First Look: Kelly Osbourne As The New Face Of ‘Material Girl’


Taylor Momsen is OUT as the celebrity spokesmodel for Madonna’s new juniors clothing line Material Girl and Kelly Osbourne is in! The first promo photos of Kelly as the new Material Girl have been released … check ‘em out below!

Madonna and Lola are back for a second season and have chosen actress, musician and television host, Kelly Osbourne, as their new celebrity muse for their spring 2011 Material Girl collection. The campaign brings us back to Madonna’s roots in New York City’s East Village and was shot at iconic venues Lit Lounge and Mars Bar. Photographed by fashion photographer Brooke Nipar, Osbourne is seen posing against graffiti-covered walls, standing on the bar and on the streets of the East Village. Additional images were captured at Bathhouse Studios in New York with a set inspired by the East Village of the 80s with chain link fences and historical images. “It’s such an honor to be a part of this campaign and it was an amazing experience to work with Madonna and Lola. Material Girl is incredible because its high fashion but it is accessible to everyone at Macy’s,” stated Kelly Osbourne. Commenting on her style, Osbourne added, “I take so much of my style from Madonna in the 80s and I really admire how Lola dresses and that she stays true to herself.” The multi-media campaign will debut in April issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan, in-stores, outdoor and online at Material Girl is available exclusively at Macy’s and in the United States and is launching this spring in Canada exclusively at the Bay and Osbourne will make personal appearances on behalf of Material Girl this spring. The campaign follows the highly successful Material Girl launch with actress/musician Taylor Momsen. To stay up to date with the latest news from Material Girl follow @MaterialGirlCol on Twitter and become a fan of Material Girl at

Earlier today, we got to see Lola’s FIRST TV interview where she promoted this clothing line and now we get to see the new ad campaign. The colors are fun but I’m not crazy in love with some of the photos. Check out the promo ads below and see what you think. Is Kelly Osbourne the right kind of spokesmodel to get YOU to buy these clothes?


  • Ama

    -laughs- well Kelly looks half dressed in two of the photos, the clothes are alright. Not anything new or impressive about them though.

    That being said, Kelly looks beautiful and healthy in these photos! She’s come a long way.

  • Rigo

    I LOVED Taylor as the face of MG. Kelly just isn’t selling it to me for some reason.

  • c-word

    WOW!!! kelly looks UH-MAZE-ING!!! you go girl! :)

  • Becca

    Trent, I know you’re from Oklahoma so I really hope you know what I’m talking about.. The pretty reckless played at the conservatory the other night.. LOL!!!

  • Becca

    Correction.. From Detroit.. Went to OU though

  • krissy

    Kelly looks great! The clothes are nothing new, but she looks very happy and confident.

  • I know geography

    Kelly rocks far better then Momsen!
    Kely is sofisticated but yet a groovy girl!
    Absolutely right for the brand!

  • tessa

    Kelly is perfect for this line! She is a vast improvement from that rotten privileged pseudo-punk, Taylor Momsen, or “Fugfug Fugfug” as the Fug girls affectionately refer to her.

    • how is Kelly not rotten and privileged? She lost some weight and laughs at Joan Rivers crude jokes – how does this make her classy? At least that Taylor girl has a “real job” that she got herself.

  • perdiz

    i love her as the spokesmodel! she looks great :) i have never liked the other girl so this is a vast improvement to me. it makes me actually want to go and look at the clothes, maybe not buy them, but look at them for sure.

  • Dana

    I think Kelly’s career comeback is sad to me..Fat Kelly career was dead,Thin Kelly career is huge.

    • JayeBea

      Thin Kelly alsop happens to be more confident and happy so that might also have something to do with success

  • 2cents

    WAAAAAY too much make-up, esp for teen girls. They don’t need much make-up, fuckers, they have youth!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    KELLY LOOKS AMAZING and SHE KILLS it as the spokeswoman! Good for her…I am loving her comeback! She seems so much happier now.

  • gracesmommy

    She looks FANTABULOUS!!!! I just love her!! I actually want to go look at some clothes now!1 :)

  • steve

    Kelly is scum. Just like her family. Dirty! She makes me want to take a bath . . .

  • jacqui

    hmm interesting choice. Do young girls look up to her? Seems like she would sell to a slightly older demographic.