Watch: Britney Spears Announces An Upcoming Performance On ‘Good Morning America’


At last!! Britney Spears is planning to do actual promotion for her new album Femme Fatale with a LIVE performance on Good Morning America in March 29 — the day her album is released. A promo video has leaked its way to the Internets that shows Britney making the GMA announcement herself. Check it out below.

There have been rumors going around that some sort of promo commercial for Britney Spears would be airing during the Academy Awards on Sunday night … I’m pretty sure this leaked promo video is what those rumors have been referring to (both the Oscars and GMA are on the ABC network). As you may recall, Britney last performed on GMA on the day her album Circus was released back in 2008. I was lucky enough to be in attendance at that performance, tho I doubt I’ll be able to attend next month’s performance … but I guess you never know ;) I am so excited that Britney will be performing on GMA. She promises that it will be a “morning to remember” … of that, I have no doubt.

Who’s excited?!


  • Matt

    ME! Me! Me!! I am!

  • nicole

    she looks great, and see that weave is tameable (atleast int he front lol)
    but i gotta ask….whats up with her voice? its like shes tryin to put some kind of accent at the end, or it seems really low to me…or am i just that tired that im hearing things?

    • CHASE

      No, it’s just not you. She is obviously sick; it’s most likely the cold or possibly even the flu. It’s probably because she’s been working endlessly on her album, plus she still smokes cigarettes. However, I’m glad we’re getting promo, but on the day of her album drops? It’s like, “Oh, I have an album coming out – Please buy it the day it’s released even though I didn’t promote my single before my album dropped” because it makes me feel…used. I know that’s stupid, but I want promo now or within the next few weeks. Just promoting the day the album comes out seems really unfair to me. I know Britney isn’t in her early 20’s and I know she has kids, but there’s no excuse. She needs to be promoting. Not promoting is just a sign that she doesn’t care. I believe she owes it to her fans to promote because we’ve been through 2 consecutive crappy eras (with amazing music, though) in terms of promotion: no interviews, no performances, only a tour – that’s it. That’s hardly anything for a pop star these days. It just makes me sad. : (

    • nicole

      i totally get what you mean, i hate last minute promo. especially when its probably gunna be the biggest chunk of promo if not the only.
      but i wouldnt say she doesnt care…as much as i just honestly dont think she wants to do it anymore, or atleast right now. she just doesnt look that into it. i think if she had a few years off, then went back to work, it would be totally different.

    • I hate to bring up Madonna but that hoe dances her ass across the world and she’s twice Britney’s age, ya know? I do think that our dear Spearit needs to seriously take some time off. While I’ve loved everything home girl has ever put out, I’d prefer to see her rested and back at full force than what I’ve been seeing. :/

      And yea, promo on the day of the album dropping does seem a bit lazy but I can’t really judge I suppose on how much she might be up for. I think we’re all just being greedy Britney sluts. Haha.

  • Jaybee

    Britney’s voice DOES sound a little different, but then again we barely get to hear her speak. why doesnt she do late night talk shows or red carpet interviews?

    • Michelle

      @Jaybee: I’d say it’s probably because SHE KNOWS she doesn’t need to. NOT saying that Brit doesn’t work hard for what she has, but IMO, relative to all the other females singers out there, they got to work 10X harder to achieve 1/2 the amount of Brit’s success. Brit knows she can do whatever she wants (or NOT do whatever she wants) and she will still forever come up on TOP.

    • Jaybee

      you’re actually right. i never really thought of that. i think shes at an icon status now. i really can’t see her fading away..unless she wanted to.

    • hey

      I hate to admit it but you are right, the blackout album debut at #2 in the entire country and she didnt do ANY promotion for that album and only a couple of really bad music videos, shes doing way more this time, and her one video for hold it against me knocks all the videos from blackout and circus and puts them to shame.

      Again, you are right, she doesnt have to do anything anymore, remember when she was 18, grueling interviews asking her uncomfortable inappropriate questions, and endless performances on all sorts of talk shows and awards shows… rarely even winning an award back then!!!!
      She paid her dues, I have no complaints, if I didnt like it id be a katy perry or gaga fan, they promote endlessly.

  • Iz

    Oh my, I CAN’T WAIT!! xD

  • rOXy

    I am just glad to see her whenever. I don’t think her failure to make appearances has anything to do with not caring. I think it has more to do with being a highly sensitie person (most bi polars are) and being unable to handle the inevitable vicious criticism.

    • sparklecow

      Would you please stop bringing up the bipolar thing? Do you know her personly to make such a claim? That excuse makes ZERO sense because she was able to do promotion years ago and now she can’t because she became “bipolor” out of nowhere? Stop tarnishing Brit’s name with lies.

    • rOXy

      I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll stop bringing up the bi-polar thing, if you will please stop bringing up the promotion thing. Her condition is very much a part of who she is, and was very much a part of and a reason for her meltdown. There is no shame in being manic/depressive, so I am not “tarnishing” her name. Whereas YOU are constantly ragging on her for not doing enough promotion, like she owes it to you or something. If anything, YOU are the one who is throwing crap on her, not me.

    • sparklecow

      So its labeled “hating” when you expect an artist to do a little promotion for an album they expect their fans to buy? WRONG! I hate the blinded Britney fans who use every excuse in the book.

    • GlamourGurl

      Personally I find this comment incredibly offensive and ignorant.This has absolutely nothing to do with tarnishing Britney’s name and everything to do with @rOXY making judgements and statements about a condition which you quite obviously know nothing about. Don’t go acting all knowledgeable about something just cause you’ve seen it in the media and don’t go labeling someone who you don’t know personally.

    • rOXy

      Nice try, Sparklecow. With fans like you, who needs haters?

  • MM

    Britney is coming to my hood??!!! No freaking way!! I am dying!!!

    Who says Lady Gaga is the only patron saint for the gays? San Francisco loves you Britney!!

    Yay x 10000000000000000!!!

    • Janelle

      Bay Area native – can I say nothing happens like this up here? This is really cool!

  • Slave4UBB

    LOL The flu makes her sound like a tranny.

  • mark

    Wish I lived closer to San Fran!! Britney’s voice sounds so SEXY, wonder if its her Femme Fatale voice??

  • J




  • sparklecow

    LOL, is she using an accent? I love her. Although it sounds like this will be the only performance she will be doing just like during Circus. Why pick GMA everytime?

  • JStar

    OMG!! Coming to SF, no way!!

  • Emily

    How do you get tickets !? What time is it going to be at since it’s being filmed at westcoast time!? What part of the castro!? Ah I live in the bay and I’m dying for these answers!!!! So excited! I hope I’m able to make it!’ and Trent why no mention of it being at the Castro!? Britneys the true gay icon of our generation!!!!!

  • Her voice sounds really funky…especially at the end. I know we don’t really hear too much from her but its not like we have never heard her speak and something sounds really odd about this clip. I know some people are saying its the flu/cold…but it almost sounds like a sound thing the ppl who edited the clip did too….just sort of weird.

  • jon

    I guess there are rumors going around that shes in negotiations to do an mtv performance special too, so Im not getting my hopes up, but could be possible with the way theyre promoting her these days.