Anderson Cooper & His Manfriend Benjamin Maisani Celebrate Mardi Gras Together


When last we saw photos of CNN newscaster Anderson Cooper out and about with his male friend (and rumored love interest) Benjamin Maisani, it was Summer of last year and the guys were biking together in NYC. This week, the pair showed up in New Orleans, LA to partake of the Mardi Gras celebrations going on there. Anderson and his BFF Kelly Ripa presided over a Mardi Gras parade as Grand Marshals and Coop brought along Benjamin for a ride in the float. Ain’t that just cute?

Anderson Cooper Brought His Boyfriend to Mardi GrasAnderson Cooper was one of the grand masters of the Endymion parade yesterday, one of the largest in New Orleans annual Mardi Gras celebration. But he couldn’t do it alone. No, he brought his “companion” along for the ride. Cooper, Kelly Ripa (New York’s A-gay fag hag numero uno), and her husband Mark Consuelos presided over the parade yesterday as grand marshals and partied at the New Orleans Convention Center the night before during the coronation ceremony. That’s where this picture of The Coop and his main man, Benjamin Maisani was snapped. To up the queer factor, we hear Bravo honcho Andy Cohen was rolling with the group, too. It makes perfect sense for Ben to be there. He’s the perfect Mardi Gras “companion,” because he has no compunction about going shirtless in public.

It has long been rumored that Andy and Ben are romantically involved but Anderson has never confirmed the speculation, as is his right. Clearly the folks at Gawker seem pretty certain what is going on betwixt Anderson and Benjamin but, again, it’s all merely speculative. That being said, we know what is going on here. As long as Anderson is happy, it doesn’t matter who he chooses to celebrate Mardi Gras with. It looks like the boys had a blast … despite being all buttoned up in those suits. My guess is that the guys got down to more dressed down fun elsewhere … and out of sight.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    His man friend is quite SEXY!!! Hey, it says a lot if he is going to bring him out where they can photographed together. A) He doesn’t need to confirm or deny anything, he doesn’t care and B) he wants to show off his hawt ass arm candy!

  • I think those boys might have a “thing” for suits otherwise why the hell would anyone wear a fuckin’ suit to a parade?

  • Nicole

    My parents met them at the ball the other night with Pat Benatar. My father called to say “I can see why the men like him”

    • Justme

      That’s awesome! :D

    • therealpatty

      I love him too…and I’m not a man! Great taste!

  • Val 2.0

    Maybe they’re big fans of Reservoir Dogs.

  • Justme

    He is one good looking man suit and all. sigh….

  • Oscar

    Both are fab.They look great in suits and if you have ever gone to N.O. Mardi Grass (I went from 1973 to 1984)when Jordan died of AIDS in 1985) everything is permitted.The suits at the float look awesome and right on queue.Love them boys.What a beautiful couple.

  • therealpatty

    Why is everyone so concerned about him “coming out” or not? At this point in the world, with all the tragedy going on, is this really important? EVERYONE should have to right to just be able to live their lives, celebs or not. He does so much good in this world and puts himself in very dangerous situations so we see the real truth, not just the sensationalized media. Give the guy a break, he’s awesome. Just be happy AC!

  • Nancy

    Anderson and his friend are just yummy but suits in NOLA? hmmm. ;-)

  • al

    happy for mister A and mister B….hope you enjoy each other…boys hope you are IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER! now from an older gay guy….. please do not say i love him so much… you can love your house….your dog.. and people… but being IN LOVE WITH HIM IS THE SPECIAL THING.. HE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.. LOVER.. PARTNER.. AND MORE.. FEELINGS KNOWING EACH OTHER.. JUST ME GUYS.. YOUR ARE TWO NICE LOOKING MEN… HAVE A GREAT LIFE………….ALWAYS TELL EACH OTHER THE TRUTH…………SMILE BE HAPPY!!!!

  • j

    They make a Nice looking couple.
    Best of Luck guys..