First Look: Madonna Covers ‘Out’ Magazine


Last week we learned that both Madonna and Britney Spears would be featured on 2 different covers of the inaugural Ladies We Love issue of Out magazine and also last week got to check out Britney’s HOT Out magazine photospread. Today we get our first look at Madonna’s appearance in the magazine as Out releases a teaser photo of one of the “previously unseen” photos of Madonna that the magazine will publish in their special issue of their magazine.

Almost three decades ago, and a year before her first album was released, a then-unknown Madonna invited Richard Corman to photograph her in and around her New York City walk-up. The pictures he took that day, unpublished until now, capture the energy and vitality of a woman destined to become a legend. Check out this sneak peek of Madonna on the cover of our April “Ladies We Love” issue and then come back to on Monday, March 14 at 11am ET to see the full cover, all of the never-before-published photos, and to read Corman’s personal account of shooting Madonna in 1982.

Oh yeah, I am very excited to see these “unseen” Madonna photos. I love old skool Maddy. It seems too coincidental that this vintage photo of Madonna looks very much like the pose that Britney is using in her new Out magazine photo. I’m guessing the classic Madonna photos (well, at least this one) was used as inspiration for Britney’s shoot. And speaking of Britney’s Out spread, a new unseen “web exclusive” outtake photo — or Out-take photo — has been released:

It’s cute!! I hope we get to see more outtakes from this hot shoot. Apparently we’ll be seeing the new old Madonna photos tomorrow. I’m excited, are you?


  • Ama

    When I first saw the photo I actually thought it was Kristen Stewart. The eyes/mouth kind of look the same. Not excited to see the photos-maybe a tad curious though C:

  • Naomi Black

    Okay… the photoshop on Britney is too obvious!!! That does’nt look natural at all!!!

    • Chase

      In other news, the sky is blue and oceans are deep. Anyways, I don’t feel that Britney is photoshopped that bad… Her legs are thick, just like that picture above, and her waist isn’t dramatically taken in, either. Haters gonna hate, etc.

  • I like(d) Madonna before all of her awful plastic surgery. It figures she ruined her looks with very, very obvious plastic surgery (cheek implants, botox in the forehead, face-lifts) trying to remain relevant in a world that despises entertainers over 35.