Watch: Kylie Minogue Opens Up About Her Cancer Battle


Kylie Minogue was featured last night on the Aussie TV show Sunday Night as she was interviewed by Molly Meldrum. The piece, meant to showcase the start of her Les Folies Tour 2011 which kicked off in Europe a couple of weeks ago, ended up taking an emotional turn when Kylie started talking about her cancer struggle. Now that she is 5 years cancer-free, Kylie seems more willing to talk about those dark days when she was sick. It’s a poignant and powerful sight to see Kylie share such a personal part of her life in this way.

Kylie has talked about her illness before but this is the most raw, most emotional I’ve seen her get in any interview on the subject. Clearly she was touched very much by the kindness of that family she talks about in the interview and it’s clear, she doesn’t let herself think too much about the days when she was fighting for her life. I think it’s a very healthy thing for Kylie to think back on that time and let those emotions out. It’s just so wonderful to know that she’s been cancer-free for 5 years now. She is truly a goddess and we are very lucky to have her :D This is a fantastic interview, don’t you think?


  • Madeleine

    What a wonderful human being. So beautiful and loving. Her talent is just the icing on the cake.

  • BCDanielle

    Congrats Kylie:) I’ve been in remission for over four years now, and I remember what she went through. What an amazingly strong woman:)

  • vlike2party

    A lovely lady like her, will have a healthy and beautiful life upcoming!!! The world is a better place with your music around!

  • Ally

    Love everything about Kylie, such a sweetie

  • vVv

    i <3 u Kylie!

  • michel

    kylie is one of the sweetest artist around.;have speak to her in real.and was very nice and friendly

  • verklempt!

    Love Her! Thanks for sharing, what a great interview. Can’t wait for Vegas!!

  • Shazzer

    She deserves all her success. We love you, Kylie!

  • krissy

    I think she is a great role model for women. Sadly, there are a lot of women who are scared to seek medical treatment when they discover a lump, because they are afraid of not feeling like a woman if surgery is necessary. Kylie has clearly not lost any of her sense of femininity, and I think it is GREAT for women to see that. Kudos to her for opening up and sharing!

  • I kinda wish you hadn’t posted/I hadn’t watched that video because it’s just wrenching. On the other hand, I’m so glad I saw it because – even if Kylie doesn’t know it – I’m celebrating her five years right along with her.

    • krissy

      That is sooooo sweet!

    • Shreena

      The French interview she did during the X era was even harder to watch – the interviewer showed her a picture of a cancer sufferer and she just burst into tears.

  • Jim

    I just love this woman. Her honesty and complete lack of pretension only makes her more beautiful. And her talent is just amazing. God bless our Kylie!