Britney Spears Releases A Seventh Teaser For Her ‘Hold It Against Me’ Music Video


Britney Spears just released the 7th teaser clip for her upcoming new music video Hold It Against Me. As we learned a couple of days ago, the video for Hold It Against Me will debut on MTV at 9:56 PM next Thursday February 17 … one week from today. For now, we must content ourselves with another quick peek at the video.

Again, we get to check out the ring of microphones … and Britney’s BIG hair … watch below:

We are at the halfway point, y’all … we are just ONE WEEK away from the video’s release. Wee!!


  • JayeBea

    OH. Hell. Yes.

  • jon

    while these previews are cool, I think Im going to hold off on watching them everyday….i want to be surprised by what im going to see. The previews are just not doing anything for me….oh look some speakers. A microphone wreath. Its also seemingly making the time go by slower :(

  • nicole

    i wanna know, who around her thought that hair was cute?
    cause lookin like one of the housewives is never a good look

  • sparklecow

    Wow another promo of the wig from hell. *yawn*


    Yeah, that wig is awful… The whole red outfit with the mic scene doesn’t look so great because her makeup and hair are just atrocious.

  • jon

    teaser 8 leaked….britneyspearsvevo.

  • Joanna

    Idk but I’m not really getting a vibe for as to how the whole video is gonna turn out other than the fact that it looks a bit futuristic. It would be amazing to see a longer clip of maybe the dancing sequence since we were told this is the best dancing she has done in years. I’d like the next seven clips to be longer than 5-10 seconds like mabye 15 to 20 seconds or something. They are so short that it’s kinda blink and you miss them.

    • @Joanna — “They are so short that it’s kinda blink and you miss them.” they are teasers, we’re not meant to see anything substantial yet. we will have to wait for the video’s release to see the dancing, that’s the game.