Spider-Man Joins The Fantastic Four


Well I guess the Marvel Comics superhero group The Fantastic Four couldn’t stay down a man for long … because today we learn that after the death of The Human Torch last week, the team has a replacement member, new costumes — and a new name! As you may recall, Marvel Comics decided to kill off one of the original members of The Fantastic Four last week in the world of comic books. Today we learn that they have replaced that fallen member with a new Marvel superhero … by the name of Spider-Man.

With the Fantastic Four whittled to three after last month’s death of the Human Torch, Marvel’s longtime super group is changing names and adding a familiar face. Spider-Man, New York’s web-slinging guardian, is joining the group newly renamed The Future Foundation. Starting in FF No. 1, he’ll join with Mr. Fantastic, The Thing and the Invisible Woman in a bid to protect the Marvel universe from new threats, Marvel said Wednesday. The first issue is due out March 23. The Fantastic Four ended with issue No. 588 this month, after the Torch, aka Johnny Storm, died in issue 587. Like the former series, the new FF series is written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Steve Epting.

LOL! And this is exactly why I love comic books so much … the utterly ridiculous is accepted without question. I guess after decades of working alone (for the most part), Spider-Man has decided to join one of the most famous superhero groups in the Marvel Universe. Actually, Spidey has worked with The Fantastic Four many, many times before … but this is the first time he is joining them as an official member. That being said, now that they have Spidey in the group, The Fantastic Four will become The Future Foundation. Personally, I think the name is totally dumb … and I really do not like the costumes. But I can dig Spider-Man joining the team in the absence of the late Human Torch/Johnny Storm. Will comic book fans be as accepting? That remains to be seen. I, personally, do not see this new regorganization of the Fantastic Four Future Foundation as a lasting evolution. Spider-Man will always be Spider-Man in his iconic red and blue costume … flyin’ solo. But this gag is sure to sell a few comics books … right?


  • blaqfury

    This is stupid! Marvel —-> go sit in the corner and think about what you just did!

  • Rolltideguy77

    Actually Spider-Man has been on two different Avengers teams for about ten years now or more. He’s a far better fit for the FF. Future Foundation actually is a better name for what the Four are doing these days. You should probably actually be a reader of the comics before you make any decisions on it. I’m not really certain how anyone can comment on it if you don’t even read the books.

    • @Rolltideguy77 — While it’s true that I do not read FF with any regularity (not for years now), I think it’s relevant to comment publicly about such a huge change of a known aspect of pop culture. Even if u don’t read the comics, I think a great many people know who the Fantastic Four is and might be very surprised to hear of these changes.

    • I read comics and I agree with every word you said, Trent. – bottum line :it’s all about the money – The Tron outfits?

  • Josh

    And from what I understand, Spidey is one of many revolving heroes that will fill the gap left by Johnny

  • The addition of Spider-Man is no surprise to anyone who followed The Fantastic Four and the name “The Future Foundation” just seems to be lacking in superhero creativity. The white suits are not completely terrible but I cannot help but think of the Gamecube game P.N.03 whenever I look at them. The new FF symbol seems like it was taken out of the customization mode of any hero game/site but the one thing that I do like about it is that each member has a different section colored white. It’s a nice little touch.

  • Dani

    Without the human torch the Fantastic Four mean nothing to me. I now hate them and Spider-Man will not make this better for me. I don’t know whose dumb idea this was but they need to retire before wrecking anymore of my childhood.

    • Don’t worry. Johnny will be back in about a year. It’s just how comics work.