Watch: Charlie Sheen Says CBS Owes Him A BIG Apology While ‘Licking My Feet’


The Charlie Sheen crazy media train is stormed thru Hollywood full steam ahead. Yesterday we got a sneak peek at an upcoming interview Sheen did with ABC News that is set to air tomorrow night … but The Today Show, on NBC, seems to have scored an exclusive of their own in order to capitalize on Sheen’s insanity today rather than waiting for tomorrow. A reporter from The Today Show interviewed Charlie in his home yesterday and aired part 1 of their interview with him (in two segments) this morning. In the first segment, Sheen insists that he will require $3 million an episode to return to Two and A Half Men for season 9 (or 10). In the second segment, he really lets his crazy flag fly … it’s video you have to see to believe.

There are so many gems of Charlie’s manic insanity in these two videos. This first clip is shorter but it showcases his delusions very well:

This second clip is longer and is chock full of CRAZINESS. When asked point blank if he is on drugs (during the interview), his answer of “Duh!” is just classic! When asked how he kicked his addictions he replied, “I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind”. Yeah. The rest of the interview, likening himself to a “warlock” who believes that “defeat is not an option” shows, IMHO, how unhinged he truly is. Watch and wonder … it’s really a sight to see:

As uncomfortable as it is sometimes to see someone so obviously unwell unraveling before our eyes, I can’t help but keep watching … I’m very seriously afraid of how this craziness is going to end. Sheen is the father of 5 children … two baby boys … it’s really sad to see this man fall apart on national TV. The Today Show will air part 2 of their interview yesterday with Sheen … he is, apparently, dating two women now … women he refers to as “the goddesses”. This insane media blitz is only just beginning … and it remains to be seen how far all of this will go. I have a hard time seeing how this will end happily. I guess we’ll just have to buckle our seat belts ad see hot it all turns out.

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  • Meghan

    Drug abuse + mental illness=this. Wonder if he is bi-polar. It seems like he is in a manic episode. He looks terrible it’s obvious he is on drugs and he seems manic. Sad.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This is some seriously crazy shiz. I had to look away at times because it was so uncomfortable. Is it funny, YES! Is it also heart wrenching thinking about all his friends and family who care about him and can’t do a damn thing, YES!!!

  • heather

    Hm. Interesting thought about the bi-polar. He DOES seem manic, very much so. That would explain an awful lot.

    • Meghan

      @Heather-Yes, it would explain a lot. He thought pattern is so jumbled and he is speaking so fast! He also has a serious case of crazy eyes!

    • katherine

      I had a personal experience with someone in a serious manic episode this past summer. He looked, acted and spoke EXACTLY like this. He refused to believe he had a problem because he felt so awesome, and accused everyone trying to help him of being the ones with the problem.
      Basically it ended up with his fiance moving out and cancelling the wedding, him losing his job, car and house and him getting a month in jail. In jail, they were able to force him to seek treatment, and things are finally turning around.
      Hopefully, if Charlie has bi-polar, it gets diagnosed and treated before he ends up in jail.

  • SuzieB

    I agree – he definitely seems bi-polar and probably being sober he’s not self medicating the craziness away, so he’s acting all craaaaazy! He’s a trainwreck.
    It’s a shame, he seemed to have sooo much promise all those years ago but the last few years has been a mess in his personal life. Two and a Half Men while a good show, he just acts as his crazy, boozing women chasing self. I feel sooo bad for his 4 younger kids. Esp. the ones with Denise Richards who are old enough to see what’s up with their crazy dad.

  • Cate

    Ladies and Gentlemen….Charlie Sheen has officially boarded the crazy train. Or at least it seems like it.

    I too think that he’s bi-polar, and definitely not off the drugs and/or booze. It’s a shame, but until he wants help for himself, I don’t know what can be done.

  • Susan

    I feel really bad for the kids. They’re going to be the ones who suffer in all of this. I’m so sick of Charlie Sheen – I feel like by reading and watching his insanity I’m only encouraging him.

    • Dach

      I couldn’t have said it better. His children are going to suffer for usre if he does not get help. He is in such denial about his part in the show being cancelled. I feel bad for all who works on this show. The only person who needs to be apologizing here is him.

  • Ali_Di

    I always thought Emilio was the better brother! I really hope someone will give him a tranquilizer and lock him in a padded room for at least a year! Plus – Boo on him from talking about Will and Grace in his rant!

  • Margie

    OMG, that shot of his made my morning. Good stuff. His excuses, not so much. EPIC FAIL!

  • blaqfury

    Well he wasn’t on any drugs when he did these interviews, since he passed all the drug tests administered by RadarOnline this past weekend. So that only leaves a mental disorder or just a narssastic jerk.

    Is it wrong that i’m hoping for the mental disorder?

    • @blaqfury — “he passed all the drug tests administered by RadarOnline ” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • blaqfury

      Oh… is that not a reputable site? Then I stand corrected. I actually believed them… i shall go sit in the corner with my dunce hat on and wait for you to post credible stories…LOL

      …my bad…

    • @blaqfury — It’s just that, RadarOnline is a gossip site … it’s funny to me that he’s taking drug tests from gossip sites to look sober.

  • Mchelle

    Damn! I wasn’t prepared for the ridiculousness that interview was. He’s all sorts of crazy! Although I do think it’s interesting that people are bringing up bi-polar. He’s clearly in a manic state. Brought on by drugs and booze, possibly, but manic nonetheless. Bi-polar could be an option but wouldn’t have have been diagnosed and dealing with that long ago? I mean this is CHARLIE SHEEN. We’ve seen parts of this behavior in him before.

    It does really suck though. He is a terribly good and funny actor who really does know his craft. I don’t remember there ever being a movie or tv show that I hated him in. So to see what he has at stake and realize that he doesn’t realize it’s at stake is sad. I also feel bad for his young children. They always look happy in pictures with him so they probably do adore him and don’t understand why their father is this way.

    I mean he looks horrible!

  • William

    Charlie Sheen realy is an original. He is an idol and it’s realy cool, how he handles this hypocritical discussion about his psychedelic private life. I don’t think that anybody has a right to demand he should stop party. Charlie plays himself and he handels this ridiculous stay-sober-paternalism like Charlie from the episode.
    Unfortunately, the victims are the fans of two-and-a-half-men. Because it gets better and better.

    • Kammie

      …….you’re joking, right? So his children don’t have the right to a father who isn’t completely nuts and acts like, you know, a father?

  • Dee

    My hubby is one of those who has been helped by AA, he has been sober for 22 years. Charlie is right though, AA is not for everybody. Also, my brother in law is bi-polar. He went through years of drug and alchol abuse before he was diagnosed. He would do drugs to stop the voices and manic behaviour, get clean, the voices would come back, back to the crack to stop the voices. This went on for years. Charlie reminds me of him alot. I hope he gets the help he so obviously needs.

  • Kammie

    Where is Martin Sheen to bitchslap the crazy out of him? At least we’ll always have Emilio. *sigh*

  • Zanne

    I used to be a fan of Charlie and Emilio back in the “Young Guns” days. I always thought it was interesting how in a lot of the movies they did together (the ones I saw anyway), Emilio played the crazy/silly/out-of-control character while Charlie played the serious down-to-earth one. And then when I saw an interview of the two of them together, they were completely opposite! Emilio pulled up in a small truck and seemed very humble and unassuming while Charlie rolled up in a red sports car acting like a big shot. It’s very sad that his life has come to this point.

  • kevin

    i am sure his publicist ..if he or she hasn’t quit yet did not set this up.. this is a nightmare

  • krissy

    I think this is very sad, and it seems that we are watching the end of a life here.

    I also think it is really WRONG to diagnose someone that you don’t know. The public is very quick to through out terms like “bi-polar”, but there are many different types of behavior associated with mental illness, drug abuse, and combinations of the two.

  • kevin

    spoke too soon.. his Publicist did quit this afternoon

  • jadedsweetie

    a friend of mine coined the term douchelord especially for him. i believe its appropriate.

  • KiTX

    Does this remind anyone else of the days of the Britney meltdown? I keep thinking there is nothing he can do to seem crazier, and then it’s the next day and he’s topped himself. Hopefully he’ll turn around like he has… ? (Insert hopeful but not especially convinced tone here.)

  • WTF?

    That has go to be some bipolar going on right there. Sad. I thought they should’ve dropped him long ago. I’ve never seen the show, but nobody deserves $2 Mil an episode for acting on a TV Sitcom.

  • Nicki

    WOW! completely and totally insane. that is someone who is seriously and mentally disturbed, and you can tell he’s still hopped up on drugs. he looks like a ghoul. straight crackhead. Two and a half guys was nice while it lasted, but he can kiss it good bye now.

  • Kristín

    poor guy, he´s not well. I wish tho that he´ll get better soon they´ll get to finish the season, it´s really sad that this great show will end this way!

  • I was a big fan of the show, but after seeing all of this I’m very much turned off by Sheen. The drug abuse has obviously taken a toll on his ability to think straight.