Banksy Graffiti Shows Up In San Diego, CA


Last week, new graffiti artwork by Banksy started showing up all over Los Angeles, CA ahead of this weekend’s Academy Awards (which has nominated his film Exit Through the Gift Shop for the Best Documentary Oscar). Today we learn that Banksy has made his way a bit south of LA to do some tagging in San Diego, CA. Even tho Banksy took a little trip outside of LA, it’s clear that he is staying in SoCal … just in case he ends up winning an Academy Award this weekend.

Academy Award nominee and legendary street artist Banksy continued his Southern California graffiti spree last night … this time, leaving his signature rat character on a taco shop in San Diego. As we previously reported, the mysterious artist — whose documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is up for Best Documentary — had been tagging up various spots in L.A. over the past few weeks.

If this Banksy piece showed up on the side of a taco shop then there is sure to be more artwork to surface as well. Banksy still has a couple more days until the Academy Awards take place in Hollywood, CA on Sunday night … I’m certain this isn’t the last of his grafitti artwork to surface before the awards are handed out. I am really pulling for him to win the Best Documentary award. Not only do I believe his film is worthy of the honor … but I’m dying to see what will happen on stage if his name is called as the winner.


  • kendra

    Love this! I love that he’s making his mark in my town!

  • Sara

    I happened to be eating across the street from here this morning. I saw it up close and personal! It is pretty amazing! I took a ton of pics.

    • james

      Sara…where is it exactly? I live in SD and I want to go snap a pic of it before its painted over!

  • jose navarro

    it’s in oceanside actually. corner of coast hwy and cassidy. north wall of bull taco next to a circle k gas station. see it before some idiot marks on it or the city sprays it over.

  • rossy

    How is it identifiable as a “Bansky”? Does he sign them? If he does, isn’t he breaking the law by “defacing” buildings & the like. No offense meant to him or his fans but I’m not quite caught up in “Bansky Fever” as so many others seem to be. I just don’t get why he’s not doing jail time like others are. Does he get permission from the city or something?

    I ask this simply out of curiosity… As I said in a previous Bansky post, there was a guy who (starting early or middle 80’s) somehow overnight transformed walls of buildings, tunnels [yeah,truth], etc. with “nature” murals so life-like… They were (are) amazing. He started with ocean scenes then he moved on to wilderness scenes [i.e. wolves running through forests], then of birds in flight. His 1st. “mural” on the side of a mall’s wall got him time in jail or fine, maybe probation (can’t remember).

    Afterward, debates raged in media & town meetings as to whether or not his work was vandalism or art… By the quality alone it was deemed art & peaople wanted their buildings to feature his work – drew crowds & business to those able to afford his prices.

  • Kyon

    Should have Thierry Guetta accept while filming it all with his camera.

    • @Kyon — That’s actually a good idea.

  • mmm

    as an east londoner speaking, i really don’t think that’s a banksy…he def has a distinct style and that doesn’t look anything like a banksy…possibly with the exception of the kite,…just not convinced!!

  • Chris w

    Once again, this is a fake, it’s not a Banksy. For every piece that he does, he posts a photo on his website ( for authentication purposes. He has done that for every piece that he has put up in LA for the past 2 weeks. This piece is not on his website, therefore it is not a Banksy. Everyone who thinks that it is a Banksy is being fooled by a trendy taco shop.