s saving money for all the inevitable tattoo removals she’ll want when she finally matures, or at least when she and Brody break up.

  • Joanna

    Ughhh, WHAT THE HELL!!!

  • If I were her friend I would tell her, “honey, a safety pin tattoo just says you’re trying too hard. And those oversized hipster glasses are soooo last year!”

  • Kammie

    *shrug* at least it’s not a Golden Girls tat.

    I need to start skipping over your Avril posts cause you never have anything nice to say about my girl :(

  • Bitch.

    Immature digs.
    Oh Trent, you’re so silly!

    The punk thing? Lmfao. Child please. You do know her ex husband and best friend Deryck has two pins on his wrist, right? Ever think that it might be dedicated to him?

    “it can hurt you, but at the same time keep you together”

    THINK before you feel the need to be ignorant.

    • @Bitch. — Um, ok.

    • apriljan

      It’s not about ignorance. She’s tactless. FINE, WHATEVER, if she got that tattoo because it MAY have been dedicated to her “ex husband and best friend,” was it really necessary to share that on twitter?

      Tweeting about that tattoo was a way to grab attention. And Trent, nor his readers were too fond of the way she got her safety pin tattoo.

      I felt like I needed to defend Trent on this one, I know he can fight his own battles though.

  • Katmoww

    She was fucking lame when she first came out, she’s even more pathetic now that she’s nearly 30 and still dresses like a “pissed off” 12 year old. What a twat.

  • anna

    hmm, i know she’s become a hypocrite and all but..
    i still think the hate is way too much :(

    • @anna — I don’t think anyone “hates” Avril. But it’s totally OK to find silly behavior silly without “hating” the person.

  • Allie

    :( bad decision.. ;\ still trying to be some1 else

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