Watch: Charlie Sheen Chats With TMZ, Then His Publicist Quits


Yesterday we got to see a pretty crazy interview from Charlie Sheen on The Today Show ahead of the planned airing of his interview with 20/20 tonight … but there was a lot more crazy to come from Sheen as the day progressed. Sheen paid a visit to TMZ to sit down and chat with them … which resulted in his longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield to quit representing him. An angry Sheen then refused to let him quit so that he could fire him instead. Then Sheen went on Piers Morgan Tonight to bring some more crazy, all while his lawyers started legal proceedings against CBS. Homeboy is on a roll, y’all … a C-R-A-Z-Y roll.

Charlie Sheen just wrapped up a LIVE no holds barred interview with Mike Walters from the backyard of his L.A. mansion — ripping more people than ever … and even accepting some blame himself. Sheen blasted CBS honcho Les Moonves for not firing “Men” creator Chuck Lorre … and then scoffed at the studio for giving him wayyyy too much money.

Sheen also ripped a false report that he checked himself into rehab this morning — because he obviously isn’t at a rehab facility — and the at-home interview is all the proof he needs. Among the hits – Charlie explained that he “hopes” his five kids ask him about all of the drug use one day … so he can fill them in on all of the “epic” stories. Sheen also explained that his father, Martin Sheen, should stop passing judgment, because Charlie’s a grown ass man … and can make his own life choices. Charlie also told a story about how he woke up in the middle of downtown L.A. by himself when he was 7 years old … and had to find his own way home.

As crazy as Sheen’s interview with TMZ was, he was surprisingly coherent and lucid in this portion of the interview:

You can watch the entire TMZ interview HERE. It’s worth your time, if you have the time to spare for more of Charlie Sheen’s rantings and ravings. Clearly, Sheen’s now ex-publicist Stan Rosenfield doesn’t have any more time for him … because after his interview with TMZ, he quit:

Charlie Sheen’s longtime publicist has quit … Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ … he’s resigning because “I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.” Stan resigned minutes after Sheen appeared on live on TMZ this morning … where Charlie insinuated that Stan lied to the media on his behalf regarding the hotel trashing incident at The Plaza hotel in NYC back in October. Stan had issued a statement saying Charlie was hospitalized that night for an “allergic reaction.” When Mike Walters asked Charlie about the medical explanation, CL responded, “I was asleep when that statement went out.” Sheen added, “I respect Stan … he was doing the best he could in that moment … had I confirmed with him, I probably would have come up with something better.”

After Rosenfield’s resignation, an angry Sheen went on the offensive to shoot back and try and “fire” the man after he already quit:

Charlie Sheen is PISSED at his former publicist Stan Rosenfield — telling TMZ, “P**sy. He’s not allowed to quit, so you’re fired.”

And then Charlie went on Piers Morgan Tonight to chat some more. Here is video of some of his best bits from that interview:

And while all of this stuff was happening in front of the cameras, Sheen’s lawyers — headed by Marty Singer — fired off a letter to CBS threatening legal action against them on behalf of crazy Charlie. Here are excerpts of that letter:

“This action is outrageous and in direct violation of our client’s legal rights, including under the contract between our client and Warner Bros. Television with regard to Two and a Half Men (“the Series”). Our client is entitled to be paid for eight additional episodes under his contract on the Series. Furthermore, my client is clean and sober and has passed every drug test requested. In fact, he took passing tests this weekend. He (Sheen) intends to hold Warner Bros. fully accountable for the compensation owed on his contract and to hold Warner Bros. and CBS fully accountable for all of the consequences of their actions … if Sheen is not paid for eight remaining episodes this season, our client intends to bring appropriate legal action against Warner Bros., as well as against Mr. Lorre… There is no justification for the Series to be shut down at this time. It is clear that this action is the result of interference by Chuck Lorre with our client’s contractual rights. It is most unfortunate that Warner Bros. and CBS have conspired with Mr. Lorre in his tortuous and outrageous conduct in permitting him to shut down the show, thereby damaging many individuals and companies, in addition to our client.”

And this is just a short summation of the stuff that transpired — yesterday afternoon/evening! Charlie Sheen is, apparently, willing to talk to any and everyone in order to spread his message far and wide. The Today Show is airing part 2 of their interview today, 20/20 is still planning to air their interview tonight … and I’m certain Sheen is lining up other interviews with anyone who asks. To be honest, all of this stuff is starting to run together. Sheen’s gonna have to amp up the crazy if he wants to grab headlines from his headlines. Ugh … watch him do do that.

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  • Meghan

    It’s sad that all of these news outlets are even talking to him. It is obvious that he is very mentally unwell and not in control of his actions. Yes, he may appear somewhat lucid but that is not uncommon in someone suffering from a severe mental breakdown. At this point I don’t think just rehab is in order. A mental hospital may be a better place to start, but he would need some intervention from friends or family because, obviously, he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him, also very common from someone suffering from delusions,etc.

    • Kells

      I agree, at this point, it’s not really even funny anymore, it’s tragic. I think the best thing the news outlets could do for him is to stop interviewing him.

  • blaqfury

    This is just chock full of sads…. Where is Martin, Emilio… anybody?!?! I know Charlie is a grown man, but at this point someone has to step in.

    I lost a little bit of respect for TMZ, i know that all the other reporters when to Charlie as reporters, but TMZ came with the friend angle. That just seemed like a shady exploitative angle…. but i guess if Charlie doesn’t care, why should i

  • Alicia

    Poor Carlos Estevez … surrounded by enablers. I feel SO bad for his family, that they have to watch as he publicly trainwrecks. And he’s doing it willingly! He kept his problems to himself for so many years and now he’s talking to anyone who’ll listen.

    • apriljan

      LOL! I haven’t heard his real name in a long time.

    • jessica

      isn’t it Irwin?

  • rOXy

    On the crazy train for sure. At this point, he has a very symbiotic relationship with the media. It’s not exploitation if he goes to them. He gets to air his rants, and they get people to tune in. It’s a win win. When he no longer gets attention, he will have an even more epic meltdown. He’s like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum when mom is busy doing something other than doting on him.

  • Kammie

    Maybe I miss this somewhere down the road, why exactly does Charlie have it out for Chuck Lorre like this? I know Charlie’s side of it but I’m not inclined to believe him right now.

    • Janelle

      Lorre posts messages after the credits of two his shows – 2.5 Men and Mike&Molly. Last week or before the messages were about Sheen, in a sarcastic tone. Could be that.

      Does anyone realize he coincidentally had a knife up at Brooke, shot Kelly Preston in the arm, shoved around Denise Richards?

      I do not feel bad for him. I don’t wish him death or bodily harm, etc., but I certainly don’t find this tragic or sad. It’s disgusting media outlets are giving him this much attention.

  • Lisa

    I am interested in seeing the 20/20 special. Does anyone know where Brooke, the mom of his twins is? Why would she be OK with letting her two kids live with his “goddesses” as he calls them? Surprisingly, he seemed fairly with it during the Piers Morgan interview. I mean he makes odd comments but he seemed perfectly alert and serious about what he was saying. Didn’t seem too “off” to me.

  • jul

    Starting to not even care. Feel bad for his kids but lots of kids have parents who are messed up. Maybe if he shaves his head I will care. No one has a melt down quite like Britney! Charlie needs to turn up the crazy for our entertainment or shut-up.

  • Debho

    I lost interest in this bloke days ago. I lived with a bi-polar alcoholic for many years and don’t find Charlie Sheen’s rants or ego appealing at all. While he’s out there thinking he’s all that, people’s lives are being ruined because of his behaviour. Move along press people and get a new story. This clown is making me sick.

  • Meredith

    So how long before we’re reading his Obit? Just say’n…

  • gpgirl

    can they just sue him so he would shut the hell up? he’s so annoying.

  • broomrider

    He is on a M-A-N-I-C roll….downhill. This morning they reported his kids have been taken away…it’s a good thing. He is going to end up hurting himself and would hate to see them hurt as well.