More Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens Getting Tattooed Have Surfaced


On Thursday we got our first look at the new butterfly tattoo that Vanessa Hudgens got inked onto the back of her neck. Today we get to see a few more photos of Vanessa getting her tattoo and of the tattoo itself. I gotta say, I like the tat much more based on these photos. While I still personally think it’s a bit large, I love the tattoo itself.

It was quite literally a pain in the neck, but Vanessa Hudgens didn’t let the agony show as she got her first tattoo this week. Pictures have emerged showing the 22-year-old getting inked by Rihanna’s favourite tattoo artist, Bang Bang. While she first gave a glimpse of her tattoo on Twitter, the final full colour version has now been unveiled. New York based Bang Bang later said: ‘Vanessa told me it was an exhilarating experience. She loves this tattoo and was a dream to work with.’ Clasping what appears to be a beer in one hand, Hudgens grinned as he filled in the outline of the freshly drawn butterfly tattoo. Vanessa, who split from her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron in December, decided to get a tattoo after a dinner in Manhattan with Australian band The Veronicas and their friend, Ruby Rose. Model and DJ Ruby, 24, accompanied Hudgens to the tattoo parlour, East Side Ink.

Oh yeah, the tattoo looks much better with color. Bang Bang is a very talented tattoo artist, this butterfly is beautiful. It looks like Vanessa is really happy with her piece of body art … at least, I hope she is. What do you think?


  • nicole

    i agree its a bit big, but it really suits her. i like it

    • Fish

      This is the stupidest choice of where she’s putting it, although it’s a nice piece of work.
      Butterfly is so outta trend, her taste is connected to the ground! LAME!

  • kourt

    THAT’S a big butterfly but looks FREaking good in her¡¡
    suits her ¡¡like both are free right now

  • Alys

    I think it’s a bit large, but very classy and an excellent design. Bang Bang is definitely skilled!

  • AVDisco

    The problem is that the artist can’d do barely any detail and color if it’s too small.
    So, maybe that was the trade off for her. She wanted it to be more colorful and detailed, so she got it a bit bigger.
    I think it looks super nice.

  • kendra

    Normally I’d make fun of a young girl getting a butterfly tattoo since it’s so typical, but the detail is really beautiful and it’s in a really interesting place..It looks really great on her..Thank goodness she didn’t go the tramp stamp route, eh?

  • Elkay

    Usually I’m not a fan of butterfly tattoos, but this one is quite nice! Very pretty and elegant.

  • Sally

    funny thing is… would she like it if a REAL butterfly was sitting on her neck like that? HAHAHAA. celebs and their tattoos…meh…

    • Ama

      Maybe? Many people find the butterfly to be a beautiful and welcoming creature, I doubt she would mind if one was on her neck. It’s placing my be significant to her.

  • Andrea

    i think she looks great with it :) very nice choice for a first tattoo

  • looks v. lovely!! brave move on her part.

    ps. just wondering… is that a bottle of stella she’s holding in the first picture? lol

  • lol

    in the first she has a beer? wow! what’s coming? more pics nud..? she is not a role model for her fans now

    • nicole

      shes what…22-23? completely leagal to have a beer in her hand no? its not like shes completely surrounded by liqour bottles, one beer – at a legal age – isnt going to ruin her image

  • Really?!?

    I think it’s a beautiful tat…however, I also think when she’s 40 she’s going to wonder why she chose something so preteen as a butterfly.

  • Onion

    While the idea of a butterfly is nice…it looks more like those cheap fake tattoos you get out of a gumball machine. You know what I mean.

  • Nancy

    I think vanessa means butterfly

  • jacqui

    barf. trite.

  • Tracy

    I think it is too big I hope she does not regret it later.

  • Vanessa

    It looks amazing on her!

    ps, Vanessa means butterfly so one can only assume that that could be the reason why she got it. I’d like to get one myself because of the meaning.

  • Radiophonic Oddity

    Beer bottle for the tattoo always makes it feel better

  • charlie

    i think it suits her but i agree its a bit big.