And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’


Last night our evening’s entertainment took place at Joe’s Pub where a group of David’s friends and we took in a live show called Our Hit Parade. Weekly, a group of NYC’s finest Illuminati of the arts perform renditions of the Top 10 Songs of the Week … to much hilarity. Before we went to the show, David and I grabbed dinner at Vynl with his sister Eden and then it was showtime!!

Vynl is a great place to eat, yes, but it’s a really fun place to just hang out. The menus are made out of record album covers and there is fun music memorabilia all around the restaurant. The most fun thing, I think, are the themed bathrooms. Last night, I used the facilities inside the Cher bathroom. ‘Twas oodles of fun, let me tell you.

After dinner, we made our way to Joe’s Pub for the Our Hit Parade performance:

The fun performances of the current Top 10 Songs was really fantastic … including the performance of Britney Spears’s Hold It Against Me. Other songs by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, etc. were also performed … including Lady Gaga’s Born this Way performed by actor Paul Iacono (The Hard Times of RJ Berger) and P!nk’s Fuckin’ Perfect performed by Jay Brannan. The show was a total hoot, we had a blast.

I have to give a huge shout-out to Pink reader Michelle who I met at the show last night (pictured above). She is visiting NYC from Minnesota and we just happened to run into her ;) She was a total doll and it was my pleasure getting to meet and take a photo with her :D

Tonight, a few of us are going to the first preview performance of the new Broadway musical The Book of Mormon which was written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park). Hmmm … I wonder how a show about Mormonism told from the perspective of the South Park guys will turn out … well, I guess I’ll find out later on tonight :) Today is our last full day here in NYC. Tomorrow night, we fly off to Berlin, Germany for a couple of weeks. David’s and my anniversary trip has only just begun ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    OMG…I want this kind of bar in my city! How amazing is that?? That sounds so cool. The Book of Mormon the musical for the south park guys = GENIUS. I live in the Phoenix area and we have plenty of Mormons here (My family is Irish Catholic) and I can’t wait to hear your take on it. LOVE IT!