New Behind The Scenes Photos Of Kylie Minogue’s Upcoming New World Tour Are Revealed


On Wednesday we got to see some not-so-spoilery behind the scenes rehearsal footage from Kylie Minogue’s upcoming world tours Les Folies Tour 2011 (in Europe) and Aphrodite Live 2011 (in North America) but today, we get to see a lot more spoilery footage. Photos of the stage and some props have made their way to the Internets along with Danish news report video footage. It’s all worth seeing IF you don’t mind having the show spoiled for you a bit. If you want to remain surprised, don’t read any further. If you’re curious and just can’t wait … read on.

First up, here is the official tour poster for Kylie’s new show:

It’s clear that she is going to use the Goddess theme heavily on this tour. As you can see, her stage is set up to look like a Grecian temple and at one point, she will emerge like Aphrodite herself on a golden half shell:

Gahh!! I love this!! There are more spoilery photos HERE but I don’t personally want to give too much away before the tour even gets underway. Here is Danish news footage that was shot as Kylie’s stage show was being set up in Denmark this week ahead of this weekend’s tour kickoff performance:

To be honest, I only watched a small portion of this video before I stopped. I’ll be seeing Kylie LIVE in about 2 weeks in Berlin so … I want to try and remain as unspoiled as possible. Kylie kicks off her Les Folies Tour 2011 in Heming, Denmark TOMORROW!! Woot!!

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  • Megan

    I’m seeing her March 23rd here in Dublin and I had to stop myself watching that video! All your posts are making me even more excited! It looks like this concert is going to be EPIC!

  • Rigo

    I simply cannot wait! I really hope she adjusts the show properly to the US Tour.