Justin Bieber Cuts His Hair!


The day that teenage girls have been dreading has finally come … Justin Bieber decided to cut his hair! Now, before any of y’all start panicking and begin planning the dramatic way in which you want to end your existence (because a world with a bald Bieber would be no world worth living in), let me assure you that the Biebs does still have hair. All he did was get it cut. AND, he has donated his cut hair to raise funds for various charities. So … it’s a good thing.

The very fabric of the universe was altered today … Justin Bieber got a haircut … and it was unveiled on TMZ Live! The Biebs underwent a little snip-snip today while on the set of a music video for a song he did with Rascal Flatts — that’s Gary from the group (above) having a little fun with the scissors. (Ed.’s note: Kids, don’t play with scissors) On TMZ Live today, Justin said the actual cutting was done by his regular hairdresser Vanessa. He said he was a little nervous about the cut, but he “wanted to change it up” and he thought the cut was “kind of a mature look” … The hair that was cut from Justin’s head has been collected and will be doled out to a few organizations for charity. TMZ is getting a lock and we’re going to use it to raise money for some animal charities.

I know it may be difficult to control yourself but … do try. Yes, Bieber’s swoopy mop is no longer … but, look on the bright side … at least now you can rip down all of the old Justin Bieber photos you have taped up on your walls to make room for all the NEW Justin Bieber photos that are to come! See, there is a silver lining to every dark storm cloud.

So … I gotta know … what do y’all think of the Bieb’s new ‘do?


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  • looking on twitter i’ve come to to conclusion that bieber fans are so ridic!!

    i’m no bieber fan but i kind of like the new ‘do .. change is always good :)

  • nicole

    it makes him look older then 12..so i like it

  • nicole

    i also find it kind of gross, that thier gunna auction off his hair

  • kendra

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Actually, I don’t really care..At least he won’t do that stupid head toss thing anymore..I’m not much of a fan of his, but I think it looks cute!

  • Shelby

    still so cute@

  • Shelby

    still so cute! not a huge fan tho

  • Ama

    I like the cut-it looks good on him and makes him look older(and makes him looked less baby faced)


    I find a brown paper bag more appealing.

  • nicole

    my nephew says now he looks even more like a butchy lesbian hahahah

    • monica

      I agree

    • Julie

      I agree!!

    • Patty

      That’s exactly what I said to my husband!

    • graphicjack

      He’s gone from Lesbian Hairdo #6 to Lesbian Hairdo #3. All he needs to do is get a mullet, and he’ll have a triple crown.

  • Kukka

    Oh my! I think I just became a Justin Bieber fan!

    • A


  • Kristin

    I’m too old to be in love with this kid but his hair looks good!

  • art

    teenage girls AND boys! ;)

  • Joanna

    Is it wrong of me to think he looks more like a lesbian now than with his old gross hair?

  • ES

    Looks soooo gewd!

  • perdiz

    while i find it creepy that anyone would want to pay a lot of money for his locks of hair at least it will help to raise money for charities…. (still creepy…)

  • Megan

    It scares me that people actually care/got upset about this. I fear for the integrity of the world.

  • Amanda M

    anyone else notice how dark his eyebrows are compared to his hair?

    this kills me that this is going to be plastered in magazines and newspapers…

  • He does look closer to his age now. Any day he might start having to shave, you never know!

  • Brianna

    You mean it wasn’t like Samson? He didn’t lose all his power when his locks were cut?

    • perdiz

      i bow down to your ingenuity :) that was hilarious, i seriously laughed out loud!

  • silleb

    Thank you Jeebus.
    I cannot stand the ‘Beiber’ cut. It always makes kids look like they have a huge face.

  • Animeluver99

    Wow… he lookes even stupider than before… I still don’t understand what girls see in that wierdo (I don’t understand why my best friend ‘likes’ him either).

  • Katrina

    Not really a fan, but I think he looks cute for his age. This is better then before for sure. Now all he needs to do is fix his eyebrows!

  • Nicola

    This kid actually makes me want to vomit. Seriously I went to school with more mature looking guys when I was 14. Are they delaying puberty with pills or something to preserve his ‘voice’?

    • joey

      i believe he’s a eunuch

  • Jenny

    Feathering??? Really???

  • Angela

    I approve of this haircut. It needs to be styled better than it is in these photos, but it has potential. It’s good to see he’s growing up (in appearance and how he presents himself, at least). Who knows, maybe this haircut will do for Bieber what Zac Efron’s haircut did for him… make him slightly more believable or respectable as a performer. Let’s face it, Zac Efron had that haircut first and it did him well but time to move on. Good job, Bieber.

  • kk

    he looks like a young ryan philippe

  • torrie

    The old JB haircut desperately needed to go. This is an improvement. :)

  • nunu

    :( i <3 justin bieber but his beautiful hair iss GONE now he just looks STUPID i <3ed the hair filp!!!! :'(

  • lalala

    people are such haters.

    he looks good, more mature :)
    and i’m not a “belieber” just being honest

  • Jim

    Oh boy… this was on the news tonight. Crazy!

  • Becca

    Wonder if the “Biebereffect” Glee-ep had anything to do with his sudden decision to chop it off?? ;)
    Got fed up? :P

  • adrienne

    JB seems like a nice kid and I can see why the younger set is attracted to him with all the hype. My observation regarding him is that he is a gangly white kid trying to emulate his “benefactor and guide” , Usher, and to me, he’s coming off as a gangly, white kid acting sort of, like a wigger, which doesn’t fit his personna. I’m glad he finally got rid of the windswept haircut and is leaning toward a more fitting style. He should develop his own unique style and stop emulating those aroung him. Grow up and grow out. He seems like a very nice young man, I like him as a person.

  • C-rex

    I cannot believe no one has said this yet… In the very first pic, JB looks like the tween son of our very own Pink Couple: Trent and David… not in a bad way, but at first I was so confused as to way David’s younger cousin was sporting a Trent crazy action face while getting a haircut. It’s just the JB. Keep on moving, people…

  • maria przepiora

    I don’t like JB, but I don’t think he should of cut his hair.He looked better before.

  • Sam

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! MY WORST NIGHTMARE IN REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    Looks so Gay

  • mrs.bieber

    why did you have to get your hair cute i love how u flip ur hair but u cant do that eny more :(((( please comment back justin bieber

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