Miley Cyrus Is PISSED At Daddy Billy Ray Cyrus


On Tuesday we learned from Billy Ray Cyrus, in a new interview with GQ Magazine, that he blames the Disney show Hannah Montana for “destroying” his family and today we are learning that his daughter Miley Cyrus is none too pleased with her daddy’s comments. In his interview, Billy Ray lamented that he no longer has any control of his daughter’s wild ways and he places the blame squarely on the show that made her a star. Apparently, Miley has expressed to the people around her that she is PISSED at Billy Ray for making such comments about her publicly and has even reportedly likened her father to Michael Lohan. Ouch!

Miley Cyrus is furious that her country singin’ daddy, Billy Ray, sat down with GQ to bash the Disney show that made them mega-rich, as well as for his comments saying he’s “scared” for his daughter’s well-being. Now, I’m hearing that the ‘Hannah Montana’ star has signaled that she wants him to clam up and stop acting like another infamous stage dad. “To say Miley is angry is an understatement,” a friend of the Disney star tells me. “She’s furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan?” While Miley hasn’t commented publicly about the article, friends tell me the actress-singer is mystified, saying it’s “unforgivable” that Billy Ray would randomly start biting the hand that fed him, as well as gab about his kid’s personal life. “This isn’t what a father does,” my source says. “He never said a bad world about ‘Hannah Montana’ all those years it made millions for the family, and now that Miley has turned 18 and is making her own decisions, he does this. Unforgivable.” There have also been rumblings that Miley and Billy Ray haven’t actually spoken since December, before his interview for the GQ article. “Miley has told him that if he wants to talk with her he has her number,” the friend reveals. “It’s been the same number she always has had.” Call your kid, Billy Ray!

Ugh … this is really unfortunate. My fear is that things will continue to worsen between Miley and Billy Ray if they don’t mend fences quickly. While I get that Billy Ray is upset over the way things turned out with his family, I think it’s very important for him to repair his relationship with his daughter as soon as possible. If this rift is allowed to grow bigger, Billy Ray’s relationship with Miley could actually turn out like the one that Lindsay Lohan has with her father Michael Lohan. Blah! I don’t think anyone wants that to happen. It remains to be seen how this drama will play out … but I do hope that this father and daughter relationship can be fixed. It would just be sad to see things get worse between Miley and Billy Ray :/

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I would be pissed too. One he is implying she is out of control and two he takes no responsiblity. I always say Dakota Fanning grew up just fine. So it really falls on the parents shoulders.

  • i completely disagree with Billy Ray’s comments. i think it all comes down to parenting..

    i too think its gonna turn into a LiLo/Michael situation!!

  • beth

    natalie portman, the kids from harry potter…there are many examples of kids in entertainment who gracefully enter adulthood ….yeah, it comes down to the parenting

  • rOXy

    If he doesn’t shut his trap, he will turn into Michael Lohan. He had no problem using Miley in an attempt at to become relevant in the biz again, but he starts singing a song of woe the minute she turns 18. I think he is expressing his fear he will become a nobody again now that she is independent and clearly doesn’t need him for anything. Little golden egg has hatched.

  • JayeBea

    very sad ):

    • Im goin 2 say that miley is WRONG and her dad is a little bit right .. miley should
      stop acting so cool and STOP smokind she should get on with her life .. And they should just STOP fighting !!! END of story

  • FK

    Too bad. It was pretty inappropriate for him to lay out so much family business in a magazine interview, and, while I felt bad for him, he did sound a little paranoid. When he got to the part about Satan attacking his family and that he “some-gave-all’d”, I was like, OK, buddy. What? You’re comparing what exactly in your history to soldiers who died in combat or came back with debilitating psychological trauma? Oh well. I wouldn’t compare him to Michael Lohan yet, though. He did have a legitimate career and was attached to the show before they even considered his daughter for the role.

  • Mindy

    It is understandable his frustration but he needs to find a better way to handle it. I would be worried if she were my daughter.

  • Well Billy is right on something… Disney has destroyed a few life’s.

  • jacqui

    You guys are right. How he could he not take resposibility? he allowed her stardom to happen and even started on the show with her! At what point was he an innocent bystander? Also he needs to take responsibility for his own maritial issues. that is a commitment between two adults.
    She probably is out of control. Way to eff your kid up, dude.

  • sparklecow

    Sorry but I’m on Miley’s side 100% on this. There’s no reason whatsoever that he should have aired their dirty laundry publicly like that. If you have a problem with your family you talk it out in private. I agree with Miley, he’s the new Michael Lohan. Miley hasn’t even done anything that outrageous or wrong so what the hell? He’s just mad that his career is over now that HM is over and his wife left his ass. Loser…

    • KimDione

      I wouldnt say she hasnt done anything wrong. Underage pole dancing,lapdances to grown men old enough to be her father& smoking hallucinogenic drugs(whether legal or not)is concerning.The majority of her actions now are age inappropriate.

  • Billy Ray needs to look at the three fingers pointing back at himself. He enjoyed a bit of renewed fame as the result of his daughter’s fame, and he never seemed to be any too concerned about controlling her behavior previously. It’s kinda hypocritical that he says this sort of thing now.

  • c-word

    i actually read the entire GQ article with billy ray and he does have some regrets. most importantly, he admits that he was more focused on being the friend, instead of the parent. i’m sure the overnight success probably exacerbated things, but miley really does seem like she’s about to go down the lindsay/brittany path… the girl is only 18, so she still has a little bit of time. however, i’m sure the people in hollywood that she surrounds herself with aren’t really truly looking out for her best interest. i think that they are probably a bit more focused on making a buck or two themselves (i mean – look at all these “sources”) true or false, i’m sure at least ONE of these “sources” actually is close to miley and took advantage of the situation. *sigh* regardless, i hope it all blows over. though, i don’t necessarily agree with BRC airing out personal information, but i think he also wanted to share his side of the story… especially since i’m sure he’s read numerous comments about his parenting and they way she’s turning out… who knows. regardless, i wish them all the best :)

  • adam

    I agree with everyone here…

    Natalie Portman, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Claire Danes, Anna Paquin, Kiera Knightly, Scarlett Johansson, Elijah Wood… They all had massive fame early in life and they all turned out fine. What do they all have in common? NONE of their parents have ever given an interview about their child. This isn’t about being a friend, not a father; this is about the entire relationship… In each of the cases I named, I bet the parents didn’t think: “I’m [Natalie Portman’s] father.” Instead they think, “I have a daughter called [Natalie] who is an actress.” Huge difference.

  • Cyborger

    What?! He wasn’t complaining for all the years that he was getting money from Disney and now that the show is over and his not-so-great parenting skills have failed him, he’s blaming them for their falling out? Get out of here Billy!


    Okay… I think we all have to look at both point of views. While Billy Ray Cyrus has, in reality, no right to reveal personal information that pertains to family only, it is not HIS parental skills that have contributed to the way Miley is acting. It might be somewhat of the problem. HOWEVER, even before Miley hit complete stardom he expressed his concern for his daughter and, keep in mind, it was at the BEGINNING of their career and he was already feeling uneasy about revealing Miley to the public. “Billy Ray still worries about protecting Miley.” In this a interview, Billy expresses, “Sometimes I feel sorry for her, ’cause I know that she’s got the pressures of the world on her now.” He loves his daughter and I am pretty sure he is not in it for the money and because he will possibly hit rock bottom again. After all, he did leave the limelight to CARE FOR HIS FAMILY AND BE WITH THEM. If that is not commitment to parenting or to family, I do not know what is. If we see now, Miley is trying to break away from Disney by what seems to be the most obvious and immature way. If she want to break away from her “innocent” image that bad, then why become a Disney channel star in the first place? Yes she is becoming older, but as she does, she is forgetting who was her first admirers: Little girls across America and other over seas places that have looked up to her. The recent scandals surrounding Miley Cyrus is not only obstructing the image little girls have previously held for her, but reflects the level of professionalism she has and the control her parents have for her. That of which are both poor. You are not in Billy Ray Cyrus’ shoes, so I suggest that before you ASSume something like him complaining now about Miley because they are not making millions, why do you not think about what he is going through with the family and the actions of his daughter? If you think about it, it is not how the parents raised the child, because they could have been very well parents teaching her right from wrong and making sure she is brought up properly (how do you know how they raised her? YOU DO NOT!). It is the child who must carry the right behavior her parent’s have bestowed upon her. Miley might very well be a great example of how a child just wants to grow up to fast. It is her own decisions that make her who she is. She is making the wrong decision of how to break away from her childhood image. All those other starts who have successfully made a smooth transition are ones who are mature and have listened to their parents. I am not saying that it is Miley’s fault or her parent’s fault. They can be both to blame for what has happened. All that is noted is that these scandals are only going to get worse if they do not solve their meaningless battles. Miley should stop acting like an adult at ONLY the age of 18 because she will end up like Brittney Spears or Lindsay Lohan by the age of 21, plus being a washed up actress with no where to go. And her father should stop acting sorrowful and pitying all that has happened and go resolve it! It is all to ridiculously disdainful.

  • Nana Betty Boop

    I feel bad for all of it. Miley has been loved by my grandkids & own almost everything with her on it. I do know kids that are thrown into fame as young as her have issues & struggle to find themselves. I believe Miley is stronger than Lohan and won’t head down the same path. I believe it was wrong of him to publicly air their personal issues. Even though you are public figures, there are things that should remain private. THe timing couldn’t be worse though. I think he was so close by because he wanted to be with his daughter and be around the lime-light again to relive his old days. I think the movie “The Last Song” was one of the best movies I have seen in a while & it makes you realize life isn’t forever & don’t take our loved ones for granted. Hopefully, they will both remember that movie and get back to speaking again. They can always agree to disagree on this matter. I wouldn’t let it ruin my relationship though. He should not be bad mouthing the hands that fed them, I agree. He probably has issues giving up control of her since she has become of age. Miley, you just go down the right path & stay a respectful girl. Remember, the little young girls watch you & want to be like you, so please act as you should. As far as your dad, he should contact you & go from there. I wish you all the luck my dear. God Bless!

  • ANON

    shes a slut, and her dad knows it.
    he can just say it now shes not under his care.
    and he knows its gunna get worse.

    • sexyblack18

      She is not a slut you know how many young teens do what she does its normal

  • sexyblack18

    Honestly almost every young person her age goes through a stage in their life where they feel the need to act crazy because she is a young disney star ppl want to make a big deal about her. The girl is adult she is not a child so stay out of her buisness and Billy Ray was wrong for what he did if i was his daughter he would be lucky to even have my number. Plus wasnt that drug she was smoking legal so whats the big deal?

  • genuis boy

    Miley cyrus sucks

  • Miley I love your singing I’m your biggest fan for me and millions of people out there please STOP

  • This is wrong.. Miley is totally right..although he is her father but he has no rights to say foolish things..or make comments publicly.. I am disappointed..

  • is false miley love a billie ray