Christina Aguilera’s Mug Shot Has Been Released Leaked


Yesterday we learned the shocking news that pop star turned veritable trainwreck Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication while her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was arrested for drunk driving. Altho Xtina was arrested, booked and process, her mug shot was not going to be released because the West Hollywood police have decided not to prosecute her. Somehow, tho, as these things tend to do … her mug shot was leaked online by E! News. Xtina looks sad and wrecked in her mug shot, y’all. Check it out below.

Does Christina Aguilera look publicly intoxicated to you? The spiraling pop diva was arrested on suspicion of that very charge early this morning, and here is the photographic evidence of the bust, exclusively obtained by E! News. L.A. Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said that Aguilera’s picture is not going to be released to the public because authorities do not plan to press charges…but sometimes a camera is just in the right place at the right time. While this certainly won’t go down in the annals of scary mug-shot history, it’s definitely not one of Aguilera’s better looks. In her defense, Whitmore said earlier today that the “Beautiful” singer was “cooperative” and “not belligerent in any way whatsoever” when she was taken into custody along with boyfriend Matthew Rutler.

See, here’s the thing about getting arrested for public intoxication … you have to be so wasted that police officers believe that you cannot take care of yourself. Altho Xtina was in the passenger’s seat, she was apparently so intoxicated that police didn’t believe she would be able to make her way home … and that is why she was arrested. Despite the fact that Xtina will evade prosecution for her arrest, the same cannot be said for her boyfriend Matt Rutler. He will be prosecuted and, therefore, his mug shot has been released to the press:

TMZ has obtained Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend’s mug shot — taken moments after he was arrested for DUI … As we first reported, Matt Rutler was arrested for DUI around 2:45 AM in West Hollywood. Law enforcement tells us Matt blew a .09 on a breathalyzer … just over the legal limit which is .08. Shortly after Matt got out of jail his ride was also liberated — he was spotted picking up his Mustang from the impound yard … which we’re told set him back $192.

According to witnesses, Xtina and Matt were bizzy drinking “bottles of wine” at Osteria Mozza in LA just hours before their joint arrests. It remains to be seen if these arrests will serve as a wake-up call to Xtina but I sincerely hope she gets her life back on track and she curbs this reckless behavior sooner rather than later. Her young son Max Liron is getting old enough to pay attention to what is going on. I don’t think any young kid wants to hear about his mom getting arrested for being drunk :(

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  • bosie

    released? LA COPS are soo corrupt. They get paid by celebrities and politicians.

    • krissy


    • statro

      Seriously, you are screaming corruption for this? She was arrested for public intoxication, not murder. Most people who are arrested for the same thing get thrown in the drunk tank for a couple of hours until they sober up, and then are released.

    • katherine

      When I worked as a bar tender, plenty of our patrons got thrown in the drunk tank for some post-bar actions. No charges are ever laid. The police just don’t want to leave someone that drunk out on the street where they could easily harm themselves or others.

  • Samantha

    I will never ever understand why these rich and famous people do not hire drivers when going out for a night on the town????


      I AGREE

    • katherine

      I’m guessing it’s because they’re so full of themselves they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. That, or they want some publicity, even if it is negative.

  • Susan

    Man, Lindsay better send Charlie and Christina flowers, they just majorly took the heat off her……she owes them BIG TIME!!!! lol

    • Manderz

      hahaha! very very good point!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Bosie- why bog down an already crowded system with her kind of charge. I am happy she got off. I hope he gets some time thou. Jackass drunk driver!!!

  • sparklecow

    This trainwreck needs to dump her mooching new man and raise her child. I really can not see her having much of a career after all of this.

    • gayana

      you dont see her playing with Max and teaching him to read caz shes not inviting paparazzi to her house. all you see is past midnight pix when her kid is in bed.

      when the woman is young there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with going out and having a bottle of wine. it DOES NOT determine how good or bad of a mother a person is.

      and as i said, its not liek her kid is starving in the cold appartment. seriously.

    • Isabelle

      There IS something wrong, although with being drunk & driving or even letting someone else who’s drunk drive you. No excuse.

  • Janaegal

    eh, I still find it suspicious that the day her movie comes out on DVD is the day she gets arrested for something fairly minor but still newsworthy.

  • gayana

    im sorry but it doesnt even look like her. if she was out partying shed probably be wearing make up and possibly her red lipstick like she always does. also this looks like the camera “accidentally” snapped a picture of her mugshot which is also doubtful. i dont think there would be her document sticking out of the pile right when E! came over… 0.9 is only 0.1 over the limit so its also hard to say he was”drunk”.
    and oh my god, shes not a train wreck, the girl is young and is having fun adn its not like her kid is starving in the cold appartment. seriously

    • Stefanie

      But it is her without professional cameras or photographers famous people look regular.

  • perdiz

    people saying its ONLY .01 over the limit need to watch those commercials that say buzzed driving is drunk driving. he was OVER the limit and really in this situation especially they have enough money to pay drivers or at the very least a cab. its not like it would be that difficult for them to have completely avoided the situation. drinking and driving, even at a low blood alcohol level, is a decision that can lead to innocent people getting injured.

    • krissy

      Yes, it was a mistake for him to drive, however, it wasn’t like he was fall down drunk. If he was more intoxicated, I think it would make sense to blame her for trusting a drunk man to drive her home. However, IMO, he didn’t drink enough to make it obvious that he shouldn’t be trusted to drive.

      I agree with gayana that throwing out terms like “trainwreck” is unnecessary.

    • perdiz

      while i understand he may not have been fall down drunk i think its better to be safe than sorry every time. and i never said she was a trainwreck. i think that going out and drinking every once in a while is something almost all people do, im just saying that they could have decided to be more weary, especially since their are paparazzi and the fact that she does have to be concerned about the custody of her child.

  • Dana

    Sad..Girl needs to Dump the Boyfriend,Clown Makeup and get back in the studio and put out a great Cd..Fans are tired of this crap..I find it sad that when she had it together it was like she fell off the face of the earth no one was talking about how together she was..No magazine covers Christina was Boring.By the way Rolling Stone has Snooki on the cover.:O(

  • krissy

    She has just been named a judge on The Voice along with Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. More power to her!

  • Jenn

    Wow, I’m sorry, but 0.1 OVER the limit is what killed my friend in a car accident when another person hit him because that person thought they were “ok” enough to drive. Don’t be a jacka$$

    • Vicky

      Well said. Over the limit is over the limit and it’s never worth putting other peoples lives and your own in danger to take a chance. Those of you saying Christina isn’t a trainwreck…. are severely deluded. While I think it’s perfectly fine for a mother (young or old) to go out and have a few drinks, even get drunk on occasion… that’s all Christina seems to be doing these days.

  • Sally

    what happened to christina aguilera…gees. Lose the loser boyfriend and wise up woman! you have a son who depends on you and looks up to you!

  • cutitout

    I’m sure her stint as a judge on the new Talent show “The Voice” will give her something to positive to focus on. E! should be ashamed of themselves, I would expect this from a tabloid but I guess folks in the media today will cross any line for a scoop.

  • Ha

    No one’s forcing her to be with Matt she’s just like him a loser she cheated on Jordan hardly spends any time with her child and people think she’s soo great.I love that mug shot it shows young girls that celebs are real people she looks ugly.People celebs look good because they have good lighting,phtoshop their pictures have makeup artists,chefs,trainers and other things to make them look fantastic.Christina should dump him focus on her son ,career ditch the fake platinum blonde hair those fake blue contacts get rid of those fake breasts and become a much nicer woman so karma can leave her alone.Singing is not everything it does not make her a nice person just because she sings good family is everything.

    • Xadax

      Her blonde hair is real unlike Britney’s or Gaga’s.

      She may have been under the weather last year & these couple of months but it isn’t as bad as ———————————————————————————– BWAHAHAHAHAHA!