RoboCop Fans Successfully Collect The Funds To Erect A Statue In His Honor In Detroit, MI


Just six days after fans started raising funds to erect a statue of RoboCop to be put on display in Detroit, MI, over $50,000. has been collected for the project. What started off as a joke has turned into a bona fide campaign for fans to fund a RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit. After it was jokingly suggested that Detroit erect a RoboCop statue, the site Detroit Needs RoboCop went online and started collecting funds for the project. Today we learn that the money has been raised … but will the statue actually be erected?

Just six days after raising donations on the Internet, a group of local artists and fans of the 1987 cult classic exceeded the fundraising goal of $50,000 this morning to build a larger-than-life sculpture of the crime-fighting cyborg. With 1,500 donations and hundreds pouring in every day at, the group plans to continue raising money until the March 29 deadline to make the statue of “as big and good as possible,” said Detroit artist Jerry Paffendorf, who is helping raise donations. “This could be a multi-hundred-thousand-dollar kickstarter,” Paffendorf said. “It’s remarkable.” The statue has set off debates about the artistic value of a RoboCop statue. Some complain that the movie, about a dystopian, crime-ridden Detroit, would hurt the city’s image. Others said it’s a fun way to bring more attention to the struggling, but resilient city. Fundraising began last week after Detroit Mayor Dave Bing politely rejected a suggestion on Twitter that RoboCop would improve the city’s image. Although the Tweet was a joke from a New England computer technician, fans of RoboCop swarmed cyberspace to call for a statue. If all goes as planned, a team of skilled sculptures, including Bjork’s husband Matthew Barney, who volunteered to help, will erect the sculpture at Imagination Station, an outdoor art project co-founded by Paffendorf near the abandoned Michigan Central Station just off Michigan Avenue. Paffendorf and other local artists hope RoboCop is just the beginning of a series of public art installations. “With all of this publicity, we have a big opportunity to extend this to other projects in Detroit,” Paffendorf said. Supporters of the statue got a big boost Tuesday when San Francisco businessman, Pete Hottelet, donated $25,000. “Despite everything, we live in a great country, and every day, there’s an opportunity out there to do something awesome,” Hottelet, owner of Omni Consumer Products, told the Free Press. “You just have to find it.”

If Metropolis, IL can have a Superman statue and Philadelphia, PA can have a Rocky Balboa statue then I don’t see why Detroit can’t have a RoboCop statue. I do not agree that a RoboCop statue would hurt the city, in fact, I believe the opposite. Look at all the attention this campaign has gotten for the city already. I am not ashamed to admit that I donated some money for the statue. I’m quite surprised at how serious this whole thing has become. Once I heard that Matthew Barney was involved, I was totally sold. I think it would be amazing if the extra money raised by this campaign (which is accepting donations HERE until March 26) would go directly to the City of Detroit but I’d really like to see the statue erected. It is my hope that I will be able to, someday soon, visit Detroit and see a RoboCop statue standing proudly in the city. If YOU would like to donate to the project, you can do so HERE. Detroit may not actually need a statue of RoboCop … but wouldn’t it be cool as Hell if it got one?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That would be awesome. I loved those movies. I wonder if Phoenix can get a statue of something. hmmmmmmm

  • I would totally take a trip to the “D” to see a Robocop statue

  • Don’t get me wrong… but there is people on the streets and suffering hunger …There’s is millions of things to do first before expend that money on one useless statue

    • @Oscar — But, this is fan-donated money. None of the cost would be incurred by the city. It is sad that people would rather donate $50k+ for a RoboCop statue than to feed the homeless but that doesn’t mean the money shouldn’t be used for the purpose intended. That is why I’m hoping the excess money will go to the city or the needy.

  • @Trent that was my point… is sad really sad… but i respect the freedom to do it… I’m Spanish so i probably didn’t express it well