The Guys Of ‘Glee’ Go Prom For ‘Teen Vogue’ Magazine


Are you lookin’ for a prom date this year? Well Teen Vogue and the male cast of Glee have a few options for you to consider. Actors Darren Criss, Harry Shum, Jr., Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet are all featured in the new issue of Teen Vogue magazine which is devoted to the American institution of Prom! Check out a couple of cute videos and lots of fun photos below.

I don’t know about you but my prom date wasn’t nearly as cute as these guys (well, okay … to be honest, my female prom date Lynda was way cuter than Kevin McHale). Check out the photos below and pick out YOUR fave prom date. If you had the choice, which of these Glee boys would YOU ask out to prom?


  • perdiz

    oh harry shum :) i would love to go to prom with him. even though im now in college….

  • Haleigh

    Chord looks like what would happen if Matt Damon and Nick Carter had a baby!

  • BCDanielle

    Harry Shum Jr. Hands down:)

  • gpgirl

    3some with darren and harry shum. darren will serenade me while harry will dance with me or for me. ;) asian lovers..hehe

  • Mela

    Lol…I don’t understand this campaign. The girls are fully dressed! How are they supposed to keep this show popular if everyone isn’t almost naked? (intentional sarcasm)

  • Jae

    harry shum! he’s a cutie and can dance so ya know he’d be an awesome dance partner! ;)

  • Britney

    I love Kevin McHale! I think he is adorable and he is a great dancer, he would be a blast to take to prom!

  • Pam

    Has anyone else noticed the guys are not wearing socks???

  • I can’t stand this show, but these photos are pretty cute.

  • Elizabeth

    DARRRENNNN. But Chord is so damn funny, I must say!

  • Mel

    Oh totally Kevin McHale! I looove him!!

  • meagan

    Darren Cris… I fell for him as Harry Potter in the online musical he did.