Taylor Momsen Wears An ‘I F**k For Satan’ T-Shirt In Toronto


Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless performed a show at a rock club called Tattoo in Toronto, Canada last night and, as you can see from the photos below, she went ALL out to look all hardcore and badass on stage. Wearing a tank top that reads I Fuck for Satan, a pair of skimpy pleather undies and not much else, Taylor really let her inner wild child come out and play.

LOL. I get that the girl is trying to put out an image of toughness and rockerstarness but nothing says you’re trying too hard like wearing Satan on your t-shirt. I mean … really. If the photos above aren’t enough for you, check out this short clip of Taylor on stage performing the song Zombie last night:

Oh, Taylor … you are so silly. Does any of this make any of y’all believe that Miss Momsen is as badass as she would like you to believe?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • S.L

    It doesn’t matter what any of her t-shirt say, to me they all read “I Want Attention”

  • sjazz

    let her be. if she wants to be badass, let her be badass. its the same with every artist trying to portray any sort of image. just let those who appreciate it, appreciate it, and those who don’t, they should just focus on who you appreciate. no need for negativity.

    • wow. I came here to post how I feel about the one-time Cindy Lou Who, and before I could sound off, I read your post. Very well said. I get defensive when people slam the people I love (Britney Spears & LeAnn Rimes, primarily)…
      “focus on who you appreciate”
      I want that on a shirt, and I would proudly wear it. :^)
      THANK YOU!!

    • Kat

      I agree with you two! It is her life, and she isn’t really hurting anyone. I personally think Lady Gaga tries too hard, but I know a lot of people would jump at me on that one. But I do hate when people down the people I like, which is why I don’t diss on Gaga. I am sure there are people out there probably don’t like the way I do things, or the way you do things. So like you all said, Let Her Be.

    • Moo

      Your picture looks like it was taken in an Apple Store.


  • blaqfury

    she has control of her image, so let her depict what she wants… but as the old saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar…

  • kendra

    Her shirt should read “I have Daddy issues”..She’s lame..

  • Duckie

    She should stop trying so hard, this is getting old.

  • Mariah

    Heh. More like “I Fuck For Attention”. Annoying.

    • @Mariah — OMG, truth!

  • Kelly

    I’m a 22-year-old female and even I feel wrong for looking at that picture of her ass =\ haha

  • truthyisalways

    She’s for all intents and purposes lost her role on a major tv series, lost sponsorship of a high profile clothing label, lost a lot of opportunities. It’s hard to tell what she really wants. If she’s genuinely expressing herself with performances like this and it is NSFW, home, tv, 99% of family homes, okay, but it seems like she’s taken on things she presumably wanted and then blown them. Hopefully she **wants** to lose the mainstream career, because that is what she is doing.

  • Vicky

    One word sums this sad child up… GROSS

  • Susie

    Ugh. She needs to just OD or something.

    • Ashley

      Really? That’s your big contribution to the discussion? She’s just a little girl trying to figure out where she belongs and you suggest she overdoses? I think you’re the one with the problem, not her.

    • what she’s doing isn’t normal or appropriate or even along the lines of “figuring oneself out”… I LOVE that she’s passionate about her music… i DON’T LOVE her image. her entire wardrobe is distasteful and quite frankly tells me a lot about who she already is… a classless tacky distasteful tramp. it’s just sad…

    • Susie

      LOL at “tr=rying to figure herself out”. Because acting like a clueless, attention-starved whore is the way to go. Her “bad ass-ery” is nothing that hasn’t been seen before. She’s just trying so hard to be cool and she just looks….stupid. (for lack of a better term)

  • rOXy

    I am all for supporting her in whatever image she wants to project, but I don’t think I’m being negative when I say I think she comes across as a poser. Her attempts just don’t smack of authenticity. It’s like she has a checklist: Tshirt printed with “fuck” and “satan” – Check! wild tangle of straw-like hair in face – Check! Gratuitous flash of ass – Check! Flipping the bird – Check! It’s all been done before, and Taylor doesn’t do it better than anyone ever did. In fact, her version is a cheap ripoff with zero originality. Any hooker on any boulevard USA is more genuine.

  • Kells

    She should call Joan Jett and take a lesson on how badass is really done. This one just seems to be trying to hard.

  • tori

    i feel bad for her parents…

    • katherine

      How old is she anyways? Isn’t she a minor? I feel bad for her, because her parents are letting her exploit herself and use underage sex to sell records in a very public way. skeezy!

  • Lex

    She has gotten so gross.

  • Nate

    Dude! I totally want that shirt. WHY? Cuz it’s a cool shirt. Try not to take things so literal.

  • jess

    she’s about as hardcore as whats her face, avril lavigne, but with way worse looking hair/extensions.

  • TJ

    way to keep it classy girl

  • This girl is a horrific f**king idiot! I have no idea what “Gossip Girl” was, having never watched it, all I know is that it seems to have catapulted this thing to fame. I don’t know what would be worse, spending time in the company of this creature or being forced to spend a day with the Jersey Shore cast. Yech!

  • Jess

    Girl needs a few pies!

  • jenn

    wow. i cannot wait until she grows up. shes like all the horrible, annoying, attention seeking, ridiculous teenagers rolled into one with a microphone. this does not make a good combination. someone shut her up.

  • i don’t really care what she looks like i love her album

  • Jen

    One question: Where the FUCK are her parents?

    Figuring out herself my ass, she’s 17! This has bad parenting written all over it.

  • torrie

    Ha. She can do whatever she wants. However a shirt with the devil on it and pleather panties do not a badass make. Maybe if she were a black belt in ju jitsu or something… ;)

  • johnnybgood

    She’s just telling the truth.
    Most everyone does that for Satan, even though they may not realize it as clearly as she does.

  • someguy

    The shirt rings true for anyone who’s had pre-marital/extra-marital sex. The work of the devil. Interscope should be ashamed for promoting such devious acts, like this 17/yr old & lady gaga. Just saying.

    • valerie


  • BadAss

    Stop picking on her. She’s not “trying” to be anything. Let he be. You don’t like her style? Close your eyes and shut up.

    • valerie

      amen ! to each his own, im sure there are plenty of things she can find to bash on all of u about too..if u dont have n e thing nice to say , keep ur mouth shut.

  • sweetASS

    YES, some of the things taylor does look like she’s just trying to be cool or something, but gotta be honest: I think she’s no kind of fake and is really what she’s gonna show us all. Well yes, it sounds incredible that a girl is that mad way, but Taylor always tells that she’s always been a freak and a loner, and you know there must be a reason for it. I just think the reason is her mad personality and her taste, but the fact is that I think she looks amazing, these clothes and the make-up fit to her and the music she makes is simply great. Of course, she’s just 17, but who fucking cares? There are 15 year old girls who are just as adult as a 25 year old.

  • Jhual

    Nice ass taylor!

  • x

    go girl. i love you.

  • x

    Oh, and in case you didn’t notice- she also appears to be a Satanist man’s slave girl. What a lucky bastard. She looks like my high-school gf…oh the memories. If I showed you a picture you might think it was her…probably why I’m so fond of her. The thing that many people fail to realize is this is more than likely her true self- the other Taylor Momsen you see is the act. There are many small clues that give this away (and bigger ones). My point is, *everyone is a poser- so calling someone that because they have the guts to wear the clothes that your parents won’t let you- is just sad and it speaks volumes about your mundanenes. The reason people wear clothes such as her satanic shirt, is that we don’t give a f about your imposed morals and you deserve a nice ‘FU’ if you are the type to get your panties in a bunch because of it. It illuminates you as a stick-in-the-mud and we can only hope it irritates and bothers you and makes you cringe. Now off with you to your Jonas Brothers concert and no more thinking about the big, bad, devil and what the lovely girl is wearing! PS- Hail Satan

    • valerie


  • WellWhatThe

    That’s really sad! She’s not trying to prove she’s hardcore rock, she’s trying to let people know that she’s an Illuminati Puppet! Christians need to pray for her! She’s been sick for a while. No one has one image one minute and flips this hard over night. She’s crying for help! NOTHING FUNNY about it! She’s not amusing, she’s totally lost. Her mind is pretty much gone. Truly sad that young Hollywood is THIS messed up, but look at Older Hollywood. They Have almost NO ROLE MODELS, yet that’s what they DESPERATELY NEED!!!

    • valerie

      omg!!! really??? pray? ur insane and stupid. jus cause someone else is into something ur not?? and how do u have ANY idea what state of mind she is in?? ur the one thts sick for thinking everyone needs to be a christian..sure go ahead and critisize..tht’ll get ya right into heaven wont it!! RIDICULUS! she dont tell u how to live YOUR life , give her the same respect people!!!!

    • V

      You’re right. She isn’t telling me how to live my life. You are. You tell me I should just live life and not give a crap about what other people say/think? If everyone thought like that the world would be better? what a lie you are living. If People didn’t give a rat’s ass about anything, they’d just kill everything, why care about other people, right? I’m Christian. I’m not telling you how to live your life, leave me alone. I love how you are so quick to judge EVERY Christian as if we all were exactly the same. That shows how closed minded you are. Live your life how you want. I believe it’s going to hurt you in the end, and I don’t wish for that to happen, and I disagree with your beliefs, also I most certainly think that you a misguided opinion of Christen people. There’s a difference between a Christian person, and a Church. A lot of churches are corrupt and bad, but that doesn’t mean every christian is. live your life how you want. I may disagree with it, but it’s all your choice in the end. All i can do is tell you what i believe. You make the decisions from there. Have fun living the life you chose.

  • V

    When I look at her and see Taylor, I see a broken, lonely, sad, lost, young woman. She would most certainly disagree with me on this next part, but: I believe she’s going down the wrong path. I feel bad for her. Once again everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is mine. People are going to agree with me, and others are not. So whatever.

    To all of you readers, God Bless

    To Taylor: I know you probably wont like this, but I’ll be praying for you to find God, to move on from this stage in your life, to find happiness, and real love, A love that is patient, kind, forgiving, full of joy, and kindness, a love that NEVER fails you and that you will never feel alone again, once God has your heart. I pray God will touch your heart some day.

    All my love,

  • V

    One last thing.. She talks about being comfortable with you. I believe the same thing. You should be happy with who you are. I may disagree with you, but at least you are comfortable with yourself. Truth is she may not even be a Satanist, I wont know for sure unless she directly says it herself, not an article about what she said. Her herself must say it. Like i said, when I see her, I don’t see a satanist, i see a sad, lost, hurting, girl. I love her, as if she were a sister, who has strayed away, but non the less, she is a sister.

    God bless,

  • IndiaCee

    Okay, here we go, I love Taylor, she has guts and puts up with a lot of shit from haters. Her image reflects herself; unconventional, a bit wild and a rocker. If any of you had heard her songs or watched her in interviews you would see she’s someone who loves rock n roll and is just trying to make it public to the modern day youth. Okay, her clothes aren’t exactly what I would imagine her parents would want her to wear but who cares? She’s happy, be happy for her and she is an amazing musician, model and actress so you’re most likely just jealous. Let her do what she wants, be who you want to be and don’t discriminate against others who are just trying to be happy