Watch: Kylie Minogue Releases MORE Tour Rehearsal Footage


Last week we got our first look at a fun behind-the-scenes rehearsal video clip from rehearsals of Kylie Mingogue’s upcoming Les Folies 2011 and Aphrodite Live 2011 tours. Today we get to check out more rehearsal footage in a second clip released by Kylie … and this one really gives a good feel for how preparations for the tour are commencing.

I don’t know about you but I really love seeing this kind of footage. The bits with Kylie are fab, of course, but I love seeing the people who work behind the scenes putting together the costumes, etc. for the tour. Check out the clip and see for yourselves:

I am SO excited for these tours!! As I mentioned before, David and I will see the Les Folies Tour 2011 in Berlin, Germany in March and then will see the Aphrodite Live 2011 tour here in LA and Las Vegas in May. I’m gonna try and stay away from any real tour spoilers until I get to see the show for myself but … OY! I am loving this behind the scenes look at the tour. Woot!!


  • lolita

    Who’s Kylie Mingogue ? ;D

  • You should come to see her here in Barcelona … we are more passionate for concerts. Than Germans…

    • @Oscar — David and I went to Barcelona for our 1 year anniversary, we LOVED it :D

  • Glad you loved. ;) this will be the first time i see kylie live… i meet her in London at Madonna’s Reinvention tour front row..she was seated next to me and i got really impressed with how kind, patient and nice she was with all the people around her… but this will be my first Kylie’s concert … i think some wannabes shoud do what Kylie did a long time ago…stop trying to be Madonna …

  • Chris

    ok, we get it! you guys get to go see the full Les Folies instead of just the miniaturized US version! can you stop rubbing it in already ;-)

  • helena

    the ass hitting at the end was unexpected, yet hilarious