First Look: Britney Spears Covers ‘Out’ Magazine


Britney Spears and Madonna will share dual covers for Out magazine’s first-ever Ladies We Love issue. Today we get to check out a sneak peek at Britney’s appearance in the mag and learn more about the inaugural issue of Ladies We Love by Out magazine.

For the first time in Out’s history, we’re dedicating our entire April issue to the women who inspire, scandalize, educate, and excite us — in a different way than they excite the other boys. And we’re celebrating the landmark moment with another first for us — two different covers. One will feature the indelible Britney Spears shot exclusively for Out by Ruven Afanador and the other will feature never-seen-before photos of Madonna shot by photographer Richard Corman in 1982 just months before her career skyrocketed. Enjoy the sneak peek of one of the photos from Britney’s revealing cover story and come back to on Wednesday, March 9 to read our intimate interview with Britney and see all the photos from the shoot. On March 14 will feature our exclusive Madonna photos and begin to roll out the other Ladies We Love featured in the issue. Out’s April 2011 issue featuring Madonna and Britney Spears on dual covers will be on newsstands on March 29, the same day that Spears’s new album, Femme Fatale hits stores and iTunes.

What a great photo … and what a great idea by Out to feature the Queens of Pop in dual coverphotos. I can’t wait to see more from this shoot and I am terribly curious of the “never-seen-before” photos of Madonna from way back in the day. When it comes to Ladies We Love, our dear Britney and Maddy are deffo at the top of the list. Love it! Isn’t this a great photo? Do you love it, too?


  • nicole

    its a great photo. between this photo…and the photoshoot for ‘V’ makes you wonder why the hell there usuing those other photos for her album.

    • @nicole — Yes, totally agree. The album cover photo pales in comparison to her recent photoshoots.

    • Xadax

      Suck on that Lady Gaga BWAHAHAHA! The Queen never gave her the signal – it could be damage control (to lie) – Born This Way.

    • Alys

      @Trent – She looks so *healthy* in this picture, radiant and natural. I really wish they used an image like this to promote her album rather than some of the airbrushed and overprocessed work out there which makes her look so vacant. She pulls out all the stops in her photoshoots of late.

    • same here!

      … Lovin’ this era’s photoshoots

  • MM

    She is seriously a knockout. Say whatever you want about Britney, but you can’t say she’s not beautiful. She has such a happy glow about her these days too.

    Loving these great new photos lately and always happy to hear Britney in the same sentence as my beloved Madonna!

  • damn that photo is HOTT! girl knows how to clean up nicely.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Love the photo and concept!! Work it GURL!!!

  • Andrea

    I cant get V Magazine because it is only in the states which I am very annoyed with I dont get to see the mag at all. Now I have to find out if I get Out Magazine I hope so or I am going to loose another magazine

    • nicole

      if you have a Sobey’s near you, try there..they sometimes have the magazines you can only get in the states

  • Matt

    She looks AMAZING! First look at this photo I honestly thought it was an archive photo from back sometime during the In The Zone era.

    I do completely agree that these photoshoots (V and now Out) are wayyyy better than the album art we’ve seen so far.

  • i love the photo and the concept of the magazine. it’s the right way to start that special issue.

  • JayeBea

    I love it! It is an awesome idea, those gay boys sure know how to treat a lady! Not fair!

  • an

    I think the Album cover is just as the britney trade mark since 1999. may be the record label dont want to change it. if we look back to all her album covers… there were so simple and nothing special. its so usual Britney! so may be they just follow that way,,,. keep simple! no change.

  • Chase

    You know what I love about Britney and Madonna? They didn’t have to cater themselves to the gay audience because the gays just flocked with them. Cher, Britney, and Madonna didn’t have to kiss any ass to get the public to like them, or fake anything. People just naturally love them and rightfully so.

    • krissy

      Chase, it seems you are (again) making a dig at Gaga. First, the NY gay community supported her very early in her career, so it isn’t as if her out reach is surprising or “fake”. Secondly, those artists you listed are great in their own right, but Gaga has really gone above and beyond to help the community in ways that impact their lives (not just their parties). Example from this weekend (NY Times):

      “Lady Gaga, who performed a sold-out concert in Buffalo on Friday night, called Mr. Grisanti out by name during her performance and provided his e-mail address to the crowd urging people to ask him to support making same-sex marriage legal in New York State.

      And then, to make sure Mr. Grisanti heard from plenty of people, Lady Gaga posted similar message on Facebook and Twitter… The result, predictably, was an avalanche of correspondence the like of which Mr. Grisanti, it is safe to say, had never experienced….In a telephone interview on Monday, Mr. Curella said that Mr. Grisanti’s aides planned to respond to every e-mail they received….In a previous bid for the Senate, in 2008, Mr. Grisanti said he opposed same-sex marriage. Asked if Mr. Grisanti still felt that way, Mr. Curella would say only that the senator’s position had “evolved” and that Mr. Grisanti had previously scheduled a meeting with a Buffalo-area gay-rights advocacy group, Outspoken for Equality, for this week.”

      You might not like her music or her vibe, but to act as if her support for the gay community is contrived or anything less than benevolent is just sour grapes.

    • Jay

      Krissy, we get it–you’re the president of the Little Lemmings fan club, or whatever her fans call themselves. Congratulations.

      So Krissy–can you tell us if Lady Gargamel has bothered to apologize for using the racist slurs “Chola” or “Orient?” Has she bothered to condemn John Galliano for his anti-semitic remarks? Has she ever apologized for holding a concert in Arizona during last summer’s SB 1070 boycott? Did she ever apologize for her racist, condescending attitude toward the Singaporean woman who interviewed her in 2009 for RAZORTV? No, no, no and no.

      Lady Gargamel is straight up racist. Stop acting like she’s Mother Teresa in a meat dress. And if anyone wants an arrogant lecture on how grateful we poor, weak gays should be toward our Earth Mother, we’ll let you know, Schoolmarm Krissy.

    • krissy

      Jay, you can call me as many names as you like, but it really has no effect on me. I know that you don’t know me, so you can give up on your insults. It doesn’t work and I don’t care.

      Secondly, what consitutes a racist slur is open for debate. If those were really “slurs”, they would be bleeped on the radio.

      Finally, I hardly call my little statement of “Gaga has gone above and beyond to help the community in way that impact their lives” a lecture. My statement was not at all inflammatory, and you are just freaking out with your “poor weak gays” rant. Take a deep breath, calm down, and realize your hate won’t change the opinion of people that have different taste than you. Chill…

    • Jay

      Madam–how good of you to reply. Once again, you are mistaken on multiple issues. First off–

      “What constitutes a racist slur is open for debate.” WOW! Really? Okay–why don’t you go into the nearest black neighborhood, use the n* word, and let people know that you are willing to debate what constitutes a racist slur.

      “you are just freaking out with your ‘poor weak gays’ rant.” I’M the one ranting? Hey kettle–the pot is calling. You’re black.

      “It doesn’t work and I don’t care.” Then you are posting a reply…why, exactly?

      “Your hate won’t change the opinion of people who have different taste than you.” Just because someone has a different opinion FROM you–it’s FROM, dear–doesn’t mean they are full of hate. AGAIN–just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are full of hate. What it might mean is that they understand the meaning of words and terms like publicity, public relations, marketing, target audience, sales promotion and brand loyalty.

      And when you have to post a diatribe every time someone insinuates that they don’t like Lady Gargamel, then yeah, it is a lecture. Take your own advice and CHILL.

    • krissy

      Jay, they bleep the N-word on the radio. They do not bleep orient or chola. Secondly, disagreeing with me doesn’t make you full of hate. Insulting someone just because you disagree with them DOES suggest that you are full of hate. Your posts sound a little over the edge. It is just pop music, sweetheart.

    • Jay

      Again–you are deliberately missing the point. YOU do not have the right to tell other ethnic groups what they do or do not want to be called. You wouldn’t call a black person by the n* word any more than you would go up to a Latina and call her a “Chola.” Or would you do that? Let me know how that works out for you. THAT is the point which you are–deliberately–overlooking.

      And “They do not bleep orient or chola.” Are you five years old? That is the dumbest, lamest excuse I have ever heard. There is a lot of stuff that comes out of your TV or radio that you should not do or say in real life. So your TV shows ads that objectify women, so objectifying women must be okay because it’s on TV. Beyond dumb, Krissy.

      And if it’s just pop music, sweetheart, then the next time someone says they don’t like Lady CaCa, why don’t you refrain from posting one of your usual over the top diatribes about how anyone who doesn’t support CaCa is crazy.

    • lindsay

      what chase said is true! REAL artists let their fans flock to them, not the other way around! lady gaga straight up kisses gays asses because she wants that fan base that britney and madonna have! thats a FACT!

    • lindsay

      well said!

  • mark

    Britney and Madonnna are the Queen’s of the Gays, end of story. The GAYS simply love Britney beacuse she is a icon! (side not: she also does not make shitty pop songs cough: GaGa about the gay community to exploit them to middle America for publicity) End of Story :)

  • sparklecow

    Too bad they have to associate Britney with the crypt keeper. She needs to retire because Britney is the new queen.

  • Xadax

    Amen to @Jay I prefer other LGBT advocates than Lady Gargamel.

  • Question: Can anyone reading this tell me exactly what Britney has done ever to support her gay fans?

    Because short of showing up at the White Party with Larry Rudolph and looking really uncomfortable being there I can’t think of one thing. People say that in 2009 she came out in support of gay marriage but what she said on Twitter said nothing about marriage.

    On the other hand, Madonna? Constantly showing up and doing and the stuff we don’t find out about is even bigger than that.

    So why are these two being equated on the cover of Out Magazine?

    • and if my memory serves correctly didn’t she make some anti-gay (or something of that sort) years ago..

    • sparklecow

      Care to show proof of that incident? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t exist. Britney loves all of her fans, she doesn’t need to pander to a specific group.

  • @sparklecow: hence my if. “pander to a specific group” oh is that another jab at GaGa. clever. okay if brit doesn’t need to then why did she do Out when it is clearly directed to a specific group of people.

  • lindsay

    gaga will NEVER be like britney! britney spears is LEGENDARY and has done more for pop music that ANYONE since madonna and michael jackson and like the others have stated, shes NEVER had to kiss ass and cater to anyone to have a loyal fan base! (some) gays need to stop making excuses for gaga-cant you see that she caters to you so she can have loyal followers that will always buy her albums, concert tickets ect and will keep her in the headlines? WAKE UP! also, i think its hilarious how “little monsters” are ALWAYS the first ones on a britney video! go check out youtube-they are all over brits videos!thats the power of the # 1 sexy ass pop princess and legend miss spears!