First Look: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 12 Releases Cast Promo Photos


Earlier this week we learned which celebs have been cast for the upcoming 12th season of Dancing with the Stars and today we get to see the official promo photos of all of the celebrity contestants each paired up with their professional dance partners. Altho I’m not a big fan of the show (for reasons too numerous to get into but particularly because the best contestants don’t usually win), I can’t help but want to root for Wendy Williams (on the women’s side) and Ralph Macchio (on the men’s side). Read on to see all of the promo photos.

Wendy Williams is fabulous and I think she’ll make for good TV … but I can’t help but love that Ralph Macchio — the original Karate Kid — is in the competition this season. It’s crazy how young the man still looks … and he will be 50 years old this year! I, personally, find the rest of the cast kinda blah … but, again, I’m not a big fan of the show so … yeah, for me it’s the Karate Kid or nothing! Check out the promo photos below … who are you rooting for? Who do you think will walk away with the mirror ball trophy this season?


  • Rynie

    Find it very sad that I can name all the DWTS cast, but can only name about 1/4 of the “Stars”.

  • Kells

    I am SOOOO rooting for Wendy Williams! I love her! How you doin???

  • gpgirl

    im rooting for petra nemcova!coz her partner here is my super favorite dmitry chaplin!!!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Go Wendy!

  • emilyyy

    im totally rooting for Kendra…I love her and i cant believe how good she looks!!!

  • Lisa

    Love Kendra and Wendy! But I really don’t recognize some of the “stars” until I see their names, and even then one or two are sketchy. That DJ Mike guy is totally going to be Regis’ replacement. I think he got good ratings when he filled in for the week, and why else would ABC put him on DWTS but to build up some hype and get people to know him?

  • robin

    i’ve never watched this show and i don’t know who most of these ‘stars’ are…but..yay! kendra for the win!

  • Joce

    the only reason why I will be watching is for Psycho Mike! :)

  • nicole

    im totally down to watch Chris Jerico do the waltz.