Watch: Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Maria Gives Her First TV Interview


When last we saw Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes Maria here on the blog, she and her mother were at the launch of their Material Girl clothing line back in September. Now, it’s a new year, a new season and new opportunity to promote the line … and to do so, Madonna has allowed Lola to give her first television interview ever. Lola sat down with Access Hollywood Live to talk a bit about the Material Girl clothing line, revealing that she and Maddy like to raid one another’s closets. This video is a must see.

Madonna might be a style icon – but according to daughter Lourdes Leon, the singer likes to get some of looks from her 14-year-old’s closet! Access Hollywood recently caught up with Lourdes – nicknamed Lola by her mom – to chat about the evolution of her style, her and her Mom’s Material Girl fashion line (with Kelly Osbourne as the line’s new face) and what the singer takes from her daughter’s wardrobe. “I used to look at the outfits that I wore when I was 11 and I was like, ‘That’s really ugly,’” the 14-year-old budding style-maker told Access. “I mean, I just thought I was the coolest kid ever and actually wasn’t.” Lola revealed that Madonna can be found in her closet from time to time. “She does actually… [and] I go into her closet. I’m not supposed to take things without asking, but she’s always taking things without asking,” she explained. “I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but… she has such amazing like clothes, so it’s like kind of annoying sometimes.” And what exactly does the Material Mom like to borrow from her daughter? “She wears my shoes a lot and she wears my accessories,” Lola added. In 2010, Madonna told Access that she usually loses the battle over fashion with her daughter. “Everyone once in a while she’ll like something and I’ll go, ‘OMG! No way Lola. You can’t wear that!’ And then she’ll put it on herself and she’ll make it work and talk me into it. It’s hard to say no to Lola,” the Material Mom said at the time.

Over the years, we’ve seen photos of Lola growing up … and last year, we got to “hear” from her in the official blog posts she would write for the Material Girl blog but this is the first time that we actually get to hear from the girl herself. Check out the video interview below:

She is so cute! It is crazy that the little baby that Madonna birthed 14 years ago is already an accomplished young woman. I’m certain we’ll be hearing more from Lourdes Maria in the coming years. She strikes me as a very well-spoken and cool kid. So cool, yeah?


  • Chivonne

    She is going to be something amazing. She seems so well grounded for being Madonna’s child. I got a bit of a snotty vibe from her but it might just be her age. I can’t wait to see what else she does

  • Ria

    She is seriously cool.

  • JayeBea

    Damn. She is way cooler than me. Are we sure she is really 14?! So pretty, but I wish she would have seemed a little more excited for the interview…I guess as Madonna’s child she is used to the attention.

  • jacqui

    She is GORGA!

  • lo

    glad she waxed her unibrow. she has a lot of potential.

  • Amanda

    She’s a perfect mix of her parents. She’s really blossomed in the past few years. I can already see her modeling in fashion magazines in the near future.

    • Shan

      I totally agree! I thought the same exact thing while watching this clip.

  • hailey

    what a teenager…! gorgeous

  • sparklecow

    Sorry but I’m sick of these kids acting like adults. From this little girl to Willow Smith, start acting like children and enjoy your childhood while it lasts. It will be over before they know it. I find it incredibly sad.

    • PixiesBassline

      What do you mean “acting like adults”? Lourdes and Willow both seem like very confident young girls to me. They’ve both been around the entertainment business all their lives and have strong, positive parents. They both seem happy with what they’re doing, and I don’t think their parents would be letting them do it if they didn’t think they could handle it. I think that both girls will be very successful and happy. They don’t seem to be getting “pimped” by their parents.. It seems more like they really wanted these things they’re into. I don’t see anything sad about it at all.

    • Ella

      I think it’s difficult to act like a “regular” child when you are so obviously not a regular child. These kids have had cameras in their faces from the moment they were born! These are also parents who are lucky enough to give their children the very best education, exposure to many cultures, which makes them more worldly then the average youth. They also have the opportunity to make what teenagers only dream about reality because their parents have the clout to make it happen. The average 14 year old is loitering a mall waiting for their mom to pick them up or holed up in their room dreaming about a big life. These kids have advantages that we did not when we were their age and it’s not like they are getting photographed at bars at all hours of the night.

      That said, I can’t believe she is only 14. She’s got a bit of a bored disaffected youth vibe that I could personally do without, but she does not seem dumb so hats off to her.

    • HardWorkingAdult

      Agree! Kids should act like kids! Teens are way too “grown up” these days.


    She seems extremely mature for her age and I’m not sure if I’d label her as snooty, but there is something there, but heck, she’s Madonna’s child!

  • Tyler

    Wow what a confidant and sweet kid!

  • crystal

    Who cares I would never buy clothes at Macy’s I only buy clothes at Neimann Marcus. Macy’s has the worst manufacturer of clothing in the world. Only stupid people would buy something a celbrity would try to make money off poor people especially someone like Madonna. People wake up? Jessica Simpsons stuff is so cheap

  • sadonna


  • Rafael

    I think you all should go to my country or another like Africa and them you all will see everything in different ways… everyone just talking about “Jessica Simpsons stuff is so cheap”, “Britney Spears bla bla bla” and you guys forgot how the world really is actually and how many people die because day do not have enough food, “CLOTHES” and etc! So then I think now i should say… PEOPLE WAKE UP!?