Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni Release The First Photo Of Their Newborn Son

Meet Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni

Early last week we learned the surprising news that Cynthia Nixon and her fiancée Christine Marinoni welcomed the birth of a newborn son they named Max Ellington. Today we get our first look at the little guy in a new family photo released by the proud new parents. Say hello to little Max.

Meet Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni! Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni pose with their newborn son – who arrived Monday, Feb. 7 – in a photo taken Friday in New York City. Nixon, 44, and Marinoni, 43 – who delivered Max – began dating in 2004 and announced their engagement in 2009.

Is this not the cutest family ever? Cynthia has two older children — Samantha, 14 and Charles, 8 — from a previous relationship but this is the first child for Cynthia and Christine together. Max is such a little doll … what a beautiful family :) Let’s send all of our love and congrats, again, to the happy and newly extended family.


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  1. Ama

    Aw~ what a little cutie c:

  2. erin

    aww he looks like little Brady Hobbs!

  3. steffa

    i just have to say i think they made a great choice on his name :D
    its not EXTREMELY common, has class, and is not totally weird either.

    he is adorable. congrats to them!

  4. Kells

    What a lovely family! Congrats to them! Little babies always have that old soul look about them, like they just came from heaven… so wise..

  5. Ashley

    He’s the cutest celeb baby I’ve seen since Nicole Richie’s little girl. What a little angel! I want to pinch those little cheeks!

  6. ganesh

    sweet little peanut!

  7. JStar

    I love that he has Christine’s red hair!!!

  8. He’s a doll. How cute. :) *Just for the record, Max is fairly popular – #104 in 2009. That’s probably 5000+ baby Maxes. ;)

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