Martha Wainwright Sings The Songs Of Edith Piaf


Last night I met up with Adriana at the Largo at the Coronet Theater here in LA to attend a live concert performance by Martha Wainwright. Martha is on tour performing the songs of Edith Piaf and I jumped at the chance to attend last night’s show. Without a doubt, Martha put on a fantastic show … a show that was so amazing that her older brother Rufus Wainwright just had to come on stage to duet with her.

I wasn’t able to get any photos of Martha on stage because the Largo is small and really Old Skool — no cell phones allowed. To be honest, listening to Martha perform Edith Piaf’s songs really felt like we had gone back in time … any cell phone light in the place would’ve ruined the mood entirely. Many of the Piaf songs that Martha performed were taken from her album Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, à Paris … Martha Wainwright’s Piaf Record which she graciously autographed for fans after the show. Her voice is stunning and she absolutely gets caught up in the high drama of the music … this is a show that YOU MUST SEE. Martha will perform a second show here at the Largo tonight before she takes off for other cities. You should check her out if you can, she puts on a fantastic show.

Tonight, David and I will be celebrating our good friend Josh Zar’s birthday!! He turns … um, older today:

I understand his fiancee Emma has got a fun night planned so … it shall be a blast :D Happy Saturday, y’all!! Make it a good one!!

  • summercity

    The Largo is an amazing theater, and it definitely seems like the intimate environment worked well for such a beautiful show. Since you’re in the area, Trent, make sure you see Jon Brion sometime (he plays about once a month there). He puts on an incredible all-request, all-improvised show!

  • Sarah

    I saw her do this show in Toronto in June – AMAZING! Would completely recommend it.