Amanda Bynes Tweets Photos Of Her New Wig Bra


Remember last June when Amanda Byes retired from acting only to unretire about a month later? Yeah, well, she’s so over all of that nonsense … now she’s into posting scantily-clad photos of herself on her official Twitter profile (which she has quit and then rejoined at least once). Apparently, Amanda “loooooove”s posting Twitpics of stuff that she buys so she decided to share a couple photos of her new wig … while wearing only a bra. See, you’re supposed to admire the wig and ignore the bra … got it?

fun with wigs / I loooooove posting twit pics of new items I bought and I love seeing other peoples twit pics too / I love posting twit pics from my day to day life, I’ll definitely keep doing it.

I mean … you can kinda tell that she loves the attention. I say, good for her … if the rest of us normal folk can flood the Internets with our personal photos, then celebs should be able to do the same. It’s pretty cheeky for Ms. Bynes to show off her “wig” while wearing only a bra … I mean … c’mon. Still, homegirl does look hot. I’m curious to see what other personal Twitpics Amanda plans to share with the world. Interested?

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  • Samantha

    Hate to point it out Trent, but she’s actually wearing a bikini top…you can tell by the straps *halter tie* and how its connected in the front. So scantily-clad yes, bra nope ^,~

  • Joon

    This screams desperate to me. Does she not have any jobs lined up right now? Bored & craving attention. I know she’s not nude, but if that were my daughter I’d be pretty upset. Surely she’s better than this.

  • Jacqui

    how embarrassing. criiinge.

  • JenX

    I was going to say the same thing as Samantha – that’s a bikini top. Not a very flattering one, mind you. Pull the girls together, not apart!

  • lolita

    Bra or not, you can’t see much of the wig with that flash…she obviousy wanted to show something else. I’ve seen other pics on twitter, well, if it is her official account, they’re quite disturbing too (tights that look like suspenders, other bras on show -real ones this time-). Hope she’s not pulling a Taylor Momsen, cause I like the girl.

  • Shannon

    What’s w that enormous rock on her finger? U don’t care enough about her to know if she has a bf or not

  • Sarah

    That’s a swimsuit.

  • Shannon

    * I not you Trent!

  • Manderz

    Its a bathing suit and shes in her 20’s..who cares if she posts this? ive seen 14 year olds wearing less and looking 10,000x sluttier in facebook default pics….

    • Vanessa

      AGREED! This is nothing. But she should turn off the flash.

    • Manderz

      haha i was thinking the same thing…obv this girl has never had a photoshoot with herself in her mirror…flash always off in mirror shots!!…not that i know or anything..

    • JayeBea

      I don’t think anyone really cares much about the bikini top, even if it was a bra. I think the point is that it is pretty funny she makes a point of saying she wants to show off her wig but it is obscured by the flash. However, her boobies are on full display.
      Sneaky sneaky girl (:

  • Joan

    See, with Amanda you never really know if she’s being serious (about the twitpics) or not. She has that kind of humor … or maybe that’s wishful thinking.

  • Jordan

    This is weird. I never thought of Amanda Bynes to be one of “those girls.” But lately she’s kinda being annoying and attention-seeking. Like the whole, “I’m retiring, No, jk, I’m not” thing? And now posing in a bra? Reeally? I don’t know, Amanda just dropped a couple points in my book.

    • sparklecow

      Agree with you Jordan, she never seemed like the type of girl to be like this, but I guess when you are out of work for so long you miss the attention. Sad.

  • Geez, you can’t even see the wig. What is with those stupid mirror shots?! Do people not know there is a timer function on most cameras? I’m not sure why I’m even bothering saying this…

  • Emily

    I once had her on twitter.. and had to delete her cause she was sooooooooo annoying!!!! constant random tweets about quotes and love omg she drove me insane!!!

    so yeh i think she is a weirdo who despertly wants to be as famous again as she was when she was 13 haha!

  • Yes, because tweeting pictures of the things you bought is soooo important. Yawn.