First Look: Britney Spears In ‘V’ Magazine


A few weeks ago it was reported that Britney Spears posed for Mario Testino for a new photoshoot. It was speculated that the shoot was for the album artwork for Britney’s upcoming new album Femme Fatale. It turns out, instead, that the shoot was for an upcoming cover feature for V magazine! E! News brings us our first look at the tri-fold cover and magazine spread along with a few quotes from the coverstory article. According to our dear Britney herself, “The Bitch is back and better than before.”

Altho the caps are kinda grainy, I think we still get a very good feel for the overall shoot. I’m not always crazy about using one color overlay like this for shoots but it does give the photos a Spring/Eastery feel to them. Brit Brit looks beautiful … there is no question, she always cleans up very nicely. Here is video from the E! News report that features these photos:

Oh yeah, this magazine is a deffo must own. I love that V magazine is oversized, because these photos will look all that much better in person. I seem to recall that V magazine spreads are also very long … hopefully there will be a many more photos than are just featured here.

In other Britney news, a new promo photo has surfaced in a new billboard that was snapped … somewhere in the world. I have no idea where these billboards are going on display but the photo is an amazing one:

To be honest, I much prefer this promo photo to the one that is being used for the Femme Fatale album cover. Brit looks sultry and sexy … she looks amazing. I’m anxious for her to start doing actual promo for the album … but these first promo photos and magazine spreads are a nice place to start. What do y’all think … hot, right?

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  • laurennc

    She does look good in these pictures. I wish that she would do a sit down interview with someone like Ellen so that we could actually hear her saying these things because sometimes I feel like its her team just putting stuff out there. I can’t wait to see her perform though in March. Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

    • Rohit

      If you think underground rap/hip hop attisrs don’t compare to Lil wayne you clearly haven’t listened to any Hiphop/underground, at all. I’d love to see Lil wayne try to write something as lyrically creative as The Greatest pac-man victory in History by aesop rock. There is literally a section of the song where every other word starts with L, S, D in continual order. I have yet to hear anything anywhere near this skill from Wayne, let alone the new Mainstream . Underground isnt trash.

  • Liz

    wow she looks great in the V spread! i may actually buy that issue

  • Carlos

    The bitch is back…!!!??? these pictures look like a cheap perfum ad…always the same, looking childish, I mean she´s a grown woman not a teen anymore.
    The same music, the same ROBOCOP VOICE, the same stupid WINDY music videos, the same pictures.
    SHE NEEDS A CHANGE, she’s fat, she’s old and CAN NOT SING.

    • Mitchell

      Hmmm, “always the same, looking childish” and “I mean she’s a grown woman” seems contradictory to me … just saying.

      Anyway, I don’t think these pics look childish: they’re showing a fun, fragile girl with a sultry side — which is what the old innocent/bad girl persona of Britney has become.

    • He’s saying she’s LOOKING childish despite being a grown woman. Definitely not contradictory…although I disagree with him. I don’t think that’s looking like a kid at all.

      I’m not over the moon about the picture but I will be picking up that issue of V and I agree that the promo pic from wherever that billboard is should be cropped to be the album cover…despite vaguely reminding me of Paris Hilton’s debut. Haha.

    • @Calvin Show — “vaguely reminding me of Paris Hilton’s debut.” Ugh, I thought the same thing :/

    • rOXy

      In Paris Hilton’s dreams….

    • brittany

      “she’s fat, she’s old” – SERIOUSLY?! What the hell is wrong with you? If you think she is fat I’d be an elephant to you. Sorry but you need to have your eyes checked. But maybe you’re just jealous cause she is more of a superstar than you’ll ever be.

  • She looks awesome! But definitely agree with the idea that she needs to do some interviews – I want Brit to do Oprah… it is her final season after all!

  • Marc

    agreed I would like her to do some form of interview.. it doesn’t even need to be live but I would like to see first hand that she is coherent and can handle a normal interview… LOVE her but I don’t know that it’s her tweeting or making these comments about her album and what have you…

  • senko

    how is britney spears fat in these photos?

    • Carlos

      Not in this photos…but in REAL LIFE.

    • Louigi

      She’s smokin hot, and I like the meat on her bones. Get over yourself, Carlos. She was just born this way! : P

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She looks amazing!!! I love it. Kind of crazy with what is going on with Xtina now and how Brittney is on the other end this time. They flip flopped! Rock on Brittney!!

  • JayeBea

    Yeeeah! That’s my girl!

  • vVv


  • rOXy

    No one has ever successfully pulled off the steamy essence of Bardot, but Britney does it here. Baby’s got an atom bomb!

    • ben

      I think Kylie did a great job of recreating the essence of Bardot for the Body Language album.

  • nicole

    i like that second last shot (with the yellow overlay)
    and i totally agree that, that billboard shot needs to be the cover, think its too late for them to change it? lol


    People confuse curves with being fat. Idiots.

  • sparklecow

    LMAO @ the bitch is back. I love you Britney. The only thing is that “bitch” would not really be a word I would associate with Brit.

    Oh and yes Trent, I totally agree that that new promo photo should have been the cover, its HOT!

  • lilly

    this picture is in Madison square garden

  • mark

    Britney looks AMAZING!! Can’t wait for Femme Fatale, heard from a MuseMusic Tweet that Ms. Spears will be hitting the road in 2011! So excited!

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