Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh Got Hitched!


Yesterday we learned that Kelsey Grammer & his much younger mistress-turned-fiancée Kayte Walsh would be gettin’ themselves hitched — just days after his divorce from ex-wife Camille Grammer became official, mind you — at the Longacre Theater on Broadway (the theater where he starred in the hit revival musical La Gage aux Folles) and today we learn it’s a DONE DEAL! Kelsey & Kate were wed at the Longacre, followed by a lavish reception at The Plaza Hotel. This marriage is the 4th for 55 year old Kelsey … and the 1st for 29 year old Kayte.

Here is what the stage turned wedding altar looked like for Kelsey and Kayte’s wedding ceremony:

A mere two weeks after Kelsey Grammer was granted a divorce from Camille Grammer, the actor tied the knot with Kayte Walsh on Friday in New York City. Grammer, 55, and Walsh, 29, exchanged vows during an afternoon ceremony at the Longacre Theater in New York City, where the five-time Emmy Award-winner recently starred in the Tony-winning revival of the musical La Cage aux Folles. “Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh were married today at a private ceremony for family and friends,” his rep said in a statement. “I’ve never been happier in my life,” Grammer told PEOPLE last month. Added Walsh, a British flight attendant: “I’m extremely happy.” David Hyde Pierce, who played Grammer’s brother on the long-running series Frasier, told PEOPLE as he was exiting the ceremony, “It was wonderful!” Actor Alan Arkin, also a guest at the wedding, added that the couple looked “very much in love” as they tied the knot.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to the reception at the Plaza Hotel, where celebrity event designer Ed Libby transformed the Grand Ballroom into a mix of Hollywood glamour and uptown sophistication, with hundreds of candles, lavish floral arrangements of blush pink and white roses and tulips and a long, regal table where the newlyweds were seated. The four-course dinner menu accommodated the vegetarian bride and also included king oyster mushroom carpaccio, wild mushroom risotto, grilled filet mignon with blue potato gratin and bittersweet chocolate tart. The celebration is scheduled to go late into the night at the Plaza, where Libby planned to transform the ballroom into a stylish club with gold lounge furniture, cocktail tables, a dance floor – and a buffet to include braised beef short ribs, poached shrimp and a grand 55-inch-tall carrot cake made by Sylvia Weinstock with caramel cream cheese frosting and decorated with handmade ivory sugar roses.

Welp … they did it. After about a year of extramarital affairing around together … Kayte made an honest man out of Kelsey. Irregardless of how we may feel about how these two got together, let’s at least wish them well on their new life together. Weddings should be happy occasions … I guess we can try and be happy for Kelsey and Kayte, yeah?

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  • Lisa

    It’s so hard to be happy for them…I can’t imagine anyone who marries him at this point really thinks it’s going to last? I have a feeling there will be a baby and then a divorce within two years. I hate to be the negative opinion here! ;)

  • jacqui

    @ Lisa. Agreed.

  • Jennifer Chun

    Yuck! He is a disgusting piece of work!

  • Kells

    I know the phrase once a cheater always a cheater is so overdone, but in his case, I have to think it’s a pretty accurate thing to say. In Kayte’s case, what on EARTH does she think is going to keep him from cheating on her, the way he did all of his other wives?
    And please tell me why – and I know it’s slightly off topic- but WHY can people like Kelsey get married over and over and over again, and gay and lesbian couples who are so in love and committed to each other cannot? This guy right here is a happy example of how NOT sacred heterosexual marriage is! I mean really. OK, will step off of my soapbox now.

    • PixiesBassline

      Yeah, it’s ridiculous how many people have NO respect for the sanctity of their marriages, while marriage is denied to gay couples because it supposedly goes against the “sanctity” of marriage. Lovely world we live in…

  • jessica

    he seems REALLY REALLY manipulative and controlling (his grip on her is harder than glue!)

  • Was in the city all ay yesterday. Was glad to have not seen a glimpse of any of this! Icky he is and maybe she’s just in it for the future pay out?

    I was keeping my eye out for you and David though. Sadly, I was only between 34th and Columbus Circle for assorted meetings. *very sad face*

  • shannon

    Let me get the inevitable post started for you:

    After _____ months/years, Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh have separated, y’all. Here’s the actor’s official statement:

    (insert formal statement by PR person here)

    No formal word that they are truly dunzo, but we can only wish them the best.

    • lori

      nice job…u could start your own blog!

  • torrie

    I’m in the two years, a kid and divorced camp. She probably just wants some of his cash. (Is that too mean to say?) That said, her dress is gorgeous! I love it.