Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Share A Photo From Their Baby Shower


Last Sunday, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon hosted a Pink and Blue baby shower for the twin babies they are expecting and yesterday, Mimi posted a heartfelt message of thanks to her fans for the lovely gifts they sent her. Today, courtesy of Life & Style magazine, we get to see a personal photo of Mariah and Nick from their baby shower and we get to hear about some of the fun stuff that went down last Sunday. Did you know this baby shower was the first one Mariah Carey ever attended? ‘Tis true, read on.

On March 6, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon gathered an intimate group of friends and family at the rooftop Conservatory Grill at the Montage hotel to celebrate the arrival of their twin boy and girl, due in late April or early May. “I’d never been to a baby shower,” Mariah Carey tells the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now. “This was my first one — it was so festive!” Festive is an understatement! The shower, hosted by her pr and management team and Angel Champagne’s Stefano Zagni, was decorated in pink and blue hues — from the balloons and flowers to the servers’ aprons and the napkins. Guests–including celeb pals American Idol judge Randy Jackson, host Piers Morgan, actress turned director Penny Marshall, Sopranos alum Lorraine Bracco, and director Brett Ratner–noshed on a selection of gourmet pizzas and appetizers and enjoyed Mariah’s very own champagne, Angel. “Nick and I were so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us,” Mariah tells Life & Style. A 6-foot-long gift table was filled with tiny outfits, books and stuffed animals but possibly the best gift she was given came from her fans. “There was a lot of love in the room, and to top it off, fans from more than 50 countries sent well-wishes and stories in a book they made for our twins titled Always Be My Babies, which was the sweetest gesture in the world,” Mariah tells Life & Style. “It was a night I will never forget.”

The new issue of Life & Style has more photos and deets from the baby shower … which I know all you Lambs out there are going to want to see/read. I guess I hadn’t realized just how close Mimi is to giving birth. Even tho the shower usually comes pretty close to the birth of the baby/babies, hearing that she is due to pop in April or May just seems … so soon! I am LOVING how radiant Mariah looks in this photo … she looks so happy. Pregnancy looks very good on her. Let’s send our love and congrats, again, to Mr. and Mrs. Cannon on the coming birth of their babies. It won’t be long now … not long at all.


  • Mariah

    Yay! I hope she pops on May 11th, which is my birthday! ;)

  • Mariah

    Wait…I think their wedding anniversary is in late April. Like, the 30th or something like that. It’d be wild if the babies were born that day.

  • krissy

    She looks so cute with her hair curly again, it makes her look a lot younger. I almost forgot that she had curly hair!

  • nicole

    look at her glow! adorable:)

  • lori

    never been to a baby shower? doesnt she have any friends or cousins or anybody w kids? a little strange.

    • Felicia

      There’s a lot of reasons as to why someone could never have been to a baby shower… :/

    • Jerseyhater

      SHe’s smart…who the hell would want to go to one of those things unless it was your own?

    • hoe dnt worry bout wat she do bitch get off ha SHIT DEN!

  • Tracy

    AAAwwww she look so beautiful and radiant. I’m very happy for them both. Reading the story made me teary eyed.

  • Lisa

    I remember when they got married everyone was like, what?!?! when we saw that photo of them on the beach on some magazine cover. It almost seemed like a joke. Now look at them! It’s nice to see and hopefully things continue to go well for them.

    • wat is ur ploble

  • Isabelle

    Now THAT’s a pregnancy glow. Take note, Beckham.


  • mariah Carey luk suppa pretty! i luv ha hair,TRUST!I LOVBE HUR N ALL LIL MARIAH HATERS KAN B GON

  • strawberry

    aww i’m so happy that mariah finally found love in her life! she SO deserves it. can’t wait to find out if boy or gilr or both have inherited her octave range!!!! go mariah!!!!

  • mariah look big she was skining to she got prengant with the twins.

  • dee

    when will they show pictrues of her babies i want to see them i bet they are beautiful.