Les News, 030111

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  • Dot

    I’m still in shock over John Galliano’s words and I truly love Natalie for telling what’s on her mind in a polite and very eloquent way

  • lori

    you’re propagating misleading information here Trent, as is the article you’ve linked too… of the nearly 200 identified types of hpv, only 2 are commonly linked to genital warts… 50% of men do not have genital warts, they carry some form of the hpv virus (most of which have no symptoms). identifying these un-symptomatic carriers can be critical in the prevention of cervical cancer.


    “I Am Number Four” is a good movie, Trent. I dunno. I liked it. It’s mindless fun. Watch it, brooooo.

  • shannon

    Here’s the first baby laughing at ripped paper video from 4 years ago. It’s hilarious. Usually one of my quick laughter fixes: