Charlie Sheen Has Been Fired From ‘Two And A Half Men’ [UPDATE]


Welp, it was bound to happen eventually … Warner Bros. has finally decided that they can no longer put up with Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior and have terminated his employment from the CBS series Two and a Half Men. As you may recall, WB and CBS decided to prematurely end the current season of Two and a Half Men due to Sheen’s insane behavior … and by all accounts, it was very unlikely that they were going to figure out a way to continue working with him. Read on to see the full, yet very short and terse official statement from Warner Bros. regarding Charlie Sheen’s termination.

“After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ effective immediately.”

I mean … of course they had to fire the man … he has clearly lost his mind, like, seriously. With each passing day it became really hard to see how the TV studio would A.) ever take Charlie Sheen back and B.) would even want to take him back. Sheen has yet to respond to his firing … but I imagine he will have a field day when he gives his response to his termination. Now that we know for sure that Charlie Sheen will not return to Two and a Half Men, do any of y’all have any guesses what he might do next?

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen has issued his response:

“This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshiscock again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.”

Um … ok. I guess now the real fun begins for good ol’ Charlie. Can this insanity get any crazier? I guess we’re about to find out.

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  • brixie

    TMZ has his statement. More craziness, of course. I hate that he might get paid if Warner Bros is indeed in breach. I wonder how long it will be before this sober charade ends and he goes back to partying, now that he doesn’t have to behave for his employers. I only pray that no other network will hire him to do anything else.

    His poor, poor children. And let’s not forget Jon Cryer and the rest of the cast and crew who will most likely be out of a job. What a selfish, narcissistic prick Charlie is.

  • Joon

    It’s about time!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That picture of him is hilarious. Hey, anyone would get fired for the stuff he was saying. If he actually gets paid out of it then I am going to slander my boss ASAP. Wait, I own the company:)

  • Amanda

    Ahaha, I don’t even care, this man is epic. It’s unfortunate that he has children, but hey.

  • Drajik

    i hope he gets a new show soon

    • MrBarker

      … and by new show you mean “an episode on cops”

  • I think he’s using the warlock and dimensions things as a joke, like making fun of everyone for making it a big thing.

    …But he doesn’t get that it was insane to begin with, and we’re not even sure if he /is/ joking.

  • Alys

    Surely his rants are sufficient evidence to avoid a breach of contract.

  • rossy

    Lets put aside the fact that has for a LONG TIME Charlie has been like this & up to now enabled by those cashing in. No one did anything to stop his previous blow-ups, did they? Had he been fired earlier – I just find it strange that this… “extreme” meltdown happened just a few months AFTER he got the HUGEST raise in TV history: $1.8 MILLION dollars per episode! Also, this high drama is giving the show (Two and a Half Men), albeit BAD publicity it’s STILL publicity, & in a few months Charlie will be “forgiven” by the producers & work will resume BEFORE the network officially cancels the show.

    Then again, maybe this isn’t a stunt & he’s just a typical jackass, I don’t know. As for his co-stars, they may have made far less than Sheen did, but it wasn’t chicken feed. They should be alright if they invested part of their earnings wisely. As for the crew… I’m sure they’ll be hired elsewhere, or depending on the terms of their contracts, compensated for loss of whatever.

    Like I said: I may be wrong about this whole thing being a stunt… But Charlie IS a MASTER at manipulation. Think about it.

  • Joanna

    Now he can do whatever the hell he likes and not have to answer to anybody about it (not that he ever chose to answer to anyone in the first place). I see more ranting interviews about the firing in his future. I’m guessing his career is officially over now. Who would even want to hire him anymore?

  • Meredith

    First, does anyone really think Warner Bros. MEGA-TEAM of Attorneys didn’t check to see if they could legitimately fire him? Of course they did, they’re not stupid. Secondly, if he sues, all WB/CBS has to do is ask for a jury trial. It would be incredibly hard to find 12 people that feel sad enough for this lunatic to award him anything.

    (There’s been a rumor that he did NOT have a morals clause in his contract, but I can say with relative certainty that he did have a non-disparagement clause. And how many times in the last 10 minutes has he violated that…)

    • krissy

      I agree that it is really doubtful that WB didn’t have their legal team go over the contract before they fired him.

      Sadly, I feel like we are just one or two benders away from a different kind of Charlie Sheen headline. It is like a car crash in slow motion.

    • lori

      i agree…at this level in enterntainment law they totally have all their ducks in a row before moving forward…in writing yet. there will be no breach of contract. its over.

  • gpgirl

    honestly, i would be glad if this douche bag druggie dies of overdose.he’s soo annoying.. there are people in the world dying of hunger and diseases but this nutjob spends his money for drugs and talks about crap everytime. i feel bad for his children.. u know whats ironic is the people who were nice died of drug/prescription drugs overdose but this freakshow who openly uses drugs for recreation is still here spreading evil for all of us to hear?

  • kevin

    the show is done.. if history has shown for past shows when a lead actor or actress is changed it will never survive.

  • rOXy

    I guess Warner Bros got tired of taking hits from Charlie’s torpedoes of truth and fired back with a rocket of reality.

    • perdiz

      *gives @rOXy an internet high five*

  • kevin

    sadly his demons have taken over and he is by his own hand or say media exposure doing himself in .. unless someone takes firm action he will for sure loss everything eventually.. his house.. he has 3 ex wives..child support ..2 goddness.. a drug dealer all on the payroll
    I think he is really gonna hit rock studio wil ltouch him now hes too much of a risk..when the $$ drys up his so called winning groupies and friends will leave too.

  • vangirl

    honestly – why do we give him an audience to begin with? if charlie sheen makes an idiotic, insane comment and no paparazzi are around to broadcast it, will he continue to rave? i highly doubt it. i say the media should boycott this maniac, and so should the rest of us. this is just boring and pathetic. he’s obviously in the throes of some ridiculous mania here. stop giving him an audience and we’ll see how long it takes him to settle down.

  • bosie

    I just began watching the newst season..because of Charlie LOL >..oh great well time to check out the old episodes. I wouldnt watch a replacement…crazy talk

  • Juile

    Finally! But now here comes the great legal battle between crazy and the studio

  • Lisa Lisa

    Not winning.

  • blaqfury

    I’m actually upset with him… I really like two and a half men and he just single handily ruined that. Its not like there are many good comedies on tv nowadays!

    Your fans are #losing Carlos!!!

  • mitchell

    I think it’s weird that female celebs have breakdowns and are criticized while, in contrast, the media seems to relish in the “epicness” of Sheen’s breakdown. Does anyone else get that vibe?

    • Isabelle

      Well, Mitchell, now that you mention it, yes.

  • A

    I think that it is sad that some people are insinuating that they wish this man would just overdose, death is a really final thing. He has a debilitating disease and I believe that those around him are most likely enabling his behaviour. I just hope he gets the help he needs and that his future actions don’t cause any more tragedy to his love loved ones and supporters.

  • Annie

    Oh, thank gawd…I thought he liked wearing those shirts!

  • Lisa

    Well I wish him well but this is no surprise. I am rooting for John Stamos to take over the show. He’s cute, likable, and funny.
    The statement Charlie made is just so bizarre. Why does he keep calling himself a warlock??

  • Scott

    Charlie has obvious mental issues. I wish someone would step in, even if forcefully, and put him somewhere where he could get help. He is a danger to himself and those around him.

  • He does have actual mental health issues and needs an intervention for the sake of his life, not hangers-on continually encouraging his behavior. I hope he hasn’t permanently damaged his mind with the drugs. He should be on a mood stabilizer. It would make a difference within days, I believe. He isn’t a side show, he’a a human being.

    • Meredith

      @therealcie–I agree with you. I think he does need meds. I’ve been thinking that perhaps his recreation drug use was keeping his instability in-check. In the same way a mood elevator Rx drug would.

  • Kadie

    I love Charlie Sheen and i don’t think he should of been fired, because i love Two and a half men its so funny and no charlie no show, it wont be as good without him he is the star and im on his side in this, he should NOT of been fired! xxx

    • @Kadie — “he should NOT of been fired!” Um, why do you think this?

  • musicblue

    He needs serious help!