Christina Aguilera’s Drunken Arrest Gets The Animated Treatment


Early yesterday morning Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication after her boyfriend was arrested for drunk driving. Today, at almost a break-neck speed, she has become a bit of a joke and is already the subject of a pretty brilliantly funny Taiwanese parody video chronicling her recent troubles. Check it out below.

LOL!! My fave part is how the guy rubs the liquor bottle then Xtina comes out like a genie (get it?) and then she pukes and passes out onto the pavement. Classic!! Check it out:

Oh, Xtina. Clean yourself up, girl. There’s still time … get your life in order. Still … if you must continue to act like a sloppy mess, keep making it easy for the animators to keep up. Thanks.


  • Ryan

    To be honest I didn’t find it funny. Christina has been going through a rough time since her divorce and it’s clear she’s been abusing alcohol to deal with it, sadly. Watching her unravel is sad which is why it’s ridiculous that people want to kick her while she’s down. Frankly I’m surprised you posted this Trent. You remained respectful during Britney’s breakdown so why glorify this? Seems rather petty.

  • Xadax

    It wasn’t a crime. They arrested her for her safety – Rutler’s top blame.

    At least it wasn’t as bad as —-

  • blaqfury

    These never get old! Lol!

  • sparklecow

    Ha! Love this…

  • Ronnox

    Really? why so much hate towards her? Trent, I’ve lost respect for you. When Britney was going threw her emotional breakdown you were so understanding of the situation. Now Christina is going threw her’s and it’s funny and has become a joke. I don’t agree with people drinking and driving i lost a love one to a drunk driver, Yes they should have had a designated driver but they were out for a drink and a good time. It just sucks that you are so quick to kick her down while she’s already on the floor.

    • @Ronnox — Hate? I’m merely commenting on her messy state. I don’t hate her, at all.

  • jacqui

    seems like a harsh reaction from the world and especially the police for having to much wine at dinner. I never condone drunk driving but seems like she could have avoided being arrested even if she was being a drunk diva bitch, which I”m not saying she was. I have no idea. But while her boyfriend should not have been driving I don’t think she did anything wrong by getting a little drunk and then sitting in a passenger seat. Unless there is something I’m missing?

    • @jacqui — “I don’t think she did anything wrong by getting a little drunk and then sitting in a passenger seat. Unless there is something I’m missing?” When police pull over a suspected drunk driver, they usually do not take the passenger into custody unless they are too incapacitated to get home on their own. Usually, the passenger can call for a ride or walk home. If the passenger is so drunk that the police do not feel comfortable leaving alone on the street, they will arrest that person and take them into custody as well until they sober up. That’s what it sounds like happened here.

  • Sky

    wow people have way to much time on there hands.. congrats I sure you feel better about yourself… but just a little key mistake….

    your an idiot and everyone is just shameing on you.
    and ur gonna go to hell so enjoy

    • @Sky — Who’s going to hell? What?