Kristen Stewart Has Been Cast As Snow White


In early February we learned that Twilight star Kristen Stewart was up for the lead role as Snow White in a planned live action movie version of the classic fairytale. Today we learn from one of the film’s producers that Kristen has, indeed, won the role of Snow White and will begin filming the movie Snow White & The Huntsman in late Summer.

@kstewartnews We start shooting Snow White & The Huntsman on August 1st in London, Scotland, & Germany!!

As I said before, the decision to play Snow White was really up to K. Stew … the producers wanted her for the role (obvs because she comes complete with a built in and very rabid fanbase) so it was up to her to say yes or no to the role. I’m not sure how I feel about Kristen playing Snow White but I think it is deffo a smart move on her part to play the role. Now … all we have left to do is wait and see if Channing Tatum will really play the part of Peter Pan in another fairytale adapted film. I’m starting to see a pattern forming. It looks like fairytales are quickly becoming the new vampire films. As for Kristen’s casting … do you approve?


  • gpgirl

    omg… i hate this idea.

  • Mandy

    Woot! Another monotone performance full of sighs and over dramatic head shakes…so excited for THAT!

    • Ashley

      Don’t forget the blank stares and open mouth the entire time.

    • Alys

      Love this, I’m still laughing out loud.

    • Tracy

      ME TOO…I’m cracking up…

  • Lauren

    Casting FAIL.

  • Jessica

    crap and this is the one with charlize theron,aaaaand now i’m not seeing it

  • Lauren

    I haven’t actually seen confirmation from her team that she signed, they may be working out the details still… However if she chose the role she will take it seriously and it will be good. I’m sure we will have a jitter or two, it’s just her personality. But I’m actually excited for it! I was surprised when Russel Crow pulled off the darker Robin Hood, and I bet they are going in a similar direction.

  • Mandy nailed it.

  • i’m excited for it! sure her acting isn’t the greatest but i strangely like her lol if it turns out horrible we can blame the producers!

  • amy

    agree with mandy… i don’t think she’s a good actress at all…she looks exactly the same in every part that she plays…

  • Ashley

    I think this will be the movie to see if she can really break away from her ‘Bella Swan’ character.. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if she pulls it off, but not surprised if she doesn’t. I think her look is truly Snow White though.

  • I try to be excited about Kristen Stewart, but I can’t be. I try to like her, and for a time I did, but I wish she was a better actress. I do think she is overrated. Let’s hope she does a good job because Snow White is a movie I would like to see.

    • apriljan

      @Andrea– I agree. This is horrible news though.

  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    Isn’t Snow White supposed to be, you know…happy?

  • wallflower

    Blah. Her look is fine. Her acting is not.

  • InFamous

    cool, an awkward, emo snow white. fail.

  • April

    The choice was hers, but if she wouldn’t have taken this role she may have lost some of her star power from Twilight. The last film comes out next summer, so you can bet she will try and do all the big budget films until then….oh wait, but she is so not “mainstream” right?

  • Joy

    This post should have read,”Kristen Stewart just cast as KRISTEN STEWART!” Her characters are ALWAYS one dimensional. She’s so overrated and I’m hella sick of her mediocre acting being shoved down our throats…she can’t carry a film, maybe a supporting role. Even that’s a stretch! F*CK GO AWAY…LOL

    • gpgirl

      i so agree. she has fans yeah.. but that didnt helped the joan jett movie she did to land the top in the box office

  • is having a heart attack!!

    OMG I LIVE IN SCOTLAND!! that made my day ;]

  • cootiezoo

    She looks dopey enough to play Snow White.

  • WickedSandwich

    Well its a good this shes playing Snow White ! Because when shes running from the huntsman, we know she can bite her lip and look lost with the best of them…

    • WickedSandwich


  • Joon

    Oh well. Two hours of my life that I’ll be doing something else, more fun, or productive.


    Is Snow White supposed to be pretty? Kristen is attractive but no way is she unintentionally pretty or beautiful. Hmm… : /

  • Faycin A Croud

    As a person, I like Kristin Stewart. She seems a much better role model for girls than the crop of young celebrities whose claim to fame seems to be partying and flashing their female parts upon exiting limos. She’s intelligent and sensible. Unfortunately, I can’t stand her as an actress–and in her case I use the word loosely. She couldn’t act her way out of a cardboard box, although she has all the emotive skills of one.

  • Shannon

    Not really role model status when you’re caught several times smoking a bowl on your front steps. Can’t wait to hear all the uhhs and the head shaking

  • Val 2.0

    They should have cast her as Grumpy. THAT’S a role we know she can play.

    • nicole

      hahaha nice.

  • Amanda

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • patches

    ugh, well that just ruined it for me….and here I was looking forward to seeing it before….

  • helena

    As hard as I try to like her, I just can’t. To be blunt, her acting is really bad. It would be quite good if we see more emotions from her.

    • Tiffany

      I agree! She SUCKS as an actress.

  • Molly

    NO. No no no no no no no. She is too damn boring to play Snow White, someone with more dimension as an actress would have been a FAR better pick for this role this bore-my-ass-off Stewart. Ugh.

  • nicole

    sooo im just gunna go with a whole bunch of NO on this

  • Cupcake

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)

  • jill

    Kristen gets good reviews (outside of Twilight) and is a critics and directors darling. She’s perfect for this part because it’s not Twisney wimp Snow White.

  • Dakota

    yayyy cant waittt x

  • reny

    I don’t like snow white but kristen is the only reason why i would go to see the movie.

    Can’t wait to see her in the role

  • stephanie

    awesomeeee!! cant wait to c it!!!