Watch: Kylie Minogue Is The New Spokesmodel For The Lexus CT 200h


Kylie Minogue, the Aussie pop queen who kicked off her fabulous new Les Folies Tour 2011 in Herning, Denmark over the weekend, is featured in a new video commercial for the Lexus CT 200h — which is said to be the world’s first “full hybrid luxury compact car”. The clip is cute … check it out below.

The commercial highlights the car’s quietness in a clever way. Drum roll, please:

I’m telling you, Kylie Minogue can sell me anything. I don’t believe this commercial is being shown here in the US (primarily because a great portion of this country just don’t get Kylie) but I still love it. Kylie always looks amazing. Ain’t she the cutest?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    What a great commercial and car…hello, I want one.

  • Debho

    The bung-on English accent never ceases to amaze me. Yet the minute she comes home, she starts speaking “ostraylyun” like she’s never left. lol

  • vVv

    i don’t know why USA doesn’t love Kylie :/ here in EUROPE WE LOVE HER for us she is better than gaga, in the same level as madonna or britney

    • @vVv — The US has a problem accepting all Britpop, to be honest. We just don’t get it ;(

  • prat

    Its sad trent, if american doesnt get it. There is more to pop than whats produced in america (there is so much to everything beyond american shores…). Isnt it amazing – the net has blurred boundaries but this pop culture imperialism continues.