Watch: ‘The Smurfs’ Releases A Full Length Trailer


Despite the fact that I still honestly believe that the upcoming 3D animated big screen version of The Smurfs is total blasphemy, the new full-length trailer released for the film is … not bad. I’m not saying I love it, I’m not saying it’s “good” … but I don’t hate it … and I could see how I might *possibly* end up liking this film. Check out the trailer in full below.

This trailer is much better than the teaser trailer we saw last Summer. Maybe it’s all the German beer I’ve been drinking for the past 2 weeks but … the movie, at the very least, looks kinda cute in this trailer. Are you impressed? What do y’all think?


  • Kells

    I grew up watching the cartoon on Saturday mornings… this feels so weird for them to be making it into a 3D computer animated film. does feel a bit blasphemous… I’m turning into one of those old farts who just says in MY day, cartoons were drawn and we could only watch them on Saturday morning!

  • Daniel

    instead of this I would like to see a remake of Jem and the Holograms with Britney Spears…

  • Erin

    I kinda love NPH and Jemma Mays in this clip, but the constant use of “smurf” as a verb disturbs me.

  • Mimi

    They made a good choice casting lovely actors for this. And it’s going to be a hit among children. Nothing wrong there, I guess.

  • Juneh

    At least I saw the word ‘Belgium’ once! They’re originally from Belgium and were created here, I think it’s kinda stupid they’re ‘americanizing’ them :( I wouldn’t have mind it that much if it looked decent haha, but it really doesnt!

  • Dianna

    ughhh it looks cute. I don’t wanna like it!!

  • theskinny

    My comment is actually a quote from the preview. ‘ I just smurfed in my mouth ! ‘

  • I do not like this. :(

  • Dot

    I don’t like it either and I think some cartoons should stay animated forever

  • Lil

    No. Just … no.

  • lolita

    Schtroumpf, schtroumpf et schtroumpf ! Plain WRONG…

  • Rory

    Agreed who ever thought this was a good idea is a moron. They should have just made a big screen animated version of the smurfs plus katy perry as smufette is just wrong.

  • neil

    well it is made for kids, and kids at heart not for film critics.

  • Jeff

    Why couldn’t they just have made a smurfs movie that stayed true to the original setting and character of the beloved cartoon? I hate these cookie cutter adaptations that seem to reach for the lowest common denominator. Ugh.

  • heather

    Ugh, this is no better than the first. Smurfs aren’t supposed to be all up on pop culture and slang… isn’t the idea that they’ve been magically transported into our world somehow? Then how do they all know such sayings like “smurfed in my mouth?”

    And the breeze through the enchanted forest? Who is that, Scot-stereotype smurf? Fat Bastard Smurf?

    Hank Azaria as Gargamel was the one potential saving grace for me, he looks fantastic… but if they’re changing the characterization (“don’t milk it”) to be all hip to the modern self-aware meta-villain, well… I’m out.

    And the animation looks terrible — the smurfs themselves look okay, but the interaction with the humans is terrible. It’s like Legolas on the oliphaunts. Mary Poppins did it better.

  • Jag

    Gonna Smurf a Movie! Gonna Smurf a Movie!!

    Oh Smurf it anyway.