The Lindsay Lohan Surveillance Video Has Been Released


Yesterday we learned that the surveillance video tape which allegedly shows Lindsay Lohan stealing a $2,500. necklace had been sold to a media outlet by the owner of the jewelry store … an act which has jeopardized the LA prosecutor’s case against Lindsay for felony grand theft. Today we get to see a few screencaps from that video, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, and we learn that the video itself will be made available for viewing online at

ET has obtained exclusive photos of Lindsay Lohan taken from actual surveillance camera footage at the California jewelry store where she allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace. The Hollywood star is clearly visible in the photos, which show her shopping around the store and trying on jewelry pieces. Lohan was charged earlier this month with one count of felony grand theft in connection with the alleged theft. Lohan and her lawyer have maintained the actress is innocent. The day after Lohan was charged in court, she spoke out on her Twitter page, saying: ” fyi- i would never steal, in case people are wondering. I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal.” The movie star pleaded not guilty to the felony grand theft charge, but Judge Keith Schwartz let Lohan know point blank that if she accepts a plea deal she would be serving jail time.

Of course it’s impossible to tell what exactly is going on in just these 3 screencaps … it does look like Lindsay is putting on the necklace, tho. We’ll have to wait until the actual video is made available to make a better determination but still, even then, we can’t really be sure if any thievery is actually going down. The website has gone online and it promises to make the video available soon:

There has been a tremendous amount of media speculation about an incident which took place on January 22, 2011 at a Venice, California jewelry store named Kamofie and Company. As a result of the incident, actress Lindsay Lohan has been charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for alleged felony theft of a diamond necklace. Speculation as to what occurred that day has been the subject of intense rumor in the media and elsewhere. Many individuals want to be able to see the video streams from the jewelry store’s surveillance cameras, and we have obtained the exclusive license for them. The tapes speak for themselves. We plan to release the video streams at this site shortly. Please stay tuned for more information and bookmark this site.

It remains to be seen what the release of this video will mean for Lindsay and any possible jailtime she might face … but it’s totally unsurprising to me that this alleged necklace heist has seemingly turned into a 3-ring circus.


  • This store looks like a total dump, why was she even shopping here to begin with?

    • PixiesBassline

      You got a problem with stained-up carpet and a fan in the corner? lol

    • Debho

      lol. Do you think that maybe they asked her to go there so she could, you know, borrow some stuff? And such a huge fuss over what is really a cheap piece of jewellery. Most people have one or two pieces of jewellery worth that. Still, the price doesn’t matter and stealing is stealing, if in fact she did steal it. I’m no fan of LiLo, but don’t believe she should be victimised because of her past stupidity.

    • Cari

      Since when do most people have one or two pieces of jewelry that are $2500 or over o.O Most regular people aren’t stupid enough to waste money like that. Even when I had a high paying sales job I didn’t spent that much on anything….

    • Debho

      @cari…yes, most people do have jewellery worth that. An engagement ring, necklace, Pandora bracelet. These days that’s what it costs for good jewellery that doesn’t come from Diva or a party. If anyone held up my workplace, they’d land themselves a huge haul!

  • cutitout

    Trent, I told you the store was out for publicity……and money.

    They don’t have a dog in this fight, Its win-win for them.

    I believe the Los Angeles County District Attorney is just trying to appease the public and their belief that celebs get away with anything in LA. That store is about as big as a tool sheed and look at that ghetto-ass fan… I find it hard to believe that lindsay couldn’t see the camera in the corner, why would she steal it in plain sight. It doesn’t add up. ET’s plan has woreked, I will be tuning in…If that little ginger-bitch is not sneakilly looking around and side-stepping out of that store in this video, its a wrap for this case…

    • Lisa

      LOL, cutitout!

    • totally agree. it all screams PUBLICITY STUNT. but of course i’ll be watching ET tonight!!

    • @cutitout — “If that little ginger-bitch is not sneakilly looking around and side-stepping out of that store in this video, its a wrap for this case” LMAOOOOOOOOO

  • steffa

    … samantha. ugh.

  • LStu

    wow these people are starting to make me feel sorry for lindsay lohan.

    • LStu

      if you go to the stores website the inside of that place looks totally different. Like, thats not carpet its title with a faux finish. I’m feeling a little less sorry, for her.

  • Luka

    1/21/2061?! Can we look past the theft brouhaha and focus on the fact that Lindsay can TIME TRAVEL?!?!

    • Lulu

      Still can’t be that nice of a place if the employee is wearing jeans and a messy pony…. just sayin.

    • Lulu

      oops, this was meant as a response to LStu

    • Debho

      @ Lulu, I thought that too. No jewellery store worth it’s salt would allow an employee to wear jeans.

  • Mike Renz

    Hello Folks,
    Just in case-I presumed Linsey Lohan Guilty-and called Kamofie and company a said I was sorry they were a victim of a crime. A young lady took the call and said she would tell the owner.
    The fact is, if this owner is really a victim of a crime, it wouldn’t help the case by selling videos and stories.
    Only in civil court should Miss Lohan or Kamofie seek damages.

  • Juile

    I hope the LA prosecutor goes after the jewelry store for this. Now I’m not want to defend Lindsay but their stuff is over price(according to reports) and obliviously there doing this for money. That statement they put out is a joke that there not doing this money.

  • gayana


  • Nate

    My gawd the place is a total dump! and that’s the owner? A sweat shit and jeans both that of which looks like they where bought at Walmart. I seriously believe that they loaned the necklace to Lindsay, realized nothing was in writing panicked when Lindsay didn’t return their one phone call to her and called the cops. Then realized that this could even be worth more then just having Lindsay photographed with that one necklace. Sadly for them bad publicity for a store is just that bad publicity. Now they’re trying anything to stay afloat. Fools! If only they gave Lindsay some time to get back with them instead of trying to take advantage of her, their one and only Celeb client.