Lindsay Lohan Does ‘Mode Gal’ Magazine


Let’s forget for a second all of Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles — including the video surveillance tape that we got to see earlier today — and focus for a minute on one of her new photospreads. L. Lo is featured in the new issue of Mode Gal magazine (a special issue of Japanese Nylon magazine) and I have to say, homegirl looks damn good! While some of her trademark posing rears its boring head, many of the photos are interesting enough to actually be … good. Check out the cover and accompanying photospread of Lindsay in Mode Gal below.

The coverphoto is not really my fave because all of the text seems to make the whole thing too bizzy … but the rest of the shoot is pretty cool. While Lindsay’s behavior may drive me bonkers from time to time (ok, all of the time), I have no problem giving her props when she does something right. Check out the photos below and tell me she doesn’t look fantastic in most of them. Which one of the photos is your fave?


  • Nicole

    I found the photographs bland, dull and boring. What is up with her straw hair color?
    I wonder how many pain killers she took prior to this shoot…

  • krissy

    I think Blake Lively or Amanda Seyfried could have done the same shoot and looked better while doing it. Lindsey is pretty, no doubt, but there are a billion girls who are pretty (and not criminals).

  • Gabyeffbaby

    Lindsay is just so pretty to me idk why…f*ck the haters girl.

  • nicole

    im lovin the headshot with the bright pink lipstick. overall its a good photoshoot. probably one of her best ones in the past couple years.

  • Ama

    oh wow, at first glance I thought this was Avril Lavigne.

    Good photoshoot, she looks pretty.

    • HeatherR

      Ama I thought the exact same thing!!

    • Ria


    • Kiki

      mee too!!!!

  • Ali_Di

    My only problem with the shoot is every photo she holds her mouth in the exact same position. And I miss red-head Lindsay… she used to look so different and fresh! I have to agree she has the Blake/Amanda/Avril look now.

  • I never understood why she does magazines when she has nothing to promote. She’s probably one of the only celebrities that does it. Can someone explain? LOL

  • jenn

    i feel like her hair is way too long. it doesnt look long and flowy, it looks long and ratty. cuttttttt.

  • Cupcake

    She has really pretty eyes. And my fav(s) would be the close-up & the one w/the blue skirt :)

  • Nate