Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Lindsay Lohan To Star In His Faux Work-Out Video


Jimmy Kimmel hosted his annual post-Academy Awards episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and ended up featuring a pre-taped video skit that starred some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies and, yet, seemed to go on and on and ON for-freaking-ever. In the clip, Jimmy is parodying an infomercial for the Hottie Body Hump Club alongside ladies like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and, yes, even Lindsay Lohan. Check out the skit below and see for yourselves.

In all honesty, making a parody video about a work-out regimen that is pseudo sexual is so old and tired, I can’t believe people think stuff like this is funny anymore. But, because Lindsay Lohan is in it, it’s sure to get attention (case in point, this blogpost). The clip is long and you have to wait (or skip ahead) to the end to see Lindsay in action … behold:

I mean … meh, right? Tho, if you compare this Lindsay Lohan to the crazy Charlie Sheen we saw earlier today … she looks much better in comparison, don’t she? As for this clip … it’s not that great … and proof that a lot of big name starlets doesn’t necessarily equal entertainment. What do y’all think?


  • nicole

    its not as good as last years Gentlemans Club skit, but Jimmy makes this work…
    IMO – Alba was the worst part of this
    and Biel kinda scared me when she was humping…she was lookin real angry lol

  • Capt. Crunch Jr.

    I thought the funniest thing about the video was the Maury bit at the beginning.
    And I’m wondering why Lohan is still in the acting business anyways. Her career peaked at Mean Girls.

  • Dot

    I liked it although Jessica Biel was a little bit scary, but still funny

  • Janelle

    LOL i loved it. the bit with ScarJo was fantastic.

    But Lohan? Jimmy, I’m disappointed.

  • S

    Is it wise for Lindsay Lohan to be poking fun at her issues when they have not been resolved yet?

    The Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria parts were funny. Jessica Alba was the worst and Jessica Biel was just scary lol!

  • Handsome Men’s Club last year and the &^$@ing Ben Affleck from the previous year were so funny… this year was very meh. The Jessicas were scary.

  • I think Jessica Biel’s scariness is what made her so GENIUS. Lindsay’s was a bit awkward and Scarlett was pretty well. Alba failed but hey…they all can’t be winners!

  • Jenna

    Gotta say the best part of this video was Emily Blunt! Love her!

  • vintage

    jessica biel was scary in a funny way. hers was the best for me! scarlett’s was pretty good as well. jessica alba was the worst. sorry babe

  • kali

    what happened to jessica alba ?

  • tarrra

    Hahaha! I thought it was great. Very funny!!