Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh Get REAL Frisky In Miami


Now that Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer are officially divorced, the way is paved for Kelsey to marry his new fiancée Kayte Walsh by the end of this month. BUT, before Kelsey and Kayte say their I Dos, they decided to take a little trip to Miami, FL for a little pre-wedding lovin’ to get the juices flowing before their big wedding day. I must warn you, the following photos and written details of 55 year old Kelsey Grammer puttin’ the moves on 29 year old Kayte Walsh may be harmful to your eyes … so if you go blind, I can’t be held responsible.

As they put on a steamy show of passion on their lounge chairs at a Miami resort, it was clear that Kelsey Grammer and his young fiancée Kayte Walsh were oblivious to anyone else. The couple are enjoying a pre-wedding getaway to the Florida city, and looked just like any couple in love as they kissed and cuddled. And the 55-year-old Frasier star wasn’t shy about showing off his beach body next to his trim 29-year-old love. The couple are celebrating getting the green light to marry after his divorce from ex-wife Camille was finalised last Thursday, and are rumoured to be wasting no time in getting hitched themselves, with whispers of February 25 nuptials heating up. The couple relaxed on lounges and at one point the bride-to-be pulled her bikini straps down to avoid getting tan lines on her shoulders. The blonde was seen giggling along with her older TV star boyfriend as they settled in for a day of relaxation in the sun. Kelsey was seen rubbing Kayte’s legs before leaning over to kiss her. Later the actor checked his messages while she concentrated on topping up her tan. The couple didn’t mind being photographed as they relaxed, with Kelsey waving a flashing a contented grin at photographers. Kelsey is in town for The Miami Boat Show, but the loved-up star made sure to take some time out to spend time with his fiancée.

Blech. Yeah, that’s all I can say. Camille Grammer had to be paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars to let Kelsey do this to her … and now it’s Kayte’s turn. I mean … as long as their happy, I guess good for them? Now … I’m off to wash my eyes out with battery acid. Ta ta!!

[Photo credit: Splash News, Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • Joanna

    Eyes successfully gauged out! Yuck!

  • Debho

    Mine too….

  • Kells

    ugh, I just had to pour bleach into my eyes…. gross…

  • ahhhhh.. where did cliff clavin go wrong?

    if i was filthy rich and old, i’d be making out with a young hot chick all i could

  • It’s all fine and good if they want to get frisky, but MUST they do it in front of everybody?

  • d

    she’s actually pretty beautiful and he seems in love with her… i’m glad camille is getting that spotlight that she’s always needed.

  • Tracy