Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Make Their Way Back To Vancouver


When last we saw photos of Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson they were really, really pretending to enjoy the awfulness that was the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. Today we get to see new photos of the couple making their grand arrival — together — back in Vancouver, BC where they will continue filming work on their upcoming new sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Yeah, I don’t know what the eff is going on with Rob’s jacket but … no. Clearly, some very smart person at MTV got this letterman’s jacket into his possession and he decided to bundle up for the chilly Vancouver weather. He just looks silly. Ah well, R. Pattz has never been a maven of high fashion. But I digress … and now we know that filming production of the final two Twilight films has made its way back to Vancouver. I guess we’ll be seeing a few vampire sightings in the city again in the coming weeks and months.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He kind of looks like Jim Carey’s character from “Once Bitten”.

    • teara

      The news media cannot leave them alone, they may be young i would rather watch them then watch angelina and brad pitt lets hope their relationship lasts, i rally adore them because they are private and there is so much speculation about their private life from the media,i wish them all the best for the future take care rob and kristin

  • Perhaps he just really LOVES his music television.

  • torrie

    “Ah well, R. Pattz has never been a maven of high fashion.”

    SO true.

  • Lauren

    Yeah once he was voted most fashionable by some collective and I swear I heard a loud “WTF!!!” resonate around the world!

    • Tracy

      Ha…Lauren…good one.

  • BCDanielle

    It’s freezing out right now, we miss the rain. Can’t say I blame him for the jacket, even though he does look ridiculous ;)

  • Joanna

    eh. not impressed by him and kristin stewart’s behavior is annoying.

    • Pat

      It’s Kristen, not kristin. And why does she annoy? did she take your seat in a bus or something. Give her a break. She’s just a 20 year old young woman trying to do the stuff she loves.


    WOW he looks like 80’s style

  • adrienne

    I always thought he was goofy offscreen ever since he first opened his mouth on a live talk show. He had no sense of fashion even when he was seen with the cast of Harry Potter. Who ever is dressing him now needs to regroup. There are so many beautiful casual things out there he could be wearing instead of the ill fitting, tasteless things he’s had on. When he was younger he was more handsome.. I can see the deterioration of his aging already changing his looks. He’s not a bad looking guy when they pose him, but candid shots, full face, I pass.LOsing his pizazz.

    • Jamie

      Don’t you think maybe he gets tired of all the “eeeeeeee!!!”? Remember when Taylor Lautner wore suits for the WHOLE New Moon promo period, as if to say, “Stop staring at my damn abs, world!”? Robert Pattinson reportedly wants to be an AC-tor, but he’s a heartthrob instead; could be a real ego-buster.

  • Chris

    What’s with the person pulling on rob’s sleeve. Now that would annoy me. I’m pretty sure he is able to walk on his own.