James Franco Poses For Terry Richardson


James Franco hooked up with photographer Terry Richardson to pose for a few photos for posting on Richardson’s official website. As you may know, Terry shoots photos of lots of celebs and many of those photos are, at the very least, kinda sorta interesting. These photos of James are, IMHO, pretty meh … but if you’re a Franco fan, you’ll prolly get a kick out of them. Check ‘em out below.

The photos are cute cuz James is cute but … there really isn’t anything all that interesting about the shoot overall. The photo of James as Terry is frightening because the size of James’s open mouth is, well, frightening. Hopefully the next time that Franco poses for Richardson the resulting photos will be a bit more fun.

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  • Dennis

    I prefer the term “roomy” when describing James’ mouth. ;)

  • Mela

    I’m just so sad about his lack of hosting personality…I think the bloom is kinda off the rose for me.

  • Oscar

    I was a lot into James and have seen many of his movies but he is getting pedantic.His fame is going to his head and he acts as if he was hot sh*t and that what he is turning into.It just so happened that hot sh*t is the stinkier sh*t there is.Sad.Come on grandma,straighten James out.

  • Mark

    James is hot..i Just wanna roll naked with him and have him do me forever

    • jane

      lol… cute response.

      james is SO hot.