Exclusive: Will Lady Gaga Give Birth In Her Music Video For ‘Born This Way’?


Last month I reported music video details from the set of Britney Spears’s new video Hold It Against Me that were passed on to me by a trusted source … and today, that source has provided tidbits from the music video set of Lady Gaga’s new single Born this Way. Despite attempts to keep all information about the video quiet, I have some deets about what may appear in the video that sound very interesting. Read on …

I’m told that the vibe of the video, or at least portions of the video, have a futuristic Star Trek-y feel to it. The image used for the single cover artwork for Born this Way gives a good hint as to how the video will turn out. I’m told that Gaga will wear the prosthetic horns in the video that she wears in the BTW cover artwork and at some point she will give birth to … something … in the video. I’m also told that a horned figure, like the Devil, will appear. The video shoot was keep under tight security so this info comes from just a scene from the video … who knows how the rest of it will turn out.

So … there you have it. We shall see if these reported video deets turn out to be true but all of this sounds totally plausible. What do y’all think? Does this sound like it’s gonna be a cool music video?

  • more controversy a la marilyn manson, i see.

  • Mitchell

    Hmm, I guess now that she’s successfully represented gays, bis and transgenders, Gaga will turn her attention to the ostracized occult members of our society! Excellent.

    In all likelihood it’s her tribute (or one of many, many tributes) to McQueen and his fashion. She’s such a fashionista!


    How TWILIGHT of her.

  • sparklecow

    I read that the video was filmed at a transexual dance club, or at least that’s what wikipedia says. I guess we’ll see. Either way the song still sucks.

    • kendra

      “Either way the song still sucks.” Hahaa!

  • i think i am the only one excited about this video. oh well…

  • yori

    if this is “our anthem” and she sticks devil/satan imagery in it
    she is an idiot….

  • Matt

    @Sarahhh – I’m excited too! Can’t get enough of the song!! :)

  • Vanaynay

    Having horns?Giving birth to something with horns??…….
    LOOK FOR THE SIGNS IN THE VIDEO…..SHE IS THE PRODUCT OF MIND CONTROL.song fkn sucks, as she does with her half of a cock she has.

  • Jaycee

    They still make music videos?

  • YUCK!

    I don’t care about Gaga’s rip-off songs and cheap publicity stunts.

  • James

    I’ve listened to the song about 10 times now…just to get a feel of it and I like it. Gaga is one of those rare artists today that can actually make a video…a visual…help make a song greater. So yea, the video has to be hot. I like the idea. I’ll say that I trust her. This is one snippet of something that may or may not be in the finished product….but I say… Bring it! I think the video may be better than the song and the combination may sneak up on us in such a way that, before we know it….it’s crazy great! We shall see. Until then…….

    • wahwah

      ‘help make the song greater’ but certainly, not the other way around. That is a gap in good music.

    • wahwah

      And I just discovered who Roisin Murphy is, with better music.

  • Cam

    I don’t get why she would make a gay “Anthem” and then team up with a corporation that has just been dealing with a gay boycott, Target.


    • wahwah

      I read that and umm, how will gay fans know, what if the sales money ends up going to anti-gay groups.

  • How desperate of her. The church will burn her alive.

  • dave

    O god! She’s gona be all horned up and ‘giving birth’ to something…ok, i’ve come to the conclusion that she may just be the antichrist…this all too damn much IMHO.

  • Mike

    I think I just thought about the nastiest piece of ________ ever. How that tranny remains relevant I will never know. Flop this Way sucks, she still looks like a dude and now we will have to see her giving birth? THIS IS AN ABOMINATION TO MANKIND!

  • Tyler

    Lady Gaga is so desperate for attention and showing off. She’s talented, but bigger than she should be. She’s not that great. She has maybe 2 or 3 memorable songs, the rest is crap.

  • Hmmm for someone who is presented as uber sexy, that really doesn’t do much for me. It’s hardly like the magazines are full of sexy new birth pictures (thankfully). Beautiful, yes. sexy….I really don’t think so

  • J

    And she will use another excuse for the shock horror she uses for attention…

    Just like the rosemary beeds in Alejandro (which is a really bad clip btw, she over-tried and failed miserably). She has a big and loyal following no doubt, and a lot are Christian. I ain’t Religious, don’t care much for it cause it doesn’t cause that greater good compared to the bad it does.
    WITH that said anywho, I understand a lot of people ARE and I respect their beliefs and opinions – clearly Gaga doesn’t.

    But she uses a lame excuse, like the meat dress, to claim it states a point that is totally stupid and just outright dumb. Point > Gaga uses shock horror and not talent. When criticised, she covers it up with an excuse that its about enduring the worst to become the best or fight the haters and lame bullshit.

    At least Rihanna does it in a tongue in cheek and well, obvious and cheesy way!

  • sjazz

    dear trent, can you please stop posting things on lady gaga just like how nobody posts about heidi and spencer anymore? i think it’s come to that stage.

    • sparklecow

      I don’t understand why he does either. He used to never post about her and now all of the sudden she’s everywhere on PITNB.

  • Mikey

    Too bad the song just sucks.

  • Nat

    Wow, I’m not sure I realised so many people that read this site dislike Lady Gaga. I enjoy her music, and I think that ‘Born This Way’ had an almost impossible task in living up to the hype. That said, I’m not sure how I feel about the use of monster/devil imagery in a video for a song that’s pro gay/lesbian etc. Those two things get tied together by the christian right enough as it is. But I’ll reserve judgement til I see the video.

  • Me

    Giving birth? Dancing with the devil? Madonna has done neither one of those things in her videos so I seriously doubt Gaga will. ;)

  • heard the song today : …. sounds like madonna’s “express yourself “…

    i like gaga, but somehow i don’t see the “pop-mainstream”-beat”in “born this way” going with her image and provocation she sets… the video needs to upgrade the song… big time.

    let’s hope ;)

  • Xadax

    Delusional Monsters are close minded freaks like Perez Hilton.

    There are monsters & delusional monsters.

    Oh wait, NMT video was intentionally a homage to Madonna but visually it was treated as a rip-off to Gaga & Madonna by delusional monsters. Yet, Gaga’s Alejandro was called “inspired” by delusional monsters.

    Music artist’s main work will always be its music & the rest aids in letting you feel it.

    Not Myself Tonight did not even sound anything like Madonna or Gaga at all while Born This Way & Alejandro did.

    Monsters called it “flop” when it was even the most downloaded album & (one of the) single on ileaks. It was even on top on other continents / countries.

    I had confronted a lot of delsuional monsters on the net on school, parties & boy they’re close minded freaks alright.

    Lady Gaga is a copycat, she was BORN THIS WAY.

    Update: On Jay Leno last night, Lady Gaga said that the Queen of Pop had endorsed her with a support email. Madonna’s rep has told CNN’s Headline News Entertainment that she is unaware of any email that Madonna has sent – HA.
    & now Perez Hilton even gave a an anti-madonna post on twitter just to make Gaga look good (same with Xtina in 2008 – very fishy Gaga).

  • Andrea

    Gaga lied about the email how am I not suprise……. Gaga lied