Charlie Sheen Spends Quality Time With His Twin Babies


Last week he was advising the UCLA baseball team to “stay off the crack” but this weekend Charlie Sheen was saving his quality time for his baby twin sons Bob and Max. Sheen, who is supposed to be “rehabbing” at home, hit the high seas with his baby boys and posed for a fairly cute photo.

Charlie Sheen is downright suburban these days … spending his downtime with the twins. Charlie and the kids went out on a friend’s yacht a few days back for some whale and dolphin watching off the L.A. coast … and whaddya know? We got the pic. Turns out … Charlie sees the twins often. The kids even found treasure … in the form of the gold tooth in Charlie’s mouth. Ahoy!

Ugh … as you may recall, we learned yesterday that Sheen’s porn star pal Kacey Jordan informed him that she “thinks” that he is not the man responsible for her unwanted pregnancy so it looks like — thus far — these baby boys are the last of Charlie’s kids. It’s so heartbreaking to think what it must be like for these little boys to have a father struggling with addiction. I would hope that Charlie Sheen would realize how important it is for his sons to have their father in their life … if he can’t stay clean and sober for himself, he could at least try to clean up his act for his children. It’s all just sad. These precious little boys are so cute. It’d be a shame if they lost their father due to his dangerously reckless behavior :/


  • Andi

    it’s his dangerously reckless behavior that makes him unfit to have such access to his children for the time being, IMO. He needs to focus on getting himself better before he takes his children boating…I would NEVER let my daughter go on a trip with a non-recovered drug addict, a supervised visit to a McDonald’s maybe…I don’t know…seeing him holding those toddlers is just terrifying knowing that he hasn’t been “sober” for very long at all…

  • I love Charlie – he can do no wrong in my eyes

    • fab4runner

      What!? Being a cracked out loser that engages in multi-day binges with hookers and porn stars instead of being there for his kids isn’t wrong?

      Maybe you were just being sarcastic, though. Sadly, there is no sarcasm font on here.

  • Sanchez

    My husband grew up without a father (as I realize many people do) and it’s very sad.

  • Charlie needs to grow up and be a father to his kids. I hope he can be successful in rehabilitation this time. Drug addiction is a terrible thing.

  • Zanne

    Yeah, totally agree w/ Andi. My son is 5 and I shudder to think of him being on a yacht w/ any addict, much less a father who’s an addict. Twin toddlers are an entirely different matter – kids that age are all over the place and there’s two so it’s twice the mischief! I just hope for their sakes that they have very attentive nannies that go everywhere w/ them. :(

  • Siobhan

    He looks ROUGH

  • Jenny

    LOVE those gold teef!

    • @Jenny — Really? He’s not wearing gold teeth as a fashion statement, he’s had to cap his teeth because drugs are destroying his teeth.

  • Jenny

    Why are those babies not wearing life jackets??