More Banksy Street Art Shows Up In LA


Yesterday Pink reader Sarah shared a photograph of a new piece of graffiti street art here in LA that is believed to have been crated by British graffiti star Banksy. It is believed Banksy is tagging LA ahead of the Academy Awards next week because his film Exit Through the Gift Shop is nominated for the Best Documentary award. Today, Pink reader Aaron sends in other photos of another Banksy art piece that popped up here in LA this week. In fact, Banksy pieces are showing up all over LA these days.

This Charlie Brown piece showed up on a fire-damaged building and was photographed by Aaron … but the following photos of this doggie taking a leak were professionally photographed by a photo agency:

A billboard on Sunset Blvd. was tagged by Banksy a couple of days ago … but has since been RIPPED down by the billboard owners:

A billboard company just ripped down a Sunset Blvd. sign that had been tagged by Academy Award nominee Banksy — just a few short days after the legendary graffiti artist touched it up in the first place. The Mickey Mouse inspired artwork — which mysteriously appeared a few days ago — was just taken down … but no one at the scene will tell us why. We’re told employees at the gas station directly below the billboard offered to pay $10,000 for the artwork — but the billboard company refused … A physical altercation just broke out over the sign — cops have responded to the scene.

Apparently, the client who paid for the billboard is PISSED that the billboard company ripped down the graffiti. Oh yeah, Banksy is deffo in town, y’all. He is creating quite a stir in the days leading up to the Academy Awards. We’ll have to wait and see if he will walk away victorious with an Academy Award but I think a great many people are hoping he will win just so that he can go on stage and accept his award.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, thanks Aaron]

  • Meghan

    Why oh why would you rip this down??? Do they have any idea what this man’s work is worth???Love the dog and Charlie Brown. I expect we will be seeing more of his work as we get closer. Yay!

    • rossy

      Maybe because they wanted a Bansky original & are hiding it somewhere? But seriously, I did hear that the client who ordered the billboard will get to keep it.

      I can understand why it was taken down. It WAS technically an act of vandalism which many companies have a ZERO-tolerance policy on. Okay, this guy has made a name for himself with his art… but there are others out & about defacing other people’s property that has to be cleaned up at the owner’s expense. A lot of graffiti is disgusting & “gang” stuff – or even suggestive of what a tagger’s mind is like – For example, saw a bit of squiggles on a wall that implied that ‘women have no purpose in life EXCEPT to be “breeders” for their masters’… NOBODY thought that was “art”.

      Where I live there’s a guy who was “caught” years ago for defacing walls of businesses but NEVER charged because his work WAS art – Where once a concrete wall stood was overnight transformed into a life-sized rendering of the ocean & whales breaching the surface, while under the water other creatures did their things as well. He went on to be very successful – Businesses ask for him to tag their walls & pay him BIG BUCKS for his talent.

  • KatieFeldmom

    How does no one see him do these?

    • Meghan

      @Katie–Banksy, or the man believed to be Banksy, has actually been photographed and filmed on several occasions putting up his designs. There are several clips on You Tube.

    • KatieFeldmom

      Thanks. I actually don’t know anything about him, but these posts about him this week have sparked my interest. I’ll take a look on YouTube.

    • @KatieFeldmom — You have to check out his film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, it is fantastic! It also explains how street artists manage to create these works of art without being discovered.

  • torrie

    I’m jealous of LA (not a common occurrence but there you have it.) I want Banksy to come tag Seattle. ;)

  • Gentgiant

    I can just imagine how awesome these look in person!!!

  • Nech

    I cannot believe they would tear down that billboard! Idiots! I love that he’s been leaving his mark here and there. Makes being from LA feel pretty special.

  • JHop

    So, if his (amazing, in my opinion) film wins, will he accept the award in a mask or disguise? Or would he use this huge arena to finally “out” himself? Or, would someone else (perhaps the subject of the movie, Thierry Guetta accept on his behalf?

    • torrie

      I think it’s a stretch to think that he’d even show up. If he does, he’d likely come in a back door. (Can you tell I’ve put some thought into this?!) I think there should be live cameras on every entrance so we can all watch and try to find him. ;)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    These are so cool and it is crazy to think he just does in the middle of the night and no one usually sees him. I love the Charlie Brown one. Keep it up B!!

  • Taralynn

    Anyone else think the guy who paid for that billboard gor ripped off? Id doesn’t look like banksy’s work, but maybe Mr Brainwashe’s.

  • I think that he is at least going to say thanks through via someone else, but I strongly doubt that he will show up himself, unmasked, since his film is in my opinion just something extra. It is great but still, his graffiti are the main part of his art. So if he is to reveal his identity I wouldn’t expect him to do so with the film.

  • Eli

    Love his tags! Doubt he’ll show up at the Oscars though.