Madonna Uploads Her ’89 MTV VMA Performance Of ‘Express Yourself’ To Her Official You Tube Account


Completely without announcement or comment, Madonna uploaded video from the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards where she performed her iconic song Express Yourself. For some strange reason that I can’t quite understand, Maddy seems intent on reminding us of how amazing her song Express Yourself is. In case you’ve never seen it or just want to watch again, you can check out the video below.

Without question, this performance reminds us that Madonna is the Queen of Pop and all copy cat wannabes should think twice before they try to co-opt her music for their own purposes:

Now, I’m not entirely sure but … it does occur to me that maybe Madonna uploaded this clip in response to some of the criticism that Lady Gaga has been taking from pretty much everyone with ears that believe that her new single Born this Way sounds exactly like Madonna’s Express Yourself:

Additionally, I understand that Madonna is thinking of re-releasing her song Express Yourself as a single once again. HMMMM … what do y’all think? Could Madonna be making a statement with the release of this performance of Express Yourself?

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  • MM

    If the statement is “Bow down bitches, I am the Queen forever and always” – I say bravo and I agree! :)

  • Kyleigh

    I hear the similarities, but Born This Way pales in the comparison to Express Yourself! It’s like 80’s pop,done bad!

  • roxster

    i can’t help but think this is a response to the Born this Way commentary.

    • Joan

      I think it is as well, and I certainly don’t blame her.

  • sparklecow

    I’m not a fan of Madonna, but I fucking love her now. This is hilarious and made of awesome.

  • jacqui

    yeah and has the rap from vouge

  • Christie J

    Madonna, you are PAST YOUR PRIME< give it up. Lady GaGa has MORE than proven herself with her first album which beat Michael Jackson's long standing record for having the most number 1 hits on one album. Not one of Madonna's albums came close.

    Recycling lyrics, melody lines and samples is part of music these days. I really hope GaGa is not letting all this get to her, she is absolutely amazing!!! The song definitely has similarities, Madonna is using them to try and get a piece of the spotlight which doesn't shine her way as often these days…

    • KatB

      @Christie J: I agree. I’m not too excited about Born this Way but I find Gaga brilliant. And she can sing :)

    • @Christie J

      Sampling is a huge trend in pop music today, I’m not disputing that, however it doesn’t look so good on Gaga who has always fashioned herself as innovative and different, and who has never sampled in any of her past songs. Why now?
      If you want to call yourself groundbreaking and having the best album of the decade, give credit where credit is due.

    • sparklecow

      I love when Little Monsters try to justify their idols thieving ways by saying “Oh everyone copies everyone.” Um the tranny always spouted about how original she is.

      Oh and to the thing about Madonna being “past her prime”, uh that may be true, but it still doesn’t change the fact that GagGag has been ripping her off her whole career.

      Another thing, LMAO @ the shemale coming to the Grammies in an egg. What an attention seeking JOKE of a woman. God its so obvious that its all about gaining attention and NOTHING about the music. How’s that Target partnership working out for ya too GagGag? Churning out songs for the gays, but stabbing them right in the back.

    • Silvi

      BAHAAHA OMG Sparklecow this is so hilariously true.
      I love it
      You said everything I was thinking.
      Lady Gaga has become a giant parody of herself and it’s getting old fast.


    • for someone who “hates the bitch” you sure do comment about her a lot. tranny? shemale? really i thought we were passed this like years ago! i’m so sick of people bringing it up every damn second, would you like to see her birth certificate to make sure she truly a female! and also why does it matter?

    • waht

      recycling melody lines is also a lazy way of saying …I’m the best in the world… I have top of the line musicians surrounding me at my disposal… I like jumping in piling heaps of your money… The best designers from around the world… And for all of that I couldn’t do one damn original thing with this.

      Sorry, but people demand alot more now, especially if she’s as famous as she thinks she is it’s expected, this doesn’t raise the bar, it drops it in the worst way.

    • Dominic

      They were not Billboard Hot 100 #1’s, shes only had two of those and her first album didnt hit #1 either.

      If were just going to be calling out #1’s from any record then will mention that Madonna has 36, Yes 36 #1 Dance records on billboard, past her prime how can someone past their prime just broke the record for most successful solo concert artist ever, and most Successful Female Artist in History

    • graphicjack

      @Dominic – Agree with everything you said, but Wiki lists Madge as having 40 #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club songs, not 36… which is more than double the second-best artist, Janet Jackson. Gaga wasn’t mentioned on the list on Wiki, so I don’t know how many she has, but it sure ain’t 40. Madonna powns that chart. I like some of Gaga’s stuff, but this song is just meh for me, and I really wanted to like it. What bothers me even more than the similarity to Express Yourself is the poorly chosen, borderline racist, lyrics. It’s very un-PC to use “Oriental” to describe Asians.

    • Amanda

      Oh man, that is delusional. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to remain in the fantasy that Gaga is in any way worth the hype she gives herself.

      “[…]the spotlight which doesn’t shine her way as often these days…” Ya think? The woman’s 52 1/2 years old, you actually expect that she’d be as popular with lamestreamers as a 25 yr old? Do you live in the world and understand how it works, or does your fantasy world run that deep? SMH.

  • rOXy

    Egads. Since Her Madjesty did not comment on the purpose of posting this just now, I am going to assume her page was NOT hacked, and will take this as a very passive aggressive statement reminding us who is the groundbreaker and the original. I cannot believe Gagamaggot’s arrival to the Grammies. It’s like she wants people to make fun of her. She isn’t so lofty that a gag like that can be seen as fierce art and all who don’t agree aren’t sophisticated enough to know the difference. Arriving in a silly putty pod, is just plain old silly. Baby, I was hatched this way? snnnnnooooooooorrrrrttttttt

  • rOXy

    Or just maybe Madonna was supporting the Gaggot, and was telling her to “express yourself”.

  • bosie

    WHO CARES? I love madonna and I’m very into gaga also….I like women payign homage to Madonna….If these two were men you wouldn’t hear any of these comments. LETS ENJOY THE MUSIC PEOPLE

    • Joan

      See, I like Gaga too, but it’s not homage when you don’t give credit. And she has been awfully silent about this.

      I mean, there’s not a chance in hell that the melodic similarities are by chance. She could had at least gotten Madonna’s approval first, out of respect, but if Madonna’s is biting back, there’s not a chance in hell Gaga did that either. To me, it’s disappointing no matter how much I may like her.

    • epic

      honestly the melody is not from express yourself its from JUMP i know another madonna song, but the pale comparison to “express yourself” is uneducated and shows how little anyone is really paying attention

  • Bosnian

    haha this made me love Madonna even more. And she fcuking slayed with that performance!
    So Gagaloo….express YOURSELF…stop expressing Madonna! hahahah

  • Jenn

    Does anyone else want to punch Gaga in the face? I do.

    • I DO!


    • Moon

      Same here!

    • nicole

      me! me! me!

    • krissy

      Jenn, threatening violence against someone because you don’t like their music is seriously creepy. Wow. It is like Lord of the Flies on this thread. Vile.

  • Alfonso

    Forget about the songs being similar, whatever, I love both songs. The comparison that I want to make is in the performance. Madonna KILLED that night (she new it too, by the way she exited the stage). What I love about it is that it was so minimal. So grand piano, no chandelier, no crazy outfit. Let’s see Gaga try and top that WITHOUT all the pomp and circumstance.

    • epic

      why would she need to gaga can actually sing…the rest is just for you to ask why…these are big picture ideas not baggy pants and granny underwear…the ’89VMA performance was laughable and looked like a rehearsal compared to todays standard…besides, the facts are she could not carry a tune without help…that being said madonna was never a voice, she was an image and we love her for it…comparing the 2 is not needed and silly

  • Me

    @Christie J- perhaps you should give it up sweetie. Madonna is an ARTIST, how exactly is she past her prime? You must be from America and forget that Madonna is a GLOBAL icon who is revered and respected the world over.. She still makes hit records, she still sells out stadiums, she still gets people
    talking because people are interested in what she has to say as an artist. So why on earth would she give it up? She’s expressing herself, that’s what artists do. And she doesn’t need a space egg, or chopped off Hello Kitty dolls heads for a dress.
    Furthermore, LG beat The Fame to absolute death by rereleasing it and adding a couple more songs, so she hardly beat MJ or anyone on the merit of number one songs from ONE album when it was technically two.
    And in closing, Madonna has more top 10 hits than anyone else in the history off Billboards Hot 100, this includes Beatles, Elvis, MJ. Give respect where respect is due. The proof is in the pudding.

    • Cesar

      Come on ME!!!!
      Born This Way is a vulgar song. I agree on that. But let’s just no get too ahead of ourselves!
      Back in in her Blond Ambition she did a MASTURBATION ACT ON STAGE!!! I guess she wasn’t looking for attention back then, was she?!
      And don’t get me starting on her SEX book, Erotica album, she eating bananas on Deeper and Deeper video, singing crucified in the confessions tour, making out with a saint in Like A Prayer vid….please…just stop talking nonsense!
      I agree “Born This Way” is a very underwhelming first taste from her album, maybe it’s a rip off, but hey what would have happened to Confessions without “Hung Up” and would that song exist without ABBA?!?!

    • waht

      madonna credited ABBA on the album w/ sampling rights.

    • Amanda

      Not only did Madonna credit ABBA, she wrote to them to ask for permission and was granted it. They don’t let just anyone sample them.

      Madonna masturbating on stage served a VERY specific and powerful artistic, societal, and cultural purpose. She pushed the boundaries of what sexual expression meant at that time and the effects are felt today. It definitely was not JUST for attention (not that she doesn’t LOVE that- We know! ;) )

  • lady gaga is an alien! haha

  • Natasia

    Definitely because the new Lady Gaga song sounds just like it!

  • twilightsparrow

    I absolutely adore Gaga and I like Madonna as well…but artists have been sampling each other forever…for example, Muse just won a Grammy and the song they performed “Uprising” has the riff of Blondie’s “Call Me” and that doesn’t make the Muse song any less fantastic. Love music because it makes you dance and smile or speaks to you, not because of who did it first or whatever…just enjoy it…Gaga fans like myself will enjoy Born This Way, just as I still love hearing Express Yourself, and others don’t have too but leave it alone already.

    • Mitchell


      Sampling is fine; claiming to be *original* and *creating* an anthem for a generation by oneself when over-sampling without credit is not.

      1) Lady Gaga talks herself up as some saviour of pop music who writes, produces, sings, etc. all her own stuff. Her new single is self-contradictory, hence the backlash.

      2) She said she was creating an anthem for a generation. Ironically, said anthem is strikingly similar to an anthem for sexual liberation during the 90s. Again, her comments and actions are self-contradictory.

      Monsters will like her music and praise her guts out. Fact is, most people now realize the hypocrisy she represents — even if the music is good.

      But hey, she’s getting attention for it. You should be glad she’s on a quest to dominate the media world while stirring up controversy. It’s just another notch in her be-yourself-without-any-regrets belt, even if the belt was produced by Madonna, Inc. :P

    • twilightsparrow


      I may be a Gaga fan but I can accept all of your points without argument…Gaga is in the spotlight and making sure to advantage while she still can (she would be stupid not to)…it’s something artists have done before, will continue to do and will eventually do again. It’s also possible that she hasn’t given credit to Madonna but may have given her credit in the liner notes of the album, we’ll only know for sure when it comes out. Again, I’m not saying Lady Gaga is perfect beyond reproach, but I love her music and her sound, and find it super silly how invested people are in attacking her…Madonna is the only one who has a say in the matter and it’s something they should resolve if Madonna isn’t given credit. As for me….I’m just going to enjoy listening to Gaga’s songs, as I will continue to enjoy Madonna’s =)

    • Mitchell

      Fair enough! I like Gaga’s songs, I just wish she’d strip away some of her ego and be a more subdued pop star. She’d be so much better!

  • sparklecow

    I’m sick of the pathetic argument that “everyone samples everyone.” The difference is that when an artist samples a song they give credit and GaGa has not and claims her song to be an original.

    Oh and what is that drugged out trick talking about when she mentioned Whitney Houston was her inspiration for the song in her Grammy speech? No wonder I hate the bitch…

  • twilightsparrow


    See….we just proved we can argue differing opinions on Lady Gaga without getting nasty and being vulgar…kudos to you my fellow PITNB reader (trying to make Trent proud)…lol….I think Lady Gaga should give credit where credit is due – it won’t take away from her success in my opinion.

  • @di from NYC

    did everyone forget that Madonna ripped off Staples Singers Respect Yourself?????????????

    If Gaga ripped off anyone, its not Madonna, its Staples Singer

    • twilightsparrow

      @dl from NYC All I’m saying is if Lady Gaga did in fact sample or borrow from an artist then that artist should be given credit…as I’ve stated before – I don’t care…I just care about loving and enjoying my favourite artist’s music…other than that…I repeat, all artists borrow in some fashion at some point…just make sure to give credit…and that will be that.

    • @di from NYC

      Well I wasn’t commenting on your thread, honestly didn’t read any posts, I was just pointing out that everyone does it but Madge shouldn’t be mad or have any reaction since Gaga sampled a song Madonna stole in the first place (furthermore, Madonna was accused of the same thing for a few other songs as well) if Gaga talks about it, it should be in respect of the Staples Singers

      I personally think that it was on a purpose, most artists are quick to fight copy cat rumors, notice how both camps are dead silent on it?

      I actually like Lady Gaga cause she loves attention and isn’t afraid to admit it, cause it etc. and look at this thread, you got the haters even thinking about her; she did want every artist does, get people to listen to it, whether it was once or on repeat

      My only hope is that she doesn’t turn into the female Kanye West . . .

    • Tonya

      @twilightsparrow While I am definitely on “Team Madge” here, I have to hand it to you. You are getting attacked by almost everyone on this thread. Your responses throughout are classy. Thank you for not being sucked in to the hate I am reading all around you.

    • twilightsparrow

      @di from NYC Sorry if it sounded like I was challenging your original post…I meant it to be in agreement…give credit where it is due…lol.

      @Tonya Thank you for that…I just want people to realize that not all “little monsters” run blindly to “mother monster’s” defense…it seems that everyone who is attacking Gaga and others who like her are more obsessed with her themselves…it’s really not that serious…lol. And as a fan of music in general I have to agree that all artists should be given respect and credited when their music is sampled. Still enjoy Born This Way though… =)

    • krissy

      @di from NYC, thank you for your music history! I read that in the Rollingstone review the other day, but didn’t think anyone would “get” the reference.

  • @di from NYC

    Furthermore, Telephone was originally a Beatles song?

  • Katie

    I feel like I’m missing something. Anybody remotely in shape could do the choreography in that Express Yourself vid. It was just’90’s cheese. I just don’t get it.


    • twilightsparrow

      Wow…how vulgar and rude was that comment? Absolutely unnecessary. I consider myself a little monster and in regards to your statement that all little monsters are “just stupid uneducated twinks” I must say that I hold a Master’s Degree in Education and all of my friends, who are Lady Gaga fans as well, also have college degrees and one is a specialized pediatrician….and yes we all took art, history and art history courses as they were required by our respective university programs. So please…tell us your qualifications which allow you to be so disrespectful to others and please feel free to tell us “stupid uneducated twinks” which art and history books we can/should reference to see what a “hack Gaga is”.

    • michelle

      I am pretty sure the comment you are referring to is just about how unoriginal and commercialized Gaga is. There is no real talent there and if you think so then you really are deaf to good music. I am sorry, but there is no denying that Gaga is just an act, she relies on her post production team to make her sound good, and as soon as people get tired of her outlandish dress she will be gone with the wind. If it were her music people were attracted to then she would not have to dress in crazy costumes or try to out-do other performances. Simple as that, Gaga is a hack, I’d like to hear her sing A Capella, completely live and then I may change my opinion. Dpes

    • perdiz

      i dont understand why everyone is attacking @twilightsparrow. they were simply stating that the person made a rude comment that was unnecessary, which it was. if you dont like lady gaga well fine dont like her but at least express your distaste in a manner befitting of a decent human being and dont attack those who dont agree in such a personal matter. you can disagree with someone and still be respectful to them as a person.

    • twilightsparrow

      @michelle She has sung A Capella in concert…at least she did at the concert I went to…and Gaga sang the complete show live with almost no breaks as did Madonna on her last tour at the show I attended…I’ve also seen Britney and that wasn’t very live.

    • Xadax

      We don’t go for second best Lady Gaga and yes @twilightsparrow, little monsters are delusiona & will believe anything whatever Gaga or her sidekick Perez Hilton has to say or lie.

    • Kasss

      Wow why be so derogatory because of someone’s taste in music? I know plenty of people who are huge Lady Gaga fans, maybe they don’t consider themselves little monsters, but they enjoy her music for what it is and appreciate that she sends a message of LOVE and tolerance. Liking her says absolutely nothing about your level of education or mental stability. Launching a hateful attack on her fans for being fans is totally ridiculous.

  • lauren

    the minite i heard gaga’s new song, i thought, this sounds just like ‘express yourself’.

    • Andrea

      I could not get over ho much it sounded like madonna while watching the grammys! And when i first her alejandro on the radio I thought it was Ace of Base…

    • Amy

      Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who hears Ace of Base in that song….every single time!!

    • Yep.
      Alejandro was very Ace Of Base.
      But little monsters cant see it,they are twinky teenies

  • laura

    madonna is the queen

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      That was awesome! So cheesy and simple and good. LOL…I don’t hear express yourself in GAGA’s new song but I am not a master song person either.

  • cutitout

    Go Madonna. Madonna is Generally very gracious to the new girls and seems to enjoy their respect but there is a line and Gaga Crossed it. Yeah Britney and Christina site her as influences but they don’t completely bite her music and pass it off as their own and they are clear to site her when doing an homage.

  • jon

    My cousin and I were playing videogames, listening to the radio. They played born this way, and my cousin (without having heard the song or the “express yourself” comparisons being made online) immediately said, this sounds JUST like madonnas express yourself…

    So, its safe to say, something aint right

  • Cee

    This is the most hilarious thread of responses. Madge is not happy LOL

  • nichole

    Could someone please tell Gaga her 15 minutes of fame is up? Oh and tell her that Madonna freakin’ wants her song back.

  • Janelle

    “Without the heart,
    there can be
    no understanding
    between the hand
    and the mind.”

  • twilightsparrow

    @xadax Glad to know I’m delusional since I am sitting here stating that Lady Gaga should give credit to whomever it is due, whether I like her or not, AND I do not listen to Perez Hilton at all since I think he is absolutely awful and don’t ever go on his tacky website – I only read Trent’s blog…so all I’m saying is people can state their opinions without being nasty, vulgar and disrespectful…and generalizing all Gaga fans is inappropriate.

    • Xadax

      When I said delusional I meant close minded freaks like Perez Hilton & yeah, its generealizing Xtina or Britney or Kylie by Delusional Monsters.

      There are monsters & delusional monsters.

      Oh wait, NMT video was intentionally a homage to Madonna but visually it was treated as a rip-off to Gaga & Madonna by delusional monsters. Yet, Gaga’s Alejandro was called “inspired” by delusional monsters.

      Music artist’s main work will always be its music & the rest aids in letting you feel it.

      Not Myself Tonight did not even sound anything like Madonna or Gaga at all while Born This Way & Alejandro did.

      Monsters called it “flop” when it was even the most downloaded album & (one of the) single on ileaks. It was even on top on other continents / countries.

      I had confronted a lot of delsuional monsters on the net on school, parties & boy they’re close minded freaks alright.

  • Lexy

    I thought it sounded familiar when I heard it but couldn’t put my finger on it….
    I like GaGa’s ‘version’ better…

  • vVv


  • OST

    I remember watching this back then. Loved it!

  • Lisa

    I didn’t realize everyone was talking about this! My husband and I said during the Lady Gaga performance, wow this sounds a lot like “Express Yourself”. I’m sure that’s why Madonna did this- like, don’t forget about the original! Even the part of Gaga’s song where she’s speaking, and then she was doing those hand movements- it was like “Vogue”. After that performance last night I just find her less and less original.

  • jessicaisbaking

    Madonna is the queen. Gaga is just one of her subjects. Her trajectory is past its peak.

  • Kasss

    I will start by saying that I am not a biased fan, because I would choose Madonna over Gaga any day of the week. However, I read an earlier interview with Madonna where she admitted that Lourdes is a huge Gaga fan, and even personally took her daughter to a show where they both had a really good time. So, according to some of you her daughter is uneducated and delusional? She even went on to say that she wasn’t threatened but flattered by the comparisons between herself and Gaga. There’s room for both, and I hear similarities in the songs which Gaga should address, but does she really deserve violent rhetoric and hateful labels? I had hoped that this generation would move away from these problems and understand better that people are different, they like different things. It’s sad there is so much civil discourse over taste in music and things that people should have every right to choose without persecution. I listen to Gaga, and if you tell me that I’m stupid for it I will remain confident that you are no smarter than I for presuming you know me based on one small part of who I am.

  • Mchelle

    When I saw Gaga’s performance last night the first thing I thought was that the song itself reminded me of a cross between Madonna, Taylor Dayne and the Pointer Sisters. About halfway through I found myself singing ‘Express Yourself’ in my head. Anyone with eyes could SEE her look was definitely inspired by Madonna. I like the song Born This Way, but if it’s supposed to be an anthem about being unique and being your own person i would have expected a little bit more originally. I am, however, happy that she chose to leave anything edible at home.

  • Tash

    I don’t see whats so wrong with reinventing something so it can be related to a new generation? Holy crap Madonna you should just be thankful the whole world still finds you relevant anyways and doesn’t just lump you in to the “bad 80s pop artists categories”. I’m saying this and I LOVE Madonna. Born This Way screams 80’s but it doesn’t scream Express Yourself. All they have in common is being an anthem.

  • FK

    No, the song is a blatant rip-off of Express Yourself. Honestly, I think Madonna could sue for plagiarism if she wanted to. There is a difference between sampling and copying. I think Madonna’s response by posting this vid is pretty funny. Sounds like it’s a humorous little dig and that’s as far as she’ll take it. I think all the Lady Gaga hate in these comments is a little extreme, but it’s just kind of sad that she is one of the only pop stars writing & singing her own music these days, and that’s the best we’ve got. Just recycling past pop stars. Sigh.

  • Eddy

    Oh Childens!!! The art of music promotion is BITING off what came before you. Lady Gaga is doing it (Bowie/Blondie/Madonna and so on) Don’t get me started about every White rock group from 60’s and 70’s because they still owe money to every Black group no one has ever heard of. Madonna is no saint and some queens still hater her azz for ripping off Vogue. It’s the business of the music INDUSTRY and it will never change. The sad thing about Lady Gaga is she actually has talent, can sing, play music but she relies on her image. Madonna can’t sing but thank God for her image.

  • Lauren

    Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

    I think when people hear music by someone like Gaga, especially when that music is somewhat overplayed both on the radio and in clubs they automatically want to label it as ‘crap’. Lady Gaga’s music may be great for dancing, and she may work with a great team of producers, but that doesn’t mean that she has no talent. I absolutely love her voice, and I will vehemently argue that she has one. Listen to ‘Again again’ from The Fame if you think I am crazy.

    Also, to argue that all of Lady Gaga’s fan are uneducated with no taste in music just makes you look arrogant. It’s not helping your argument, and neither are capital letters.

    • Diana

      That’s okay. I like arrogant — it’s a good word. Or perhaps, educated. I’m sure Lady Gaga IS talented. I won’t deny that, especially if she received a $100,000+ education at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. Kudos to her. But I have yet to find that talent. Instead, I see what was once an attractive young woman dressed in shrouds and meat scrapings making tons of money off of the illiterate brain-washed remnants of American citizens simply by using electronic synthesizers and beat boxes to further brain wash those who listen to her into buying her crap. There, was that arrogant enough?

    • Joe Blue

      This is kind of funny. The same thing seems to happen every generation, parents claim the music the kids are listening to is crap and useless garbage that will cause them to be stupid and ignorant. Maybe you hippies need to rethink what you are writing and put yourself in the youngsters shoes. Then again you could just go ahead and acid trip or smoke some more pot, then blame the new generation for all of it’s problems. PSSSTT… Electronic synthesizers have been in songs for decades now, go check 99% of Jimmy Hendrix’s songs. (OH SNAP) You feel like an idiot now eh? You also claim she was “once” attractive, has she done anything to mutilate her body? No. Think back to the things Madonna did when she was the talk of town, that was just a long way from normal then too.

    • Melissa

      Are you stupid or something?! Lady GaGa is using the same technology that other artists have used for generations. So I guess you’ve been brain-washed too, Hum… Honestly, I’m surprised that you even think you know anything at all about talent. And the use of the word arrogant dose not mean you are eductated. It means you are a self centered idiot. And I’m not brain-washed I know talent when I hear it and Lady GaGa has talent and smarts.

    • Diana- BRAVO!

      Someone with true talent and a fantastic voice can and will sing a Capella or with only an acoustic background. Even hard core metal rockers do this from time to time and you can hear their true vocals and you can hear that they do have actual talent behind all the hulaballoo. Lady Gaga is a manufactured image created to shock and sell, which it does. And it does. Even this “controversy” is designed to create attention, interest, and again, sell, sell, sell.

      And if she wants to call education arrogance… fine by me.

    • NOtoGooGoo

      I just love that comment!!! Not arrogant at all, just the straight truth!!

    • Ian

      THANKYOU! finally someone who has their head straight. at least you have it right.

  • Brent

    I am so irritated by Gaga…I started out really liking her, but now she is turning into a copycat…Acknowledging Whitney Houston??? WTF!

    I am over Gaga totally…MADONNA FOREVER!

    • smit

      it sounds too similar…different key…madonna’s is superior…gaga is gagag

  • Carlos

    I’m 37 years old, I’ve been a huge MADONNA fan for the last 26 years and I must say how funny it is that MADONNA was never an recognized artist in this industry and it was not until 1999 that she won her first grammy ever but now to destroyed gaga she suddenly became THE icon in music to follow.
    I think everyone using MADONNA’s name to critize GaGa are hypocrites.
    MADONNA WAS and IS the most important and influential female artist of the last three decades. Period.

  • krissy

    There is a difference between the same chords and the same melody. The chords are the same, but that happens a lot in music. (For example, my producer friend compared Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and I think it was “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley).

    You can say everyone is a “rip off” of someone else when it gets down to it. I see it as inspiration. I don’t think that Janelle Monae is any less talented because I can see that she is influenced by James Brown. Or Madonna by Marlene Deitrich. Or Grace Jones by David Bowie. etc. They all have added their own thing. If no one used influence, the impact of these artists would die.

  • rjp3

    Madonna is beautiful.
    Madonna can sing.
    Madonna can dance.
    Madonna is always ORIGINAL.

    Gaga – not so much.
    Don’t go for second best.

    • krissy

      Saying “Madonna is always original” ignore her borrowing from Marlene Dietrich. Also, as Rollingstone points out, “Express Yourself,” which was just Madonna’s knock-off of the Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself.”

      Madonna wasn’t original in everything she did, but she did break ground in a lot of ways. There is no need to whitewash history.

    • epic

      wait Madonna can sing?…honey…darlin…lets not kid ourselves now, those backup singers do some heavy lifting during that VMA performance and having seen madonna live many time she needs the help(don;t get me wrong the show is a spectacle to behold(….Gaga has a natural gift and can carry a tune in her sleep, these are facts lets not get it twisted

    • lol

      Madonna Original, please!
      ripping off your entire life Marylin Monroe’s Image
      isn’t Original.

    • Justin

      So when was Marilyn a subway kid covered in rubber bracelets, a refined fashionista, a dominatrix, an ethereal earth mother, a rhinestone clad cowgirl, a beret wearing patriot, a disco diva or any of the other looks Madonna has adopted over the years?
      If she was “ripping off your entire life Marilyn Monroe’s image”, wouldn’t Madonna have turned herself in a boozy, pill popping floozy and gotten herself killed/overdosed/committed suicide ages ago?
      I’d say it’s time to meet up with your long lost friend…logic.

    • Lexx

      Madonna admitted once that her voice is enhanced during the live performance, to sound stronger. Think for yourself, can you move/dance like she does and sing beautifully at the same time without loosing your breath? Don’t think so. No one can. No wonder, when performers sing in opera house, they do not move. SO…no thing like “she can sing” is there.

  • rjp3

    The spoken word introduction in the same tone does not help prevent comparisons.

  • George McGinnis

    I mostly hear the beat from David Guetta & Kelly Rowlands, “When Love Takes Over” mixed in with various Maddona beats and entirely different lyrics.

    • cray rool

      GOOD CALL!
      and isn’t all pop art derivative in some way or another?
      “express yourself” was a tribute to sly and the family stone…. but no one at the time criticized it for being a rip off.
      gaga’s song is good and the fact that it’s causing such a strong reaction good or bad is fascinating and demonstrates her current power over pop. madonna hasn’t had that in years… the poor lamb. AND i seriously doubt madonna was sitting at the computer uploading a video. a busy-body assistant probably did it. i doubt madge cares all that much.

    • George McGinnis

      They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Madonna actually appropriated Express Yourself from The Staple Singers, “Respect yourself”. I’d say a lot of performers should be flattered by this song.

    • smit

      ya let’s see if gaga is still around when she’s 50

  • Tim

    BTW. Madonna’s “Express Yourself” was a cover. She was not the first one to record it. Madonna stole from the best, too. She also didn’t invent vogue-ing. She co-opted it.

    • cray rool


      “express yourself”
      Written by Madonna and Steve Bray
      Produced by Madonna and Steve Bray

      how can it be a cover if she and mr. bray wrote it??????

    • epic

      i’m sure the lyrics and the music were completely written originally but was inspired by another song they borrowed heavily from,,, arrangements can be very fluid and not even a copy but the songs were related sonically

    • No one said Madonna invented Vogue what she did do was bring it to the masses.

    • Allie826

      Exactly. I completely agree. Just like MJ and the moonwalk. Both Madonna and MJ gave credit where credit was due. Lady Gaga on the other hand acts as if she didn’t rip this song off. A blanket statement about how influential Madonna is to you does not make it ok to steal her stuff and then claim for weeks that you’re going to change the world with the release. Sorry honey, Madonna changed the world years ago. Gaga is getting on my last nerve and at one time I considered myself a fan. Gaga is talented enough without having to steal someone else’s shine. It’s a shame really. She needs to get her head out of her own ass. She’s feelin’ herself a little too much lately for my taste.

  • Vito

    Madonna totally ripped off express yourself. The chorus is almost identical to repect yourself. Her entire career is based on ripping off other people

  • Brendan/19/Canada.

    Obviously Madonna fans who have been long time supporters are going to be ignorant just like Little Monsters are. Madonna wasn’t considered a legend until she made it past the 90’s.

    She always been that artist who has sold a lot, but at the time of her releases, she wasn’t known as a legend or a critically acclaimed darling. Case in point back in the day “Express Yourself” was considered a knock off of the song, “Respect Yourself.” Now people KNOW she is the legend and it’s considered “one of a kind”. So everything is pointed back to her cause she’s the “go to” when it comes to comparing new artists in this generation.

    Obvi Madonna is a big inspiration to Lady GaGa, but she is always going to get compared to her no matter what. Just because she’s big, she’s controversial, and she sings pop songs.

    She IS this generations “It” pop star. Don’t try to say no, cause its evident. And I think people are just too ignorant too look past the simple things. Shame.

    • Girl please. this generations pop princess is Britney Spears because even with all her weaves looking a mess and no promotion she still manages to outsell outshine all this other wanna be queens.

    • Melissa

      Incase you haven’t heard your Princess of Pop Britney is not doing so good. She didn’t even sing in her latest concert because her vocals are out of shape and probably will stay that way. So go ahead and praise the use-to-be Princess of Pop and the rest of us will give credit where credit is due. Britney should do like everyone else did when they lost the touch and retire.

    • manny

      girl you are so right! lady gaga is it! britney spears doesnt really have talent

    • Kyle

      Gaga is trash and has no talent and apparently can’t walk.


    She gave props to crack houston!?!?? WTF is an understatement! F you gaga I am not buying into your crap any longer until you give Madonna the full props she deserves! I’ld love gaga if she would just admit shes Madonnas daughter and basking in her light!
    Ps Madonna has been around for 3 decades now and will go down in history with cleopatra and marie antionette etc
    Gaga needs to sit back and realise shes just starting out and not a superstar, legend or icon yet and if she continues to steal and not give credit to the Queen (Madonna) who paved the way for her she’ll just piss us all off and be a couple hit wonder if that! The whole whitney shout out made me and most of my friends and co-workers sick!

  • For a blogger you should do some research before posting things. Madonna has nothing to do with the video upload nor the re-release of Express Yourself. It is her old record label Warner Brothers who upload the video and are thinking of re-releasing Express Yourself. Warner still has the right to do all of this. Madonna had nothing to do with any of this when she does you will know.

    • @Jason Andrews — LOL. When I say “Madonna releases” or “Britney releases” I don’t actually mean they personally do anything … ;) But thanks for the advice :D

  • Jennifer

    Don’t mess with Madonna, she can buy you & sell you.

  • manny

    madonna needs to get over it..her time passed already..besides madonna is not oriiginal!!!who ever said that needs to look at history..madonn has been sued for so many copyrights infragments….she copied a lot of people…why cant people accept that??lady gaga writes her own songs, composes music, does her style, directs her videos, etc..madonna cant even sing nor compose her own song…she just need to stop thinking she is the business and get over it…every pop artist has been called a copy cat by madonna…why isnt her express yourself compared to respect yourself???did madonna copy that song?


    WOW this is the POP version of the Nicki Minaj VS LIL Kim feud. Its cool to borrow from our predecessors BUT to vehemently deny it when its SO OBVIUOS is stupid. Instead of Gaga going on a rant about how offended she is with the comparison just give Madge her props and move on. We all see what u did bitch – admit it and move on

    • Suzie


  • krystalmaze

    So it’s essentially the same notes/beat but with different instruments/sounds, lyrics and messages.
    “Express Yourself” is about romantic love and the importance of openness in a relationship. Also that a relationship is not just about material objects; how it doesn’t matter if you have the diamond ring or fancy cars or big homes, what’s more important is the love, caring, respect and appreciation you have for each other.
    While “Born This Way” is about being who you are; rising above the crowd, being different and how sometimes because of those differences you’ve been harmed by people who don’t understand and/or are afraid of anything or anyone unusual. In Gaga’s song you have to brush off the hate and love yourself and accept that you’re a weirdo and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    I love both songs and these mashups seem a bit edited since Lady Gaga’s is a faster tone than Madonna’s. Madonna has that 80’s thing going on that’s kind of a slower tempo. (If these are not your interpretations then ok, your opinion is yours this is mine.)
    Again I LOVE both songs, and I’m not criticizing the original artists, just trying to reason with the fans.

  • dave

    Imitation is not a form of flattery in music or cinema. It’s stealing when you don’t give credit to the one who created it. Lady GaGa is not talented. singers are a dime a dozen. She stole her name from a Queen song and rips other artists stuff. There are copyright and trademark laws. Lady GaGa pulled a Vanilla Ice and borrowed music without giving credit to the owner of the copyright. she is using the same argument Vanilla Ice “they are similar but mine is different because there is a small change”. I don’t like Madonna’s work but she should sue and make an example of this moron.

    • Melissa

      If everyone did what you suggest, then every artist for the last half century would be sued, even Madonna. Lady GaGa did not deny that the music sounded the same. She did say that she used the same melody that artist have been using for years. So,if you want to give credit where credit is due, find out where Madonna got it from and give them the credit because Madonna didn’t give credit where it was due.

  • jlove

    It sounds like Vogue also. I hear the Kelly Rolland song too. To me it is a blatant copy of Madonna’s songs..she need to give credit where it is due. Without Madonna THERE WOULD BE NO LADY GAGA.

  • Mike

    The word “Madonna” literally means “My Lady”. Its obvious that lady gaga is inspired by the path and style madonna presented as a artist. I am a fan of neither artist but respect each of there talents but to be honest Im suprised there hasnt been a modonna-esque artist as popular as gaga sooner. Its natural progression only delayed by the fact that there hasnt been anyone able to fill the shoes of someone like madonna. There are always firsts then come the artists or bands inspired by the origonality people like so much in the first place. I dont see what the big deal is because thats just the way things go. Modonna has talent and gaga has talent should be end of story. People need to stop worrying about why a person is doing something similiar to someone and just enjoy the music. Its obvious gaga loves music and is passionate about what she does. That above all gives my respect to her. If thats not enough for people I garentee give gaga a few more years and a few more albums and you will see her branching out in all genres. Shes just that type of person and Im sure she will fall into something completely her own and then we will see emerging artist doing songs that sound like hers.

  • Chicago Nick

    Thing I love about all the kids here defending here not that I’m gonna rip her, most act and talk like and as if they’re the smartest people in the room giving us all these quotes and analogies as if we’re all idiots who got to be 45 by accident where people of their generation are walking into fountains and buses while using a phone to send morse code to their newest friends of the minute…

    We were the same arrogant like ignorant flucks when we were kids and lemme tell you I was one of the biggest smart azz know it alls there was, one of those kids teachers wanted to shoot everyday reminding them over and over ‘my freaking parents pay your union salaries” all the way from 5th grade to UVA in 87….just like Bart Simpson yesterday and kids today. Only our teachers were teachers, not Marxist indoctrinators.

    So kids, one thing about all adults you THINK are so uncool and ignorant, we invented perfected and re-perfected anything and everything you have and know today 3 times over before you were even born. Been there and done that all 20 times before. Just remember you’re never the smartest person or smartest azzz in the room. There’s always someone bigger, stronger and smarter every time

    This chick is a retread from every pop tart before her just like every other ‘artist’ of today but that’s how things are in this industry and I’m a schooled musician of 34 years myself who plays and sings rock music 3 hours a day after I work for a living each day. It’s all been done, there’s only so many chords, so many notes, so many ways to say love love me do, or kill your dad and shoot mama too….

    It’s all retreaded crud and that’s why Hollywood does nothing but remakes now, they’re fresh out of ideas and have been for 20 years now, just like the music industry.

    Saturated to the point of no return, they just dress it like a chicken and sell it as frog hoping the people who did it first are dead and gone, or too busy or stupid to notice and that kids wont’ catch on. After all they can’t be too sharp, they brought us all Barack Obama. affirmative action hire with no birth certificate and now moan and groan the country is in a free fall never seen before. That’s what happens when you send in a kid to do a man’s job kiddies :).

  • Joe

    I think a lot more folks here have to do a re-evaluation using some music theory — melody, rhythm and even a little recent music history (hint: ALL songs from this genre sound similar).

    • yo mama

      then why did E.Y. start going through my head whenever I heard BTW, even before I heard of anyone else making this comparison? I thought it was just me, but it turns out it’s everyone.

    • Maria

      I agree… before I heard/read that people were saying it sounded like Express Yourself, I thought that to myself.

    • kelly

      I agree. It all pretty much sounds the same. I doubt she intentionally plagiurized that song. That being said, Madonna’s was about 1,000 times better. (minus the crotch grabbing, eww)

    • Nathon

      Joe, you are exactly right. First, people don’t understand that many songs have unintended similarities. If you have a vast knowledge of music, you can always find a song that sounds like another.(pop, r&b, or classical) 2nd, it’s extremely hard for writers not to fall into the trap of writing music they enjoy hearing. While you may have original ideas, many are influenced by the music you have been exposed to and even the best writers often borrow from others or their own music. Even classical composers(Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) stole music from other people and converted it into something new. There is only so much you can do in 4:00 of radio time and eventually you will copy someone.

    • Nathon

      Also, feel free to check out some of Madonna’s old music, like Material Girl. Even tho she doesn’t give any credit to them, her bassline is ripped off from the Jackson 5. So, Madonna knows plenty about borrowing.

    • Sheldon

      Oh really? Well then, with your “vast knowledge of music,” you should be able to point us toward another song that sounds just like these two, right? Hello? Hello?

  • Tim

    I can hear where people are coming from with this, but (1) I HIGHLY doubt Lady Gaga, a textbook study in good self-branding and concept would even entertain the idea of plagiarism, and (2) in terms of the song and what plagiarism actually is, the accusation falls flat. IMHO, it isn’t a copy, and I don’t even think it’s as similar as everyone is making it out to be.

    If you think this is bad, go listen to “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi and “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle.

  • Paul

    The biggest farce was when Twinkle Twinkle Little Star stole its melody AND chorus from The ABC song!

    I don’t think these songs are close enough to label as plagiarism. How many times have we sang a song and it reminds us of another? This wasn’t one of them for me. Or maybe it’s because I don’t really listen to either one of their music.

    (I used to listen to Madonna when she sang borderline, but that’s it I swear!)

  • Justsayin’

    Um, Born This Way sounds like a mash-up of ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Vogue’, and even a little ‘Like a Prayer’. When I first heard this song I thought two things: 1) Did Madonna release a new song and 2) Madonna must be getting low on songs to have to recycle/combine her hits into one song. When I heard it was Gaga, I thought, surely, SURELY this is a tribute to Madonna, but apparently, according to Gaga, it is not. Maybe a “sub-conscious” act of plagiarism? Gaga was what all of 3yrs old when Madonna’s cd came out….

  • Similarities in music is a possibility. That happens a lot. I think Madonna is merely trying to convey that she is still the best and lady gaga is just second best. People do not have to settle for second best. Anyway, Madonna is prettier and sexier. Can you imagine how lady gaga would look in thirty years?

  • Alex Cockell

    One observation on the thatsongsoundslike website is that Gaga seems to be doing the old “verse as chorus” attempt. Unless she credits it – it’s still plagiarism.